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Insuring all types of Scooters & Mopeds

Lexham Insurance are specialists in scooter and moped insurance, with over 20 years of experience in the market. We're the official insurance partners of many scooter manufacturers including Peugeot, Piaggio, Kymco, Vespa, Aprilia and Yamaha.

  • 50cc Mopeds up to large capacity Maxi scooters
  • Third-party to Fully Comprehensive
  • Our best deals are direct on our website
  • Instant quote & cover
  • Multi-bike policies
  • UK call centre
  • Dedicated claims line & legal services included
  • Breakdown, Personal Accident & Excess Protection available

We're proud to offer a great service with a dedicated 24-hour claim line and access to legal personal injury advice in the event of a non-fault accident included with our policies, meaning we'll always be there when you need us.

We also offer a number of handy extras for total peace of mind, such as breakdown cover, personal accident cover, and excess protection.

For our scooter and moped insurance, we're able to offer instant quotes and cover, meaning you can get cover on short notice!

What types of insurance do we offer

  • 3rd party only

    Third-party scooter insurance is the most basic form of cover. This will cover you for any third-party damage or injury. This cover does not insure you for damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident.

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  • 3rd party fire and theft

    This insurance type covers you for everything in Third-party Only, plus any fire-related damage to or theft of your vehicle.

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  • Comprehensive

    Fully Comprehensive scooter and moped insurance from Lexham offers you complete cover. You will be covered for all of the above as well as any accidental damage to your vehicle due to an accident.

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Moped & Scooter Insurance FAQS

Do you need insurance to ride a moped or scooter?

Yes! You must have insurance to ride your scooter or moped on public roads. Whether you have a provisional or a full bike licence, we offer an insurance package that’s right for you.

What do I need to get scooter or moped insurance?

If you’re looking to take out an insurance policy, in addition to your personal details we’ll need to know further information, such as:

  • Your number plate
  • The make and model of your bike
  • Your annual mileage
  • How many years no claims bonus you have
  • Details of any convictions
  • Details of any accidents in the last five years
  • You’ll also need to let us know if and when you passed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and what type of licence you hold.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please call us on 01379 646 529, send us a message or use our live chat.  

Do Lexham insure electric mopeds and scooters?

We offer competitive rates on electric scooter insurance policies, and with over 15 years worth of experience providing electric scooter and motorcycle insurance, you can find our best deals direct through our website.

Do Lexham offer scooter insurance for young riders?

We insure riders from 16 to 80, so whether you are a learner on a 50cc scooter travelling to college or a well-experienced rider commuting on a large capacity maxi-scooter, we will always find the cheapest quote and best cover possible by comparing our panel of top UK insurers.

Can I carry passengers with scooter insurance?

You'll be asked if you require pillion use as part of the quotation and this can be included provided you have the right licence entitlement.

How much does scooter insurance cost?

We offer a wide range of low-cost moped insurance & scooter insurance deals brought to you by our panel of Insurers. We compare all our Insurers and their products to offer you the best quote available to suit your requirements.

What types of scooters and mopeds do Lexham insure?

We pride ourselves on getting you the lowest quote and best cover we possibly can for your moped or scooter, regardless of manufacturer, age or engine size. Whether it’s a budget scooter or a premium brand, 50cc, 125cc, maxi-scooter or three-wheeler, we will work to find the most suitable policy for you.

Scooter & Moped FAQS

What’s the difference between a moped and a scooter?

A moped is a two-wheel vehicle with an engine size under 50cc and capable of no more than 28mph. If the engine is larger than this and has a step through frame and a platform for the riders feet then it is classified as a scooter.

What do you need to ride a moped?

To get started riding you will need to be 16 years old or older and have a provisional licence. To ride as a learner you will also need to complete your CBT, and to remove your L-plates you will need to take a moped or motorcycle test. (Unless you have a full UK driving licence and passed your test before 1st February 2001 , in which case you can ride a moped without L-plates already).

Policy Add Ons

We offer specialist insurance for your scooter or moped, as well as offering a great range of benefits as standard. Plus, you can tailor your cover with added extras, including Breakdown Cover, Excess Protection, Helmet and Leathers insurance and Personal Accident cover.

Multi-vehicle Policies

At Lexham Insurance, we offer multi-vehicle schemes for riders with more than one scooter. You can even mix and match different types of vehicles, such as adding a classic scooter to your insurance policy.

For a multi-vehicle scooter and moped insurance policy, please call our broking team who will work directly with our panel of Insurers to get you the best quote.

What vehicles do we cover

Scooters and mopeds come with a range of different engine sizes, from small 50cc mopeds that are great for beginners up to large capacity maxi scooters and three wheelers.


Usually have an engine size of 50cc or lower with a top speed of around 28mph and can be ridden from the age of 16, with L-plates and a CBT. These bikes are a great option for learners and young riders. We offer affordable 50cc moped insurance for both qualified and learner riders. Looking for advice on a small moped? See our post on the 10 most popular 50cc scooters.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are increasing in popularity as an eco-friendly commuting option. Electric moped and scooter licences work in the same way as their petrol counterparts, with 16 years olds able to ride vehicles reaching a speed of 28mph with L-plates and larger electric scooters requiring a CBT or bike licence

Maxi scooters

Maxi scooters are large capacity scooters normally 250cc and above, they’re greater in size than normal scooters and more suitable for longer journeys and touring. To ride a maxi scooter, you will need an A2 or A scooter licence.


These larger engined bikes can be ridden from the age of 17, after passing a CBT or a motorcycle theory, with an A1 Motorcycle Licence. These larger bikes are great for commuting in inner cities and towns.

Classic scooters

Scooters over 20 years old are considered classics. We offer cover for all vintage and classic scooter makes and models, including Vespa and Lambretta models. Find out more about classic scooter insurance. Policies on classics tend to include benefits like agreed value, salvage retention and spare parts cover.

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