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From retro 70s VW campers to the latest high spec campervans, our specialist campervan insurance can offer you the cover you need. Our campervan insurance comes with a variety of benefits, each policy is tailored for you.

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Renew online or on our app

You can now renew your policy quickly and simply on the Lexham Insurance App or online via the Lexham Portal!

Dedicated campervan insurance scheme

We have a specialist scheme designed for all types of Campervans, with plenty of additional features and benefits.

Whether you have a self-built camper, a classic, or a modern camper we can get you covered. With benefits such as unlimited windscreen cover, unlimited cover for fixed accessories, and up to £3,500 cover for personal items, this really is a product designed with campervan owners in mind.

  • Campervan replacement*
  • Up to £3,500 cover for personal items
  • Optional breakdowns cover
  • Cover for all ages of vehicles*
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • Unlimited cover for fixed accessories
  • 270 days EU cover
  • Left hand drive, imported, modified and custom built acceptable

Getting a campervan insurance quote is easy, you can get a quote online or on the phone with one of our campervan insurance specialists by calling 01379 673863.  

* Terms & Conditions apply

What types of insurance do we offer

  • 3rd party fire and theft

    This insurance type covers you for any third-party damage or injury, plus any fire-related damage to or theft of your vehicle.

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  • Comprehensive

    Fully comprehensive campervan insurance from Lexham offers you complete cover. You will be covered for all of the above as well as any accidental damage to your vehicle due to an accident.

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Campervan Insurance FAQS

How much is Campervan Insurance?

There are various aspects that contribute to an insurance premium, and it’s important to get this information correct to ensure you have the correct policy. Information such as make, model, location, security, and driver experience are just a few of the many factors that help build a policy.

How much is converted Campervan Insurance?

There are many factors that contribute to an insurance policy and each policy is dependent on each individual and their requirements. You can get insurance with us online or over the phone.

Do you need special insurance for a campervan?

It’s important to get a Campervan Insurance policy that not only suits you and your requirements but also provides you with the right level of cover. Therefore, our policy has a variety of features and benefits to offer a campervan owners.

What does Campervan Insurance cover?

Here at Lexham, we offer Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive Campervan Insurance. Our Comprehensive policies also offer up to £3,500 for personal items*, unlimited windscreen, unlimited fixed accessories and 270 days EU cover.

*Terms & conditions apply.

How does Campervan Insurance work?

Our Campervan Insurance is offered as an annual policy, with the option of paying monthly or annually.

Can you insure a campervan as a van?

Getting an insurance policy should always cover what you need it to, and it’s important not to under-insure as this could result in a claim being refused or reduced. 

Here at Lexham, we are able to offer insurance for van to camper conversions, as long as you are able to self-certify that the conversion will be completed to the specified standard within 90 day, please see the Self-built motorhomes and campers section which is detailed further below.

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Modifications, Conversions and Imports

We understand with campervans, modifications and conversions are commonplace, so our campervan insurance has been designed with all these typical modifications in mind. We can cover van conversions, highly modified campers, and even imported left-hand campervans so whatever type of campervan you own make sure to get a quote direct!

Club discounts available

Are you a member of a campervan club? Then make sure to inform us of your membership while you are getting a campervan insurance quote as this could well entitle you to a discount on your campervan insurance policy.

Day van insurance

Day vans are becoming a popular choice for many to get a quick getaway. Whether you have a top-of-the-range VW Transporter or van conversion, our broad-reaching campervan insurance has competitive rates available on all types of day vans. For those who really like to put their vans to the test, our campervan insurance includes 270 days of EU cover as standard.

Self-built motorhomes and campers

We can arrange cover for your vehicle during the conversion stage, whether you are already in the conversion process or about to start. The underwriter expects that you are actively working towards a fully converted motorhome or campervan. It is essential that you are able to self-certify that the conversion will be completed to the specified standard within 90 days. The conversion should include: • A bed, which can be transformed from seats but must be permanently fitted within the vehicle. • A permanently fixed storage solution, such as a locker, cupboard, or wardrobe. • Cooking facilities integrated into the vehicle. • At least one window on the side of the living area. During the insurance period, the underwriters may request photographs of the vehicle to verify the progress of the conversion. If you are unsure whether your vehicle qualifies or that you are falling behind on the conversion, please call us for a chat.

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