Quote forms are the delightful list of insurance questions you are asked before you receive your insurance quote and let's face it they are a bit dull and time consuming, but they are also extremely important!

On any major insurance product such as insurance for a vehicle or your home, quote forms are generally quite long. The quick answer as to why they are so long is that the questions are requested by insurers. Insurers want to make sure that the insurance policy covers the exact requirements for that customer, so we the broker must cover these questions in the quote form you fill in.

Why accuracy is important and double checking is definitely worth the time

We know going through different sites and getting quotes can seem never ending, but it is very important to get the details right for a few reasons. Number one let's face it if you needed to make a claim and your insurance policy wasn't valid because of incorrect details you would feel pretty annoyed at yourself wouldn't you? Entering in the correct details and double checking once you receive your quote/policy is essential, mistakes can happen and it is important that you check through to make sure it is all accurate. You have gone through all that time and spent your money to be insured don't let one little mistake cause you a major headache and grief down the road. Point two you could potentially save money - which let's face it can only be a good thing. It's amazing how many factors go into getting the best insurance quote possible and changes to suit you better might even save you money.

Cheaper prices direct not through comparison sites

Lexham Insurance can be found on comparison sites, but we actually have our cheapest rates direct on our website! So if you have been looking for moped insurance, scooter insurance or motorcycle insurance it might well be worth getting a quote direct on our website, yup it's another quote form to fill out but one that could potentially save you some money. Not happy getting a quote online? We have a friendly UK call centre with operatives ready to offer you a fully bespoke insurance policy, simply call 01379 646 504.