Low Cost Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Insurance

Getting a quote on your Moto Guzzi motorcycle with us here at Lexham couldn't be easier, you can either get a quote online or if you prefer you can call our specialist team for a bespoke quotation. We have been working closely with the iconic and stylish Moto Guzzi (UK) brand  as their official insurance partner for many years now offering exclusive low cost rates on new & used models of their popular motorbike range. For those with a vintage Moto Guzzi we also have a specialist low cost scheme designed for classic motorcycles with a host of benefits.

We know when looking for insurance you'll want to get the right cover at the lowest price with a company you can trust,  that's why as a leading independant scooter & motorcycle insurance broker with over 15 years experience, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a first class service.


  • V85 TT
  • V7 III Special
  • V7 III Stone
  • V7 III Anniversario
  • V9 Bobber
  • V9 Roamer
  • California 1400 Touring

Brief history of Moto Guzzi

Created between two aircraft pilots and their mechanic serving in the Italian Air Corp during World War l – Carlo Guzzi (Engineer), Giovanni Ravelli (motorcycle racer) and Giorgio Parodi (Finance). Sadly, just days after the war ended Ravelli died in an aircraft crash, hence the dedication of the eagle being on the Moto Guzzi logo. Thanks to a loan from Parodi’s father, Moto Guzzi began.

Guzzi’s first engine design was a horizontal single (in many variations) that helped to set the company up for a successful 45 years, during which they were extremely successful in Motorcycle racing.

Moto Guzzi went on to have mixed success and a few different owners. Last was when Aprilia, who has owned Moto Guzzi since 2000, was brought out by the Piaggio group in 2004.

Since the Piaggio group took over the brand, there has been significant investment and the introduction of many new models with the latest including the V7 series, V9 series, California, MGX-21 and V85 TT.

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