Following the liquidation of MCE Insurance Company (now known as Green Realisations 123 Ltd) over 100,000 UK moped, scooter and motorcycle owners will have their insurance policies cancelled at midnight on the 31st January 2022, effectively bringing their cover to an abrupt halt.

Here at Lexham we understand the frustration, troubles, and inconveniences this will cause MCE Insurance Company customers. So, we have developed this handy guide with how Lexham can help you and also to try and answer some of those frequently asked questions.

We can help with No Claims Discounts!

Here at Lexham, we understand that many customers could miss out on No Claims Discount as a result of another insurance provider entering into administration, as the policy did not run the full year.

We currently have an offer for any MCE Insurance Company customers who have 9 months or more of claim-free cover before it was cancelled (due to MCE Company Limited entering administration).  In this case, we can provide a full year’s No Claim Discount.

If you have 9 months or more of uninterrupted cover, please select a full year during the online quotation process.

We may require proof of 9 months' cover with MCE Insurance Company, such as your Certificate of Insurance or no claims bonus proof letter.

Special Loan Agreement offer

We know following the mass cancellation of thousands of MCE Insurance Company policies, that many people may be put into financial difficulty as they await to receive some form of refund/compensation for their insurance premium. Because of this we have for a limited time made loan agreements available with just a 10% deposit in order to help those during this challenging time.

Best Deals Direct – Quick Online Quotes

‘Our best deals are direct’ It is a motto we have used for years now and one we proudly still use today, our best deals really are direct on Lexham Online, so when it comes to getting a quote please make sure to visit Lexham Online, where getting a quotation is quick and easy!

Watch our video on how we can help you!

Do I have to declare my policy was cancelled?

During the quotation process it is common practice for an insurance provider to ask if you’ve ever had an insurance policy refused, cancelled or had terms applied. If, as a result of your current insurer being entered into administration, you’ve had your insurance policy with them cancelled you do not need to declare this during the quotation process with Lexham.

Do you offer more than Moped, Scooter and Motorcycle insurance policies?

Yes, here at Lexham we offer many insurance products, in fact well over 20 including Delivery Rider, Quad, Motorhome & Campervan, Trike, and many more!

Quad Insurance - we can help here too!

Here at Lexham we are a leading Quad insurance provider for road legal quad bikes and ATVS in the UK, if you wish to find out more about our Quad insurance features and benefits make sure to visit our Quad Insurance page.

Delivery & Courier Rider Insurance

We also provide Delivery and Courier Rider Insurance and we are able to provide quotes online! To find out more on our Delivery Rider Insurance benefits and features visit our Delivery Rider Insurance page.

My insurance policy has been cancelled, what do I need to do?

We are sorry to see that your insurance policy with another insurance provider has been cancelled, we understand how frustrating and problematic it can be through no fault of your own. It is always best to follow the official guidelines communicated to you in regard to this.  Quite often it can be useful to refer to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme website for further details.

For Financial Services Compensation Scheme information regarding MCE Insurance Company please click here.

Following my insurance company entering administration, I am unsure what company to use for my new policy, what should I do?

We understand following the collapse of another insurance provider that many customers will be put in very awkward and frustrating circumstances and have the inconvenience of trying to find a new insurance provider, one that they can trust.

Here at Lexham, we are a leading independent UK insurance broker with over 20 years experience, with customer service at our forefront. Very importantly for peace of mind, we place policies with an A+ rated insurer.

We work directly with to invite genuine customer reviews, backed by two UK contact centres, staffed with insurance advisors on hand to help our customers.

Furthermore, we are for a limited time, offering former MCE Insurance Company customers No Claims Discount assistance which can be seen above.


We continue to monitor and work on the situation at hand, with our staff working hard to help and assist everyone we possibly can. We have scaled up our resources in an attempt to deal with the influx of enquiries, but it is expected to become a very busy period so if you do encounter any delays getting through to us, we hope you can understand and we hope to deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.