Low Cost Yamaha Scooter & Motorcycle Insurance

Here at Lexham Insurance we offer highly competitive insurance quotes for all models of new and used Yamaha's including Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles and Quads. Getting a quote with Lexham is simple; you can get a full quote online or over the phone with one of our specialist insurance staff.  We pride ourselves on offering a first class service to our customers and proudly display our excellent review rating for all to see. 

We have worked officially with Yamaha UK for over 15 years offering exclusive insurance deals on all models of Scooters & Motorcycles; from 50cc Scooters such as the popular and sporty Aerox R to the darkside of the Hyper Naked MT motorcycle series. With our extensive knowledge and relationship with Yamaha we have been successful in leading the way in low cost bespoke insurance for many years.


  • Aerox 4 50 / Neo's 4 50
  • D'elight 125
  • NMAX 125
  • Tricity 125 / 300
  • TMAX 560
  • XMAX 125 / 300 / 400
  • MT 125
  • YZF-R125
  • YS 125
  • MT-03 / MT-07 / MT-09 / MT-10

Brief History of Yamaha Motors

The motorcycle division of Yamaha, Yamaha Motor Company, was established in 1955. Their first motorcycle was the YA-1, a single-cylinder machine which went on to have great racing success. Throughout the 60’s, Yamaha continued to flourish with their 2-stoke motorcycle racing, which saw their first international race win at the Belgium GP (250cc class).

Over the years Yamaha has grown and grown. Their motorcycle racing success has continued in many racing disciplines, with arguably their most famous of recent times being their MotoGP racing team. On a commercial level, Yamaha are one of the world’s biggest motorcycle brands offering a large selection of scooters and motorcycles ranging from the learner friendly Neo’s 4 50cc scooter up to the powerful YZF-R1 Supersport motorcycle.

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