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If you are looking for a quote on your Vespa Moped or Scooter you are at the right place. For over the past 15 years we have been the official insurance partner of Vespa UK, offering low cost insurance quotes on all models of Vespa's. As a leading UK scooter & motorcycle insurance broker we specialise in providing the best cover possible on all new & used machines, so whether you have a brand new GTS or a classic Vespa 50 Special, we can help get the right insurance cover for you. Our specialist scheme can also  cover multiple vehicles on one policy including classic and modern scooters.

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Brief History of Vespa

First founded in 1946, Vespa is a scooter brand owned and manufactured by the Piaggio Group. It all started when Enrico Piaggio, the son of the Piaggio founder Rinaldo Piaggio, contracted aeronautical engineer Corrandino D’Ascanio to redesign a scooter protype which failed to meet Enrico’s satisfaction. Apparently, when Enrico was shown D’Ascanio’s design for the first time he said: “sembra una vespa!” (“It resembles a wasp!”) Enrico basically named his new scooter on the spot. By the tail end of the 40’s, the stylish and affordable Vespa soon became a popular scooter loved by the masses.

During the early 50’s, Vespa had started to get attention in Hollywood with many stars becoming Vespa owners and so in turn inspiring thousands of people to follow suit. As Vespa’s popularity grew, and to meet the demand, they expanded to have their Scooters manufactured under licence in many countries around the world. In the 1960’s, thanks to the Mod culture, Vespa had a resurgence in the UK.

In the UK, nowadays, not only are Vespa’s still a popular and stylish commuter for many, they are still enjoyed in their thousands by enthusiasts who stay true to their scooter culture and attend rallies and ride outs.

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