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Breakdown Cover

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Breakdown Cover

Including Home Start for only £56 per year!

Lexham Motorbike Rescue provides you with reassurance while you are riding your Scooter or Motorcycle. We offer outstanding cover for all riders throughout the UK.

This is a full breakdown service including Home Start, Roadside Assistance and Recovery to cover your Scooter or Motorcycle when you have had a mechanical or electrical failure, accidental damage, damage caused by vandalism, fire or theft (or attempted theft) which stops the vehicle from moving.

Your vehicle is covered whoever is riding it; as long as they have your permission, and that they are fully insured and have the correct license to ride it.

This Breakdown cover policy is provided exclusively for Lexham Insurance Consultants Ltd by Call Assist. Call Assist has access to over 1,500 recovery operators throughout the UK.

Breakdown Cover includes:

  • 24 hr Helpline
  • Up to 4 breakdowns per year
  • Home Start
  • Roadside assistance and repairs
  • Emergency overnight accommodation
  • Vehicle Recovery and Onward Transportation to either an approved repairer or home address (whichever is closer)

Exclusions and Terms & Conditions apply.
For further details or a copy of the full policy wording call 01379 646 529

Remember: You don't have to have our insurance to take out our Breakdown Cover

If you have received FREE Classic Scooter Breakdown Cover that comes with our Classic Insurance policy it includes all the above with the exception of Home Start.

In the event of a Breakdown Call

Please check your policy provider before calling.

  • Lexham Recovery - 0844 801 0753
  • Piaggio Assist *Free Cover* - 0844 801 0752
  • Classic Scooter Policy with Ageas - 01206 714336
  • Classic Scooter Policy with Equity Red Star - 01277 235760

Information updated: October 30, 2015

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