Piaggio MP3 - Three Wheel Scooters

Piaggio have been leading the way in 3 wheeled scooters since the inception of the MP3 models. Piaggio's MP3 have offered a whole new alternative in the luxury scooter market all while being able to be ridden on a full car licence (providing you passed your driving test prior to 13th January 2013). With a completely different design with two wheels at the front and one at the back, Piaggio have now set a trend others are following. With variations from a 300cc HPE Sport model to a 500cc HPE Sport Advanced, the MP3 has become a popular commuter in and around town and also a machine at home on longer journeys.

Offering a unique riding experience, with its stability and winning formula, MP3 already have sales worldwide in excess of 100,000.

Specialist Insurers for 3 Wheeled Scooters

Tilting three wheeled scooters have been popular since Piaggio first launched the MP3 in 2006. Though MP3s and other three-wheel scooters are becoming common on the streets of the UK, getting insurance can still be tricky. As a specialist insurance broker we work with our panels of insurers to offer highly competitive insurance rates on Piaggio MP3s, and have subsequently become a favoured insurance provider for a large number of Piaggio MP3s in the UK.

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Ride on a car licence

MP3s are fast becoming a popular commuting alternative not just confined to large cities, with nippy handling, luxury comfort and excellent fuel economy, they have big appeal. Three-wheel scooters, though sharing most characteristics with maxi scooters, are actually classed as a trike and therefore allowed to be ridden on a car licence. It's this which makes the MP3 appeal so much to commuters and those wanting to taste the freedom of a scooter yet with the extra benefits and safety of a 3-wheeler.

While legally MP3s can be ridden on a car licence, very few brokers offer this. However, thanks to our status as specialist insurers, we have the experience, specialist knowledge and relationships with the insurers to be able to do this.

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