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Trike Insurance

Trikes vary greatly, traditionally one wheel at the front and two at the rear which can be off-the-shelf production models, custom or self-built. We also specialise in three-wheel scooter insurance cover for popular models such as the Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Tricity & Peugeot Metropolis.

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You can now renew your policy quickly and simply on the Lexham Insurance App or online via the Lexham Portal!

Bespoke Insurance Quote for your Trike

We offer a truly bespoke trike Insurance policy tailored exactly for you, as we know how unique some trikes are and that a standard policy simply won't do. Trikes come in various forms and we understand how common it is for owners to modify their trike whether for personal preference or disablement, so our advisors can include these in your bespoke quote to make sure they are covered. We want to get the right cover for all Trike enthusiasts so we work closely with specialist insurers to ensure we provide the most suitable insurance policy for your Trike.

We can cover most types of trikes including; self-built, production, customised, disabled use, imported Trikes and three-wheel scooters and motorcycles

  • All types of Trikes considered
  • Custom Built Trikes & Production Trikes covered
  • Three Wheel Scooters & Motorcycles covered
  • Specialist schemes for Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Tricity and Peugeot Metropolis
  • Instant quote & cover
  • UK call centre
  • Dedicated claims line
  • Personal Accident & Excess Protection available

We’re a specialist two and three-wheeled insurance provider. We have a dedicated broking team who are able to provide you with a bespoke trike insurance quote, suitable for your needs and requirements.

What types of insurance do we offer

  • 3rd party only

    Third-party trike insurance is the most basic form of cover. This will cover you for any third party damage or injury. This cover does not insure you for damages to your vehicle or injury to yourself in the event of an accident.

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  • 3rd party fire and theft

    This insurance type covers you for everything in Third-party Only, plus fire-related damage to or theft of your vehicle.

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  • Comprehensive

    Fully comprehensive trike insurance from Lexham offers you complete cover. You will be covered for all of the above as well as accidental damage to your vehicle due to an accident.

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Trike Insurance FAQS

Can I ride a three-wheel scooter or motorcycle on a car licence in the UK?

Most three-wheelers can be ridden on a full car licence in the UK, however, this does not apply to all three-wheelers. For confirmation on the model you are looking at it is worth checking with your motorcycle dealer or manufacturer literature for licence requirements.

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding a three-wheeler?

Three-wheelers declared as a trike that can be ridden on a car licence, do not legally require a helmet to be worn when riding. However, it is strongly recommended by almost all in the motorcycle industry that you should wear a motorcycle helmet when riding a three-wheel scooter or motorcycle.

Are three-wheelers ULEZ exempt?

ULEZ exemption is based upon meeting emissions standards, this will be model specific. The best and easiest way to check is to use the Transport for London vehicle checker.

How much does three-wheel scooter insurance cost?

We offer a wide range of competitive insurance deals brought to you by our panel of Insurers. We compare all our Insurers and their products to offer you a competitive quote to suit your requirements.

Can I carry passengers with three-wheel scooter/motorcycle insurance?

You will be asked if you require pillion use as part of the quotation and this can be included provided you have the right licence entitlement.

What levels of insurance do you offer for three-wheelers?

We offer Third-party Only, Third-party, Fire and Theft, and also Fully Comprehensive insurance policies for three-wheel motorcycles and scooters.

Three-Wheel Scooter Insurance

Tilting three-wheeled scooters have been popular since Piaggio first launched the MP3 in 2006. Though MP3s and other three-wheel scooters, such as the Yamaha Tricity and Peugeot Metropolis, are becoming common on the streets of the UK, getting insurance can still be tricky.

As a specialist scooter and motorcycle insurance broker, we work with our panel of insurers to offer insurance quotes on three-wheel scooters such as the Piaggio MP3s.

Ride on a Car licence

Three-wheel scooters and motorcycles are fast becoming a popular commuting alternative, not just confined to large cities, with nippy handling, luxury comfort and excellent fuel economy, they have big appeal.

Most three-wheel scooters, though sharing most characteristics with maxi-scooters, are actually classed as a trike and therefore allowed to be ridden on a car licence. It is this which makes the MP3 and other three-wheelers appeal so much to commuters and those wanting to taste the freedom of a scooter yet with the extra benefits and safety of a three-wheeler.

As Piaggio MP3s and some other three-wheelers can be ridden on a car licence as they are declared as a trike and not a scooter or motorcycle (make sure to check licence requirements on the model in question), getting insurance to cover this can sometimes be tricky. Here at Lexham we are able to provide insurance quotations for those riding on a car licence.

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