With plenty of new 125cc scooters to choose from in 2024, we thought it would be worth ranking our favourites to help you decide between them if you're looking at making a new purchase this year.

Though, if you're not yet able to ride a 125cc, we have recently updated out Top 10 50cc scooters article with the new 2024 options.

Frugal, nimble, and a great laugh – with a place to keep the shopping under the seat. These are the best 125cc scooters for 2024 that you need to know about!

10. Lexmoto Diablo 125

Lexmoto Diablo 125 2024
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£2,180 8.6 bhp 114 kg 6 L 790 mm 'Large'

Chinese manufacturer Lexmoto has been zipping around UK streets for quite some time now, and they offer a vast variety of affordable scooters alongside a few more recent premium-priced additions. Whilst options like the Titan 125 and Aura 125 are popular options you’ll often see out and about, we’ve gone for the Diablo 125.

Having been around since 2015, the Diablo scoot has proved a seriously popular choice for scooter riders in the UK to find their feet – or just cruise around town with a bit of style at an affordable price of £2180 new. With a standard 2-year parts & labour warranty – which may ease the reliability worries for some. The key note here is that it’s the cheapest on the list, and though some ongoing reliability concerns may cloud a purchase decision here, we can only recommend to keep on top of maintenance!

If the lightweight 114 kg  Diablo doesn’t suit with its 8.6 bhp and 8.6 Nm of torque from the 4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder, you can always opt for any of the other budget-friendly Lexmoto models… the Nexus 125 looks good too with 14.1 bhp! But, this Diablo finds its way onto our list as a popular affordable option, and whether you go for a brand-new model or one a few years old, you’ll be sure to know there are plenty out there to choose from, they also offer a 50cc option, too.


★ Budget option.
★ Style is nice.
★ 2 year parts & labour warranty included.


★ Maintenance is a must.
★ Unsure longevity and resell value.
★ Low power.

9. Suzuki Avenis 125

Suzuki Avenis 125 2023 on road
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£2,799 8.5 bhp 107 kg 5.2 L 780 mm 21.5 L

Next up at 9 we have the Suzuki Avenis 125 – with sharp lines and a sporty design that we think even bears a passing resemblance to the outrageous Gixxer sports bike (especially if you squint). This is certainly a scooter that will appeal to the fun-loving crowd.

With 8.5 bhp on tap and a weight of 107 kg, Brett reviewed this Avenis on the launch and found the performance quite surprising. Despite the sporty style, it’s meant to be a frugal and efficient scooter with the Suzuki Eco Performance motor that boasts a quoted 148 MPG – and at £2,799 it’s a pretty fair trade-off.

We’ve ridden all three of these scooters that share that same motor here at BikeMatters, including most recently the Suzuki Burgman Street 125EX on the UK launch. You could arguably pick between any of them depending on the style you’re after.

Check Brett’s full ride review if the Suzuki Avenis has your ears perked up.


★ Good level of spec.
★ Budget Price.
★ Eco motor.


★ Engine lacks compared to big rivals.
★ Could be cheaper.
★ Small fuel tank.

8. Sym ADX 125

SYM ADX 125 off-road. Image credit: Sym Global
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£3,999 12 bhp 150 kg 15 L 810 mm 22 L

At number 8 we have the new Sym ADX 125. It’s a big scoot designed for a bit of rugged riding, and despite a fairly lofty 150 kg weight, it has a large 15-litre fuel tank, and 12 ponies on tap & 11.5 Nm of torque coming from the water-cooled single-cylinder with a belt final drive.

Sym has equipped the ADX with keyless ignition, LED lighting all around, disc brakes front and rear with ABS, Traction Control, plus a 5-inch TFT. The ADX is a good prospect for the £3,999 price - and given the adventure characteristics with dual-purpose 13-inch wheels, gaitered forks and mono-shock rear, it should scratch the dusty trail itch if you really fancy it. Though I can’t quite recommend a full day of off-roading on any scooter…

We saw this up close at Motorcycle Live, and it certainly has the curb appeal – I’d even say it looks a bit bigger than your average 125cc scoot – I suppose that has a lot to do with being the weightiest scooter on the list with the biggest fuel tank. Good for long days riding without stopping to fill up!

Alongside all of this, you get a 60-month unlimited mileage warranty from new!


★ Good overall spec.
★ Huge fuel tank.
★ Great commuter (with off-road jaunts!)


★ The engine will be slow.
★ Question the off-road merits.
★ Heavy.

7. Vespa Primavera 125

Vespa Primavera 125 2024
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£4,250 10.9 bhp 115 kg 8 L 790 mm 16.6 L

With a few variations of the Primavera available, the Italian scooter manufacturer with plenty of heritage can now also be purchased in an Elettrica format if you’re after rechargeable riding. But, sticking to the base model and up, our number 7 spot goes to the Vespa Primavera 125 – and there are a few new bits bolted on for 2024.

Vespa scooters are historically well made and superb fun to ride with impeccable handling characteristics, carrying that Italian flair that has solidified the brand as one of the best around – though that does mean the new models carry quite the price tag. This Primavera 125 ABS is listed at £4,250 for 2024, with the Touring, S, and special editions (like the Color Vibe 125, Pic Nic 125, Disney Mickey Mouse Edition) fetching increased price tags going up to £5,000.

It gets the latest I-Get engine, which stands for ‘Italian Green Engine Technology’, and produces 10.9 bhp with 10.4 Nm of torque. Weighing 115 kg, it has an 8-litre tank working with a quoted 113 mpg consumption figure, though only a 16.6 L underseat storage space for your extra items… it’s unlikely your average full-face lid will fit underneath, here.

My gripe with the Primavera is that it’s the priciest scooter on the list… yet it’s not the most technologically advanced by any means (it still runs a rear drum brake). £4,250 is just the starting point for the 125cc range – go for the tech on the S with TFT screen and keyless ignition and you’ll be spending £4,700.


★ Excellent styling.
★ European flair.
★ Handles well.


★ ABS would be good as standard.
★ Very pricey.
★ Little difference between models.

6. Honda Sh125i

Honda SH 125i Vetro green 2024

In at 6 we have the Honda SH125i – and in particular, I point at the new 2024 Vetro edition which celebrates Honda Italy’s factory workers in Atessa, Italy, with semi-transparent green panels – the 2024 model year scoots (both 125 and 150 variants) are built there and meet the Euro 5+ requirements.

This scoot is priced up at £3,999, and the SH family has sold over 49,000 units in Europe in 2022, 20,000 of those the 125cc model, a testament to the fact it’s a solid scooter. Running on 16-inch wheels, a brand-new SH is listed with a top box, and 28 litres of storage space that they say will fit a helmet thanks to a newly redesigned lightweight frame and moving the fuel tank under the floor, giving 50% more room.

Other features include a built-in USB port, redesigned rear suspension geometry to refine the ride for you and a passenger, the eSP+ motor produces a decent 12.8 bhp with HSTC, and it weighs 136.5 kg. The LCD dash appears sharp and clear for all of your riding information, including the fuel gauge, which at 7-litres may deplete quicker than others on this list (though Honda quotes 125 MPG).

It may have a styling that some don’t quite enjoy, but personally, I think it’s a serious option for a commuter or run-around next to your 2024 Fireblade SP – particularly in the Vetro green. Worth a look for £3,999!

Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£3,999 12.8 bhp 136.5 kg 7 L 799 mm 28 L


★ Great technology.
★ Very practical, reliable and dependable.
★ Brilliant engine.


★ Styling isn’t for everyone.
★ A bit weighty.

5. Piaggio Medley 125

Piaggio Medley 125 2024
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£3,250 14.8 bhp 132 kg 7 L 799 mm 36 L

Perhaps quite the outside contender at 5, the Piaggio Medley 125 is a strong option for a rider after power right on the CBT and A1 power limit, trademark scooter agility, and all for a very appealing price tag £3,250 for the standard, or £3,350 for the S model which comes with the MIA smartphone integration and some ‘sleeker’ matt finishes.

Big wheels (16” front, 14” rear), big style, and big power as it packs a 14.8 bhp punch with 12 Nm of torque from the I-Get liquid-cooled single with start-stop tech – which should help you save a bit of fuel from the 7-Litre tank (at a quoted 118 mpg).

That tank is located beneath the footwell to provide a huge 36-litres of underseat storage space, quoted at enough to hold two full-face helmets. Dry weight is listed at 136 kg, you have disc brakes front and rear with ABS and ASR, you get a USB socket and simplistic LCD display, and overall it’s quite the tempting package for the price.

However, unless you’re keen to get the smartphone integration as standard, the difference between the standard model and the S model seems fairly insignificant.


★ Surprising performance.
★ Piaggio with style.
★ Great commuter option with large underseat storage.


★ Trade-off between performance and economy?
★ Bigger tank would be nice.
★ S model isn't hugely different.

4. Aprilia SR GT 125

Aprilia SR GT 125 2023
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£3,800 14.75 bhp 144 kg 9 L 799 mm 25 L

If you’re after a sporty scooter, the Aprilia SR GT 125 could well be the pinnacle of what you can ride on a CBT or A1 licence – with big dimensions for a 125cc scooter, and plenty of Italian style from the Racing fanatics, they even promise a more forward-leaning and ‘active’ riding position!

This 125cc SR GT is fitted with the 14.75 bhp i-Get motor, including start-stop tech, is held together with a double-cradle steel frame and longer travel suspension (175 mm) that should allow you to traverse any terrain – whether that’s adventuring down pothole-ridden town streets or cruising on the backroads and is fitted with all-purpose tyres to help you get there.

Other spec includes a weight of 144 kg, a 9 L tank, LED lighting all around, a good amount of protection from the windshield and surrounds from the almost Tuono-derived front shield that has a USB socket nestled in the leg plate, and even a wavey front disc brake… though you’ll want to make sure you pay for ‘ABS’ model as otherwise it’s a Combined Braking System.

What’s more, there is even an SR GT Replica that bases itself on the Aprilia MotoGP team, if you agree that go faster stripes add 5 bhp (for clarity, they don’t…).

Brett reviewed the Aprilia SR GT for BikeMatters, have a look if you want an in-depth dive on this cracking scooter!


★ Great dimensions.
★ Superb engine.
★ Fantastic styling.
★ One of the best 125 on the market.


★ Doesn’t have ABS.
★ Storage could be bigger.
★ A Bigger 125 which isn’t the lightest.

3. Yamaha NMAX 125

Yamaha NMAX 125 2023 scooter
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£3,777 12 bhp 131 kg 7.1 L 765 mm 23 L

Top three… and in third we have the Yamaha NMAX 125. Chances are you won’t be surprised to see the superb Nmax 125 here on the podium, and realistically you could easily argue it deserves first place on any other day. But today, it sits in third.

Eternally fighting with the PCX from Honda for top spot in the scooter sales charts, there’s a reason that so many scooterists pick the Nmax 125 with its top-spec offerings, a Blue Core 125cc motor with 12 bhp and 11.2 Nm of torque, traction control, VVA or Variable Valve Actuation, and all-around superb road-going ability.

Also bolstering this scooter’s appeal is a smart key system, a high rigidity frame (which makes it a top option for delivery riders) and 7.1-litre tank with a theoretical 186-mile range, and even the ability to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and the ‘MyRide’ app.

It’s all packaged up weighing 131 kg with a £3,777 price tag, and again Brett has had a spin on one of these for BikeMatters in 2021. I’ve personally ridden this scoot, and can attest that even as a taller rider (6’3”) I fit on it nicely and had a great time riding on the launch around Peterborough – that happened to be my first official motorcycle/scooter launch event, too.

Aside from the fond memories, this venerable Nmax is well worth consideration – if it wasn’t already on your ‘ones to watch’ list.


★ Great Styling.
★ Great Engine with VVA.
★ Great Tech - good for delivery riders.


★ Tank size could be better.
★ An expensive option.

2. Yamaha RayZR 125

Yamaha RayZR 125 scooter 2024
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£2,300 8 bhp 99 kg 5.2 L 785 mm 21 L

A new entry from Yamaha finds its way into second place for our 125cc list… and it could be a seriously interesting prospect that ticks the frugality and functionality boxes with certainty, particularly if you’re after something entry-level, cheap, and dependable to commute on.

Though this BlueCore motor isn’t the most powerful on the list at 8 bhp, in fact, it’s the lowest power here, the price tag makes it a very interesting proposition at just £2,300. Tipping the scales at a mere 99 kg (the lightest on the list) it’s a seriously light scooter, and given the start-stop technology and frugal purchase price, running this should be nice and light on the wallet.

Other spec includes the start-stop system (to help achieve a quoted 156 mpg), LED lights with LCD instrument panel, a unified braking system (as opposed to ABS, likely purely for cost savings), 21-litres of underseat storage, and runs on a 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheel.

This could be a very tempting option for those looking for a budget scooter from a Japanese brand recognised largely for reliability and a wide-reaching dealer network, and we’d expect this to sell in some serious numbers in 2024.

We covered a whole ‘things to know’ on this scoot, so have a look if you want more information.


★ Budget Japanese commuter.
★ Will have plenty of aftersales service options.
★ Extremely light.


★ Economy over performance?
★ Quite small.
★ Not a huge fan of the looks - but it's cheap!

1. Honda PCX 125

Honda PCX 125 2024
Price Power Weight Tank Size Seat Height Storage Space
£3,649 12 bhp 130 kg 8.1 L 754 mm 30.4 L

If anyone asks me what scooter to recommend for a daily runner at 125cc, my mind instantly goes to the Honda PCX 125. So here it is!

It’s BikeMatter’s ultimate 125cc scooter for 2024. At least, in my opinion. Powered by a new eSP+ motor with 12 bhp, it comes with ‘idling stop’ tech and HSTC, a smart key with auto-locking as you wander off into the shop, full LED lighting, a USB-C connector under the seat… which is within a cavernous 30.4 litres storage space which should be more than enough for a helmet.

There’s a widescreen central console with an LCD screen which displays all your info, and has a redesigned frame and rear suspension to ensure the ride is always true.

Now, why is it in at number 1? Simply because we think it does it all seriously well – it doesn’t quite excel in any one area, but it’s a Honda – it’s built well, priced well, and just simply does the job well. In 2024 you can pick from blue, grey, white and black.


★ Great engine, brakes, suspension.
★ Great tech - perfect commuter.
★ Plenty of storage space.


★ See them everywhere - you won't be special!
★ Peak performance in the category would be nice.

BikeMatters Video: Top 10 125cc Scooters for 2024!

The last stop!

So there you have it! Here are my top scooter picks for 2024!

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for something more budget-friendly? Why not check out our Top 10 125cc Chinese scooters?

Last but not least, if you have your very own scooter you need to insure, make sure to get a scooter and moped insurance quote direct with Lexham!

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