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Are you looking for insurance on your new or classic Vespa? With several schemes exclusive to Lexham, make sure to get a quote directly for a competitive insurance quote.

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Vespa Scooter Insurance

Are looking for insurance on your Vespa moped or scooter? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that getting a quote for your Vespa has never been easier - either fill out a form online or call us on 01379 646 529.

Here at Lexham, we have been a leading UK scooter and motorcycle insurance broker for over 22 years, specialising in providing affordable insurance cover on most new and used Vespa models - so whether you have a brand new GTS or a classic Vespa 50 Special, we can help get insurance cover for you.

On the other hand, those who have a vintage Vespa will be pleased to know we also have an exclusive classic scooter scheme available to cover your prized possessions!

Popular Vespa models we cover:

  • Primavera
  • Sprint
  • GTS
  • GTS Super
  • 946
  • Elettrica
  • Sei Giorni

A brief History of Vespa

Vespa was first founded in 1946 in Pontedera, Italy. It all started when Enrico Piaggio, the son of the Piaggio founder Rinaldo Piaggio, contracted aeronautical engineer Corradino D'Ascanio to redesign a scooter prototype that failed to meet Enrico's satisfaction.

When Enrico was shown D'Ascanio's design for the first time he said: "Sembra una vespa!" ("It resembles a wasp!"), naming his new scooter on the spot. By the end of the ‘40s, the Vespa had become a stylish and affordable scooter for the masses.

Fast forward to the ’50s, Vespa started to gain attention in Hollywood with many big stars becoming Vespa owners, inspiring other members of the public to follow the trend. As the popularity of the Vespa grew, they expanded to have Vespa Scooters manufactured under licence in many countries around the world to meet demand.

In modern-day, Vespa's in the UK are still a popular and stylish commuter and transport for many, but they are also still enjoyed in their thousands by scooter enthusiasts who stay true to their scooter culture and attend scooter rallies and ride-outs.

Vespa Scooter FAQs

Who is Vespa owned by?

The Italian scooter manufacturer Vespa is owned by the Piaggio Group and is one of seven manufacturers owned today by Piaggio. Other renowned manufacturers who are also part of the Piaggio group include Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, and Gilera to name a few.

Are Vespas still made in Italy?

Vespas have been manufactured at the Piaggio plant in Pontedera, in Tuscany, Italy uninterrupted since 1946.

How fast do Vespas go?

The top speed of a Vespa is dependent on its engine size and weight. The 50cc Vespa scooters can reach speeds of up to 30mph, whereas the 300cc scooters can go up to 80mph.

Can two people ride on a Vespa?

The answer is yes, most Vespa scooters are designed for two people to ride on at one time, though this will naturally depend on licence and insurance etc.

Are Vespas good for beginners?

Vespas are a great first machine for beginners. They make an ideal scooter for urban commuting and can easily run alongside bigger engine machines too.

Vespa Scooter Insurance FAQs

Do you need insurance to ride a Vespa?

The answer is yes. In order to ride your Vespa on UK public roads, it must be insured. Whether you have a provisional license or a full bike license, we can offer a package that is right for you.

How much does Vespa Insurance cost?

The cost of your Vespa Insurance will be dependent on a few factors such as the type of bike you own, the age of the bike, as well as your location and occupation to name a few.

Thankfully we here at Lexham we are committed to trying to find you competitive insurance policies on a wide range of different two-wheeled vehicles.

What levels of insurance cover are there for a Vespa scooter?

There are three levels of insurance coverage Lexham can provide for you and your Vespa, these include:

  • Third-Party only
  • Third-Party, Theft, and Fire
  • Comprehensive

Can I carry passengers on my Vespa?

When submitting your quotation, you will be asked if you require a pillion use as part of the policy. This can be included, providing you have the correct licence to do so.

How can I make my Vespa insurance cheaper?

Fitting the correct security equipment to your motorcycle or scooter such as an alarm, can in fact save you money on your insurance policy. To find out more check out our how can I save money on my motorcycle insurance article.

Policy Add Ons

We offer specialist insurance for your scooter or moped, as well as offering a range of features and benefits as standard. Plus, you can tailor your cover with optional extras, including Breakdown Cover, Excess Protection, Helmet and Leathers insurance and Personal Accident cover.

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