With its unique and gorgeous Italian styling, the Vespa GTS is an iconic modern scooter with plenty of that Vespa charm.

The GTS is currently available in the UK as 125cc or 300cc model variants, and it was the GTS Super 125 I was able to get my hands on this summer. Having previously ridden and reviewed the GTS 300 HPE Supertech in 2019, I was eager to ride the liquid cooled 125cc variant to see how it would do, and more than anything, handle those faster roads.

Styling and Design

I was greeted by the GTS Super 125 in a bright Summer Yellow that instantly radiated a certain sophistication that only Vespa can offer. This colourway option might not have been my personal choice; however, subtle chrome accents really help to give this Vespa a great mix of modern and retro. There is no denying the GTS has a certain level of class and maturity to it, a trait which has generated thousands of adoring fans over the world.


The Vespa GTS Super 125 is powered by the economical liquid cooled I-get motor which produced 12.2hp at 8,250 rpm and 11.1nM of torque at 6,750rpm. 

Acceleration is very respectable for a 125cc scooter getting you to 50mph in quite a decent time, it is only really after 50mph that acceleration becomes more gradual. To my surprise even in the windy conditions on test, the GTS Super continued to chug along nicely building up speed and easily reaching 65mph – I think in more favourable conditions this should reach around the 70mph mark.

Vespa GTS Super 125 Top Speed

The Vespa GTS Super 125 can reach a top speed of approximately 68mph.

This decent top speed actually allowed for a more comfortable ride on fast country B roads, not something I normally feel happy doing with most air-cooled 125cc scooters, but this liquid I-get motor producing just over 12bhp is a great partner for those faster roads.

During my ride out I found myself keeping up with the flow of traffic easily, with many fluctuating road speeds on my journey from the odd 30mph zones to dominant 60mph national speed limits, not once did I become an object to be overtaken.

Brakes and Suspension

Vespa packs the GTS models with the same brakes and suspension throughout the range, so for a 125 it packs some decent equipment! 220mm disc brakes all around are complemented with ABS which is another great addition for a 125cc machine and, as this is  Vespa, you’d expect to get more premium options, so it’s great to have the ABS included.

Now onto the suspension. In my opinion, the suspension soaks up the miles well, and with that I-get motor, you get a nice boost on the bends so can really have some fun on those twisties. 

Storage Space

Hidden away under the seat is enough room for an open face helmet (though I’d recommend testing yours first for compatibility). Sadly, though due to the tight restrictions here there is not quite enough room for those who prefer to wear a full-face helmet.

In the leg shield is the typical Vespa glove box, as expected there is enough room here for a pair of gloves or a few small bits and pieces. There is also a convenient USB port tucked away in the glove box for when things get desperate and your phone is flashing away with an ever-depleting battery.

Technology, Dash and Switchgear

The clean and simple GTS switch gear is a welcome sight and, for most part, everything is nicely positioned and works with the overall neat look of the scooter. To touch everything feels as you’d expect, solid and good quality. The plastics have a reassuring feeling to them, you don’t have the fear a switch is about to snap under the pressure of your thumb. When riding I did find the map button is a little too far from my thumb, but I am not the biggest chap in the world and, to be honest, I don’t expect the map button to be a frequently used facility and for those who will use it would change modes when safely pulled over anyway.

The dash is split with an analogue speedometer at the top that’s accompanied with a small yet clear digital screen underneath which is home to the odometer, fuel gauge and clock. The dash itself is nice and clear, with everything set out well.

Glancing down before take-off you have the all too familiar switch gear that is easy to navigate, and the split analogue and digital dash is straightforward to see, which is all confidence-inspiring for a quick and easy start to the road test. It wasn’t long until I was buzzing around putting some revolutions on those 12” diamond-cut wheels.

Seat Height and Riding Position

The seat height on the Vespa GTS Super 125 comes in at 790mm.

You feel instantly at home and comfortable when first jumping on the GTS Super, the neutral stance is pleasant, and the seat is firm but comfy. This is everything I have come to expect when getting on a GTS.


The Vespa GTS 125 Super weighs in at 151kg when wet, and in my opinion, allows for just enough maneuverability and agility when riding.

Vespa GTS Super 125 Price

The Vespa GTS Super is a premium option and is in a similar range to some of the finest 125cc Japanese scooter offerings, with prices starting from £4,499.

Final Thoughts on the Vespa GTS Super 125

There is no denying that the Vespa GTS Super 125 is a premium option in the 125cc scooter market, however, you are not simply paying for the brand. The GTS packs a good amount of spec and that spritely engine will give those commuters on 60mph roads confidence that they can keep up with most traffic.

Like anything some bits could be improved, it would be nice to have a full digital dash, slightly larger fuel tank, storage for a full-face helmet and a couple more horses from that motor but by no means are these essential – far from it, and let’s face facts these would incur furthers additional costs to this already premium beasty.

As already mentioned, the GTS Super 125 carries most of the same components as its big brother the GTS 300, so ABS, 220mm discs and start-stop technology all come as standard making this a very capable 125cc. Performance-wise it is hard to fault this little yellow scooter, it offers a great and fun riding experience and is clearly a winning formula.


  • Provides a fun riding experience 
  • It's a Vespa!
  • Build quality is spectacular


  • A little more on the expensive side
  • Little difficult to access the engine

The Last Stop!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my full road test review on the Euro 4 Vespa GTS Super.

Last but not least, if you do have your very own Vespa GTS Super 125, or perhaps another scooter you need to insure - make sure to get a scooter and moped quote direct with Lexham!

Vespa GTS Super 125 Specification (2020-onwards)

Engine 124.7cc, 4-stroke single cylinder, catalysed i-get
Fuel tank 7L
Brakes Front: Stainless steel Ø 220 mm disc with hydraulic control
Rear: Stainless steel Ø 220 mm disc with hydraulic control
Suspension Front: Single arm with helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber
Rear: Double hydraulic shock absorber with helical spring
Seat height 790mm
Weight 151kg
Price £4,499