Electric Van Insurance

Electric vans and commercial vehicles are becoming more and more common on UK roads, and here at Lexham we are one of few insurance providers in the UK who have a specialised scheme packed with benefits dedicated to covering electric commercial vehicles.

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E-vans, Electric Van & Electric Commercial Vehicle Insurance

From popular workhorses such as the Mercedes eSprinter and Volkswagen eTransport to the rarer options such as the Aixam Mega 500 and GEM eL we know that electric vans also known as e-vans and electric commercial vehicles comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our scheme has been designed to cover a broad range of electric commercial vehicle types all the way up to 3.5 tonnes and we make sure to keep our databases updated when new electric models hit the market!

  • Covers carriage of own goods
  • Any electric van up to 3.5tonnes (except tippers)
  • Offering fully comprehensive cover
  • Unlimited windscreen repair/replacement*
  • New vehicle replacement*
  • Unlimited cover for permanently fitted audio and navigation equipment*
  • Courtesy vehicle cover*
  • Electric vehicle charging cables covered*

*Terms & Conditions apply

Electric Van Insurance FAQS

What is e-van insurance?

The term e-van is actually just an abbreviation of the term ‘electric van’, so it is simply just another name and popular term for this type of vehicle. Our insurance for an e-van or electric van is an annual commercial vehicle insurance policy designed with plenty of features and benefits!

Is e-van insurance different from Electric Van Insurance?

Simply put no, the term e-van is just an abbreviation of the term Electric Van, so, whether you class it as an e-van or electric van our electric van insurance policies are designed for the same types of vehicles.

I have an Electric Commercial Vehicle that isn’t a van, do you insure these as well?

Our Electric Van Insurance product does cater for many different types of electric commercial vehicles as well as vans. To get a quote click the get a quote button or give us a call.

Are Electric Vans cheaper to insure?

There are many factors that influence an insurance quotation, from vehicle model, use, location, driver experience, amongst many others there really are many contributing aspects to an insurance quote. When it comes to electric vans, we are one of few UK insurance providers who have a bespoke scheme deliberately designed to offer competitive insurance rates on electric vans and electric commercial vehicles.

Can you cover Hybrid vans and commercial vehicles?

Yes, as a part of our Electric Van Insurance scheme we are able to provide insurance cover for most hybrid commercial vehicles.

Do you have to pay insurance on electric vans?

To drive an electric van on UK roads, you legally need to have at least Third-Party Insurance cover.

How do I get electric van insurance?

Getting electric van or electric commercial vehicle insurance with us at Lexham is easy. You can either get a quote online by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ Button or giving us a call.

How does electric van insurance work?

Our Electric van insurance works like a standard annual commercial vehicle insurance policy. We are able to provide quotations online or over the phone. Full details will be taken during the quotation process and our staff are trained to provide all the assistance you might require. Our scheme has been designed purely for electric and hybrid vans and commercial vehicles, we can insure a huge variety of electric vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes providing cover for carriage of goods, with many other benefits too.

Can you insure the battery on an electric car or van?

This will all depend on the type of insurance policy you set up and the level of cover you choose. For example, most comprehensive electric commercial vehicle insurance policies will include cover for the battery as standard, but it is always important to check this with your chosen insurer.

What does electric van insurance cover?

During the quotation process, numerous important questions are asked in order to provide you with the most suitable level of cover for you.

We are able to insure electric vans and commercial vehicles up to 3.5tonnes. We also have it packed with great benefits and features too including the likes of carriage of own goods cover, unlimited windscreen repair/replacement*, courtesy vehicle cover, and new vehicle replacement*.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Hybrids Vans and Commercial Vehicles also covered!

As well as offering Insurance for purely electric vans, our scheme also encompasses hybrid electric commercial vehicles too! From Ford Transit Hybrids to Landrover Defender MHEVs our scheme covers many different hybrid types but with all the benefits of our specialist Electric van insurance scheme.

Lexham Exclusive Electric Van Insurance Scheme

Our Electric Van Insurance is an exclusive scheme to us here at Lexham and one designed to have a whole host of benefits including carriage of goods and new vehicle replacement* to provide individuals with the cover they need. Insuring your e-van, electric van, or electric commercial vehicle with us is easy - simply get a quote online or give us a call.


*Terms & Conditions apply

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