If you are looking at the best electric scooters currently available in 2021 then hopefully this article will provide you with the information you are looking for!

Electric scooters are becoming more affordable and offer great economy, with an expected 1p a mile in electricity costs, simple servicing along with zero road tax, there is money to be saved by jumping to an electric scooter.

This list offers a right mix of budgets and capabilities – so hopefully there is something for everyone. Let’s go straight into number ten.

Wanting to go green but would like something a bit retro? Then the Artisan EV2000R might well be the scooter for you. If you are a fan of old school Vespa designs from the 60s, you’ll love the look of the EV2000R.

The EV2000R can be purchased with either a single or dual battery (do expect to pay more for that second battery though). A single battery will cover 25 miles and running two batteries will cover around 50 miles. With the mod in mind, Artisan do have a few colourway and seat colour options so there is a choice for most people without spending a lot more on modifications.

This little retro beauty is in at the cheaper end of the market starting from just £2,695.

Motor 2 Kw
Battery 2400 Wh 60V x 20ah / 40ah Lithium Battery
Charge time 6 Hours
Top Speed 28 mph
Range Up to 50 miles
Suspension Front: n/a. Rear: Mono-shock suspension
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Disc
Seat Height n/a
Weight 95kg
Price (starting from) £2,695 (single battery)

In at number nine we have the very simple looking Ecooter E1R. With two colourwars options of either white or black – you probably won’t need much time deciding on your choice of colour.

The E1R is an equivalent to a 125cc, so at minimum you’ll need to be 17 and hold a valid CBT to be able to ride one of these on the UK streets.

This simplistic and modern scooter does also pack some extra features as well, it runs ERS (energy recover system) to help feed a little extra power back to the batteries while on the go. The battery is in fact a Samsung cell which comes with a 3-years (or 30,000km) warranty for that extra peace of mind. It also packs a HD digital dash and a smart key along with an anti-theft alarm with movement sensor – so the E1R does offer a lot for a rather affordable price.

Motor 4.2Kw
Battery 2560 Wh - 40Ah 64V battery cell capacity
Charge time 6 Hours
Top Speed 50mph
Range 50-70 miles
Suspension Front: Single stem. Rear: Shock Absorber
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Disc.
Seat Height n/a
Weight 82kg
Price (starting from) £2640

In at eight we have our first entry by a big bike and scooter manufacturer, the E-Ludix from Peugeot. The standard Ludix has been around for over 15 years now and has sold over 250,00 units, so it is definitely a model with plenty of history.

This E version of the Ludix packs a Bosch motor and battery so the equipment used here should be top notch. The battery and motor does seem a bit down when compared to some of the competitors out there, but the Peugeot offers a good option if you’d rather stick to a big motorcycling name and are happy not to exceed 30mph.

Motor 2.5Kw (Bosch)
Battery 1.6Kwh (Bosch)
Charge time 4 Hours
Top Speed 28mph
Range 30 miles
Suspension Front: Telescopic. Rear: Shock Absorber
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Disc.
Seat Height n/a
Weight 100kg
Price (starting from) £3,439.20

In my opinion the CUx is a great piece of modern scooter design. There are a few really nice colourway options, but the Ducati special edition (pictured) really is stunning for an electric scooter.

The CUx like the rest of the 50cc equivalents are designed with purely short and slow urban journeys in mind, where you have no need to get above 30mph or go beyond its range of 30-40 miles.

Super Soco though do like to go that little bit further with their offerings. The styling alone will be a big factor when compared to some of its competitors. It also includes extra features such as the nice and clear LCD screen, keyless tech with motion activated alarm, EBS assistant and app integration.

Motor 1.3Kw (Bosch)
Battery 60V/30Ah Lithium
Charge time 6-7 hours
Top Speed 28mph
Range 40 miles
Suspension Front: Hydraulic. Rear: Hydraulic
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Disc.
Seat Height 70mm
Weight n/a
Price (starting from) £2,249.00

The Lifan E3 is our most budget friendly option on this list, coming in at under £2k. Whilst the price tag may suggest this is a basic scooter, you actually get quite a lot for your money. With an EBS braking system, under seat storage and USB port along with a Bosch 1.5kw motor, the Lifan offers a cheap way of commuting around towns and cities.

Lifan eco bikes have been available for a few years now and seems to be one of the most popular electric mopeds purchased in the UK. Even in my local area I know of a few dealers stocking Lifan – so the brand and bikes must have a lot of trust.

Motor 1.5kw (Bosch hub)
Battery 60v / 23Ah
Charge time 6 hours
Top Speed 30mph
Range 45 miles
Suspension n/a
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Disc
Seat Height n/a
Weight 81kg
Price (starting from) £1,995.00

Admittedly, before I started my research, I wasn’t aware the Nuuk Tracker existed, I am glad I did discover it though as it does offer that something different. Available as a cargo and standard, the tracker offers some impressive spec and stats.

Boasting an impressive 10.5kw Bosch motor and two 2.4kWh batteries the Nuuk Tracker can get above 60mph and cover a range of up to 50 miles – rather impressive! The standard charge time is 5 hours, though you can pay extra and have fast charge, which can get you fully charged in just over an hour. As you expect there is a nice large digital dash, phone app and four rider modes to suit your needs. The Nuuk Tracker is one of the more expensive options on this list but does feature a powerful motor and sizeable batteries – so it is not a surprise!

Motor 10.5Kw
Battery 4800Wh
Charge time 5 hours (fast charge 1hr 15mins)
Top Speed 68mph
Range 50 miles
Suspension n/a
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Disc
Seat Height n/a
Weight 150kg
Price (starting from) £5,599

In at four we have the big dog of the list, the incredible C-evolution from BMW. Arguably, the BMW C-evolution could sit at the top of any electric scooter list, for me though as it on the expensive side, the C-evolution sits just outside the top three.

The C-evolution is the only maxi scooter on this list so you expect it to lead the way with performance and it does – then again it should with a starting price of just over £14k.

With an incredible 35Kw motor making the C-evolution capable of reaching 74mph, and impressive batteries than can help you reach up to 100miles in range, this BMW really does pack incredible stats. If judged purely on technology and performance the BMW will sit at the top of any modern-day electric scooter list, however, I am taking cost into account so this impressive beastie will have to sit at number four for now.

Motor 35kw (Max)
Battery 94 Am
Charge time 3-5 hours
Top Speed 74mph
Range 100 miles
Suspension Front: USD. Rear: Single sided swing arm.
Brakes Front: twin 270 discs. Rear: Single 270mm disc.
Seat Height 765mm
Weight 275kg
Price (starting from) £14,330

Scooter manufacturing legends Vespa grabbed the headlines in November 2016 when they unveiled their first full electric scooter the Elettrica. A premium offering with styling reminiscent of the hugely popular Primavera, the Elettrica is a great looking scooter that is sure to be popular!

Though the Elettrica is based on those classic Vespa lines, with the ultra-modern colourway of silver with blue highlights, it's a great mix of classic and modern styling.

With a decent range the Vespa can cover up to 100 kilometres on one charge, though this model variant (the FE L1) is a 50cc equivalent so top speed is unlikely to get past 30mph. Like most modern electric scooters the Elettrica also runs KERS and has a nice digital display (4.3 inch colour TFT display).

Motor 3.5 (4kw maximum)
Battery 86 ah 48v lithium battery
Charge time 4 hours
Top Speed 35mph
Range 100km
Suspension Front: Single arm fork. Rear: mono shock absorber.
Brakes Front: 200mm discs. Rear: 140mm drum.
Seat Height 790mm
Weight 130kg
Price (starting from) £4,955.00 (without grant £6249.00)

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In at number two we have our second Super Soco on the list, the CPx. A fantastic spec make the CPx a truly great electric scooter, pushing the boundaries even further and gaining on the performance of a combustion engine. 

The CPx is a great all-round option, with decent modern looks, good top speed, great range and respectable charge time - oh and a price tag of £3,599. The CPx had a successful year in 2020 and I can see it repeating itself in 2021. As expected, the CPx has some cool features too usch as app connectivity, USB charging point, extra thick cushion seat and powerful LED lighting. 

Motor 4Kw
Battery Two 60V/45Ah
Charge time 3.5 hours (per battery)
Top Speed 55mph
Range 60 miles
Suspension Front: Telescopic fork. Rear: shock absorber.
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat Height 760mm
Weight 135kg
Price (starting from) £3,599 (1 battery) £4,699 (2 batteries)

Clinching the number one spot is the NIU NGiGTS Pro (previously known as the NIU NGT)! The NQiGTS Pro is a fun little scooter, perfect for nipping around busy towns and cities. With a great range of up to 60 miles and performance that will allow you to get you to around 45mph, the NGT offers that slightly better performance and range, so you know it has that extra capability if you ever need it.

The NGiGTS Pro packs some great features such as the awesome full colour dash, app connectivity, USB port, EBS, anti-theft system, GPS tracking and cruise control! Not bad for just over £3k (if UK grant used). Thanks to Alec and the English Electric Motor Co, I was able to test ride a NGiGTS Pro myself late 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed my experience on this little electric scooter.

The styling might be a bit marmite for some, but I personally really like the futuristic and sleek design - the little handle bar fairing keeps it looking sporty too! It’s that all around performance and budget friendly price that makes the NIU NGiGTS Pro my number one for 2021.

Motor 3kw (Bosch hub)
Battery Two 60V/35ah
Charge time 3.5 hours
Top Speed 45mph
Range 60 miles
Suspension Front: Hydraulic shocks. Rear: hydraulic shocks.
Brakes Front: 220mm disc. Rear: 180mm disc.
Seat Height 780mm
Weight 105kg
Price (starting from) £3,196


There you go, these are my choices for 10 of the best electric scooters for 2021. Not everyone is going to share the same opinion and maybe I could have missed out on a blinder so let me know what you think of the list and what you would have chosen in the comments below!

If you are interested in purchasing an electric scooter, make sure to check them out at your local dealers!

Please note: It is always best to confirm exact specifications with your scooter/motorcycle dealer. Prices may vary and those mentioned will likely be the discounted price following the use of an OLEV approved grant - if interested always confirm details with your electric scooter dealership.

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