Now, it’s not hard to understand why the 50cc scooter is such a long-time favourite. They’re cheap and cheerful, economical and fun to ride, and can be ridden from the age of 16 in the UK, making them ideal for the novice or younger rider.

But it’s not just the youth of today these small-capacity scoots appeal to, they’re the perfect fit for anyone looking for an affordable way to beat the commute or just get around the city conveniently (for more on why you should switch over to scooter commuter, check out our 10 Reasons to Choose a Scooter article)!

So let’s get into it, shall we? Here are my top 10 50cc scooters for 2023!

10) Sym Fiddle 50

In at number ten and kicking off this list, here we have the Sym Fiddle 50 - designed for riders who want that perfect combination between practicality and style.

Powered by a 49.6cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, the Fiddle has just enough power and fuel efficiency ideal for city commuting.

Onto the styling, the Fiddle features a classic retro design with a modern twist coming equipped with front and rear LED lights, a large padded seat, and plenty of underseat storage space.

When it comes to pricing, for the Sym Fiddle 50 you will be looking at paying £2399 making it one of the cheaper offerings on this list and perfect for those who are working with a smaller budget.


  • Affordable
  • A lot of storage space
  • Comfortable riding position - perfect for commuting


  • Quite Basic
  • No thrills

9) Keeway Fact 50

Up next and sitting at number nine has got to be the Keeway Fact 50.

Coming equipped with a 50cc 4 stroke, air-cooled engine, and lightweight trellis frame, the Fact provides agile handling, making it practical and perfect for commuting in the city, especially when attacking the twists and turns of the urban roads.

I think it’s fair to say that despite its small engine size the Fact is designed to look aggressive and sleek on the roads, coming in four striking colourways such as white, red, black, and grey with white being a personal favourite.

One of the most appealing things about this scoot has got to be the price, you can pick one of these little beauties up for just under £2000. Again making it a very attractive yet affordable option for those with a smaller budget.


  • Cheap and accessible option
  • Stylish
  • Perfect for commuting - comfortable


  • Budget Chinese offering

8) AJS Barletta

Taking eight spot today has got to be one of the offerings from the Chinese-built but British-born and heritage packed brand AJS - the Barletta, a new offering from AJS for 2023!

Lightweight and easy to ride, the Barletta comes equipped with a 4-stroke, air-cooled engine and weighs 102kg when in running order.

Coming onto the design of the Barletta, this scoot combines the stylish classic lines of a retro scooter with modern features such as all-around LED lights, USB charging port, and extra security ignition locking mechanism.

The Barletta is another scooter you can pick up for just under £2000, making this one of the cheapest options on this list, and I’d argue it is worth every penny of that price, especially for that styling!


  • Super stylish and futuristic
  • One of the cheapest offerings on this list
  • Comes packed with decent spec even on a low budget!
  • Heritage brand name helps it stand out


  • Styling won't be for everyone
  • Brand new and yet to be fully tested

7) Kymco Super 8 R

In at number seven is the Kymco Super 8 R, the beginner-friendly scoot with some pretty significant upgrades.

Packed with a 49cc 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, Kymco has stayed close to the original by using a similar sleek and racy design but made sure to give it a good dose of modernity through the now Euro 5-compliant engine with the sporty styling this is definitely targeting a younger audience or those, wanting something very modern and sporty in design.

Coming in at £2,599, the Super 8 may not be the cheapest on today’s list, but it’s an affordable and stylish run-around.


  • Sleek and sporty design
  • Relatively cheap
  • Perfect for a runaround scooter
  • 14” Wheels


  • Only two colourways
  • Not the biggest dealer network

6) Peugeot Django

Taking the sixth spot on your list today has to be the ever-popular Peugeot Django 50…

The Django comes packed with a 50cc air-cooled, fuel-injected engine producing just enough speed for beginners to feel comfortable, as well as ideal for tackling the urban jungle.

Onto the design, I think it is fair to say that the Django seems to carry some very Vespa heritage and European styling but for a few hundred pounds cheaper than other big hitters such as Vespa.

When it comes to the price, you will be looking at paying £3,069 for a Peugeot Django. However again, much like the Vespa and Lambretta offerings - I think with the Django you are paying for the brand name as well as exceptional vintage looks.


  • Practical and comfortable
  • Stylish and has an undeniably fantastic road presence


  • Expensive offering
  • Styling won’t be for everyone.

5) Lexmoto Echo

In at number five is the Echo 50 from Lexmoto, a budget brand known for producing learner and pocket-friendly Chinese-made machines.

The Echo is one of the lightest picks on our list, weighing in at just 78kg making it an extremely nimble and agile scoot, excellent for beginners who want to boost their confidence experience and independence on those urban roads.

Onto styling, the Lexmoto Echo embodies what a sporty scooter should look like, coming in two colourways grey/blue edition and the black/red edition. It gives you the look and feel of a bigger capacity scoot without the licensing restrictions.

One of the reasons why Lexmoto is so worthy of its fifth position on this list has got to be the price. You can pick up one of these bad boys for as little as £1,749 making this a great option for those youthful scooterists on a tighter budget or anyone looking for an alternative to being packed in like a sardine on the tube.


  • Cheapest offering on this list
  • Compact and light
  • Cheap to run and maintain


  • Chinese offering
  • No thrills and basic

4) Lambretta V50

Number four on this list, just missing out on a top spot has got to be the Lambretta V50.

The Lambretta V50 Special, is a modern day Lambretta that rocks a great mix of modern and classic styling. Lambretta in its current guise bring us the V-Special series with the CBT friendly V50 available from those 16 and up in the UK on a CBT!

Coming packed with a 49.5cc engine that can reach top speeds of 28mph, the V50 not only packs a punch, but it also comes in some pretty neat spec and colourways too (again, I’ve got to give you my personal favourite, the khaki green).

Lastly, when it comes to the price we have to have in mind that this is a Lambretta so it is not going to be one of the more affordable on this list and instead a rather premium offering. To get yourself a V50 today, you will be looking at paying £3,299 which again I’d argue for such an iconic and stylish scooter is worth it!


  • Iconic scooter and manufacturer
  • Styling is something special
  • Will appeal to retro enthusiasts


  • Slightly more expensive offering
  • Not a true innocenti

3) Piaggio Zip

Sitting at number three on the list today is the Piaggio Zip 50!

The Zip has been built with practicality in mind, coming equipped with ample storage space and Piaggio’s signature i-get engine. When it comes to the design, the Zip may look simple, but it undeniably looks smart, coming in two colourway options; Bianco Ottico (white) and Nero Lucido (black).

Sitting at a price point of £2,250, the Zip is a great option for those wanting a great scooter commuter from well known and respected brand. However, If you are wanting something with a little more stability, it is well worth taking a look at the Zip's younger sibling the Liberty 50. With the Zip, Piaggio undoubtedly brings a very likeable design, with great entry-level spec all from a very trusted brand. The Zip has been around for quite some time now, but that is just a testament to how good a scooter it is!


  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Cheap and affordable to run
  • Reliable manufacturer


  • Basic spec

2) Vespa Primavera

Stealing one of the top spots has obviously got to the Vespa Primavera 50, a scooter jam-packed with heritage, history, and most of all - good looks.

Riding a Vespa is a statement and it’s because of that chic and simplistic Italian styling that makes it such a big one. I think one of my favourite things about the Primerva has to be 5 colourway options available allowing there to be something to fit everyone's style and taste.

At the time of writing you can pick yourself up a Primerva of your very own £3,550 - a price which I’d argue is worth paying for such an iconic scooter and manufacturer!


  • Reliable/premium manufacturer
  • Stunning heritage looks
  • The real deal


  • Expensive
  • Retro looks won't be for everyone

1) Aprilia SXR 50

Stealing the show and first position on our list today has got to be Aprilia’s SXR 50, arguably one of the most exciting on this list as it’s only just over 12-months since it was released but is also the brand’s first Euro 5-compliant 50cc bike.

The SXR is fueled by a 50cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke i-get engine and comes packed with some pretty decent spec such as a digital LCD instrumentation, MIA connectivity system, Bluetooth to connect your phone and much more.

When it comes to the design of the Aprilia SXR, the styling is sleek and modern with a dual headlight that gives homage to the triple headlight typically on Aprilia’s sportbikes.

If the SXR is taking your fancy, well you’re in luck as you can pick yourself up one at the time of writing for £2,450, making it one of the more affordable options on this list - hence its worthy position in our top spot today!


  • Modern design - Appeals to the younger audience
  • Brilliant Italian styling
  • Great overall package for price


  • I struggle to think of any!

The Last Stop!

So there you have it, here is our list of just some of the best 50cc scooters ready to take 2023 by storm!

Do you think the Aprilia SXR deserves the number-one spot? And if not what would you put at number one? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Last but not least, if you have your very own 50cc scooter you want to insure, feel free to check out Lexham's scooter and moped insurance directly!