Electric scooters are a rapidly growing market and are becoming especially important with the talk about climate change and what we can do to help the planet.

With that said, 2022 seems to be the year we see an increased number of manufacturers reaching in and digging out plans to release one of their own. Discover the top ten best electric scooters and electric mopeds that 2022 has to offer in our comprehensive guide.


‎Askoll NGS3

Designed and made in Italy, Askoll’s NGS3 is targeting those looking for what a traditional scooter has without the environmental impact.

Though it still takes 3 hours, the NGS3 is actually one of the fastest models on today’s list to charge. And what you’re charging are those two removable lithium-ion batteries that give this scooter a 60-mile range. At 67kg, it’s also the lightest. Even though this doesn’t include the battery, that low weight means it’s going to be easy to manoeuvre and ride.

Other things to note are the digital display, Bluetooth connectivity, full LED lighting, USB socket, three running modes, a ‘comfort plus’ two-person saddle, dual blend tyres for better stability and the built-in parcel rack that makes carrying extra shopping or more deliveries possible. If you are looking for a scooter that’s perfect for delivery or courier use, check out our list of 8 of the best

Moving onto styling now and the NGS3 may have an electric heart but it’s got all-Italian looks. With that prominent front headlight and classic scooter charm, it wouldn’t be out of place outside a coffee shop anywhere on the Mediterranean coastline.

You may not find this little guy at many dealers but it’s coming in at £3,679 which isn’t quite as budget-friendly as some of the others on the list. However, as with all of the entries, though that price to buy is high it’s going to be extremely cheap to run and maintain.

Motor Askoll brushless permanent magnet electric
Battery Lithium-ion (2 packs per series)
Charging time 3 hours
Top speed 40 mph
Range 60 miles
Brakes Front: hydraulic disk Ø 220 mm
Rear: hydraulic disk Ø 190 mm
Suspension Front: hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear: mono shock absorber
Seat height 760mm
Weight 67kg (without battery)
Price £3,679 (use of plug-in grant)


Lexmoto LX06

Next up, let’s welcome the Lexmoto LX06!

With elegant curves, white-walled tyres and that prominent round front headlamp, the LX06 has the classic and charming retro styling a lot of us absolutely adore – I know we definitely do at BikeMatters!

Its styling may reflect the past, but its tech brings this model bang up to date! Lexmoto is known for producing user-friendly scooters and the use of an LCD display, LED headlight and USB port reflects this.

It’s then that 4000W BOSCH motor that gives it a burst of energy and makes it suitable for the contemporary rider. 

We don’t just love its sweet 60s styling, we’re also pretty fond of that budget-friendly £3,199.99 price tag! The LX06 is definitely a scooter made not just for the fashion conscious but also the eco-conscious, the question now is, would you ride one?

Motor 4000W BOSCH motor
Battery Dual 60V32AH lithium
Top speed 47 mph
Range 60 miles
Brakes Front and rear disc
Price £3,199.99


Vespa Elettrica

As with most electric scooters, Vespa’s Elettrica has been built for nipping through town and zipping down small streets.

And to make this easy, enjoyable and possible, Vespa has included a 3.5kW electric heart (that brings max 4kW of energy and a 30 mph top speed for the 45 KM/H version of the model and a 45 mph top speed for the 70 KM/H version), LG Chem 4.2kWh battery (that takes 4 hours to charge and isn't removable), 4.3” TFT screen, three power modes (‘Eco’, ‘Power’ and ‘Reverse’), smartphone connectivity and LED lighting. Is it at all surprising that Brett had such a fantastic time when road testing?

However, the only downfalls he found were that 30 mph top speed, non-removable batteries, and that premium price tag. Nevertheless, the Elettrica hasn’t been designed to tear up the tarmac so those looking to splash the cash and invest in one, will be looking to use it for what it’s been built for and, therefore, shouldn’t be too disappointed.

With the use of a UK grant, the Elettrica (45 KM/H) comes in at £6,350 and the 70 KM/H at £6,300 cementing it not only as a pretty expensive way to nip to the shops but also one of the most premium choices on the list today. However, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture here and factor in the low everyday running costs and the fact you are buying Vespa's first-ever electric scooter, which could become quite an icon.

Battery LG Chem 4.2kWh battery
Charging time 4 hours
Top speed L45 KM/H: 30 mph
70 KM/H: 45 mph
Range 60 miles
Brakes Front: Ø 200mm disc
Rear: Ø 140mm drum
Seat height 790mm
Weight 130kg (with battery)
Price 45 KM/H: £6,350
70 KM/H: £6,300
(Both include use of Plug-in Vehicle government grant)



We’ve all heard electric scooters described as ‘the future’ but through impressive looks, innovative technology and BMW’s renowned quality and finish, the CE 04 transports us there!

Situated between the lithium-ion battery and the rear wheel, the star of this show is the CE 04’s liquid-cooled electric motor that produces a maximum power output of 31kW (AKA 42 hp) and a range of 130 km. It also has three riding modes making it the perfect choice for day-to-day riding or smaller-scale weekend blasts.

With matte black sections, pops of bright orange detailing and a ‘floating seat,’ the styling is extremely striking and futuristic.

To round it all off, the CE 04 also features a 10.25” TFT colour screen with navigation and smartphone connectivity, side and rear storage compartments, USB-C charging port and all-round LED lights including front headlamp, rear lights and indicators all as standard.

For £11,700, you get a very modern e-scoot that’s just as radical in looks as it is spec. Whilst it’s by no means affordable, you’ve got to consider, as with all-electric two-wheelers, those savings over time.

Motor Permanent-magnet liquid-cooled synchronous
Battery 40 lithium-ion battery cells
Charging time 0-100%: 4h:20min
0-80%: 3h:30min
Top speed 75 mph
Range 80 miles
Brakes Front: Double disc brake 265 mm (4 piston fixed caliper)
Rear: Single disc brake 265 mm (1 piston floating caliper)
Seat height 780mm
Weight 231kg
Price £11,700


Horwin EK3

The Austrian manufacturer Horwin has created an urban run-around that wasn’t only built for daily use but, with bold, sleek and modern styling, was designed to look good too!

The fun doesn’t stop there either. A comfortable seating position ensures travelling longer distances is comfortable and a top speed of 60-mph makes those slightly longer distances possible! Did I also mention that the EK3 accelerates to 60 km/h in 6 seconds resulting in its motor working in a cost-efficient manner – who doesn’t love low running costs?!

Fitted with two lithium-ion Samsung batteries the EK3 reaches a max range of 60 miles, and with charging taking around 4 hours, means this is pretty average for this category.

In addition to all that, expect to see rider aids such as LED lights, keyless go, under-seat storage, touch-start display, cruise control, reverse gear and anti-theft alarm.

At £4,099, Horwin’s EK3 may find itself heading towards the more premium end of the pricing spectrum, but for that spec we think this is a Chinese-built electric scoot that’s pretty good value for money.

Motor DC
Battery 72 V, 40 Ah (optional 80 Ah with second battery)
Charging time 4 hours
Top speed 60 mph
Range 60 miles
Brakes CBS hydraulic brakes
Seat height 780mm
Weight 95kg (without battery)
Price £4,099 (with use of UK grant)


Sunra ROBO-S

Before we start in case you haven’t heard of Sunra here’s a quick introduction. They are an EV-focused company that was originally created in a garage in Beijing with the aim of providing electric-powered alternatives that achieve great levels of performance with the help of smart technology. And Brett was lucky enough to road test their two newest models – the ROBO-S and Miku Super.

Let’s start with the ROBO-S and with a thin strip of headlight, I think ‘ROBO’ is the perfect name for this step-through scooter. It’s simple, effective and gives me less sinister but much more cute Terminator vibes.

Moving onto performance and on the road, Brett found that “acceleration is decent and will attain a top speed on full batteries of around 50mph. Being nice and lightweight, the ROBO-S is very easy to ride, manoeuvre and will be great for those urban commutes.”

One thing to note is the storage and that’s because it’s large – 24L to be precise! This is so news-worthy because, on a scooter like this, the typical place to store the batteries is the under-seat compartment. But Sunra has thought creatively and given their riders that extra room needed for comfortable and practical day-to-day riding.

With the ban of petrol and diesel cars imminent, that low £3,499 price finishes it off nicely.

Motor 3kw hub mounted dual-mode
Battery 2 x 72v / 20ah
Charging time 4 hours
Top speed 50 mph
Range 61 miles
Brakes Front and rear disc with CBS
Suspension Front: telescopic forks
Rear: twin shocks
Price £3,299 (includes use of the PIMG grant)

Sunra Miku Super

Whilst on the subject of Sunra, I just want to give a quick shoutout to their Miku Super. Slightly different to the Robo-S in looks, the Super is its retro-naked-motorcycle-looking sibling, and these are the facts you need to know.

It uses a 3kW hub-mounted dual-mode motor that reaches a top speed of 50 mph, but Brett was able to get it 55 mph when he tested it. LED lights including a circular front headlight and glowing tank logos, make it trendy yet different to most on the market right now. And, with the use of the PIMG grant, you can take it home for £3,499 – making it realistic for everyone including those entry-level riders looking to go green.


Piaggio 1

Coming in at #f4, say ciao to the newest electric offering from the Italian brand, Piaggio – the 1.

After drip-feeding us information over the last few months, Piaggio has finally uncovered more of the spec for their first electric scooter and this is what you need to know.  The 1 is built on the same foundations with the same quality and finish as any other Piaggio scooter and features a roomy footwell, plenty of under-seat storage, full LED lighting, and large scooter dimensions. Numbers-wise, the standard version is set to feature a 1.2kW motor, 28 mph top speed and 34-mile range (when in 'Eco' mode), whereas the 1 Active houses a pokier 2kw motor, sees a top speed of 38 mph and increased range of up to 52 miles when used in ‘Eco’ mode.

Design-wise, it's been based around the Piaggio Zip and we all know how loved that model is! 

With marketing messages like “it’s just like charging your smartphone. Simply plug it into a normal power outlet” and “to make the world a better place. Because you’re young, but you weren’t born yesterday”, it’s clear to see that Piaggio’s 1 has been designed to target the younger generation. However, that’s not to say it’s only limited to them. This is a model that’s perfect for anyone passionate about the planet – no matter what your age!

At £2,500 for the standard version, it may not be the cheapest but from such a popular brand, Piaggio's newest offering could easily become ‘the one’!

Motor 1: 1.2 kW (1.34 kW peak)
1 Active: 2.0 kW (3.0 kW peak)
Battery 1: 1.4 kWh
1 Active: 2.3 kWh
Top speed 1: 28 mph
1 Active: 38 mph
Range 1: 34 miles (Eco mode) or 27 miles (Sport mode)
1 Active: 53 miles (Eco mode) or 41 miles (Sport mode)
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 770mm
Weight 1: 85kg (with batteries)
1 Active: 94kg (with batteries)
Price 1: £2,500
1 Active:  £3,000



Let’s see what NIU's NQi GT/S has to offer and if it can convert you to enjoy life on an electric scooter!

Styling is minimal and I think it’s extremely effective. It’s available in three different colourways and all have a contrasting stripe of colour which makes it slightly sporty looking. We’re going to have to talk about that front headlight as well. It’s lower than a typical scooter and looks a tad ‘cyclops-ey’ so I can understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, I think NIU has done a great job blending it in and, overall, it fits the futuristic vibe.

With a 4500W BOSCH motor and three driving modes (‘Sport’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘E-Save’), the NQi GT/S offers pretty decent acceleration and will be a hoot to ride.

Getting onto those batteries now and the NQi GT/S features NIU’s own lithium-ion battery system. It’s estimated to offer a 37-43-mile range and take around 5.5 hours to charge (using fast charging).

£3,399 isn’t cheap but don’t forget electric scooters need less parts, the price per mile, zero annual road tax and the opportunity to save further money with the use of a Government grant.

Motor BOSCH 4500W
Battery 4th gen NIU energy smart power tech
Charging time 5.5 hours (fast charging)
Top speed Sport: 50 mph 
Dynamic: 34 mph
Eco: 15 mph
Range 37-43 miles
Brakes Front and rear CBS
Seat height 815mm
Weight 113kg
Price £3,399 (with use of UK grant)


Supersoco CPx

The CPx is the brand Supersoco’s flagship electric scooter and it’s selling in big numbers across the UK…but why? 

For commute-ability, it has a 4kW patented motor and 56 mph top speed. Battery-wise, it’s a removable lithium-ion with a 3-4 hour charge time and the option of a single or dual that does affect the price and range. With the dual, you’ll see a £4,999 price and 87-mile range and £3,999 and 44 miles for the single so, you’ll need to weigh up the difference in price and your estimated journey distances.

For comfort, a large-fixed windscreen and large-padded seat are included. For stability, a 16” front wheel and a 14” rear have been thrown into the mix. And to top it all off, that black stealth-like colourway with red detailing along with the LED lights make it look great and very modern.

As you can tell, Brett’s been a busy bee when it comes to electric scooters and, when road testing this fella, concluded that with “dimensions similar to a maxi-scooter and performance comparable to a 125cc, the CPx could comfortably slot itself as a go-to electric option and compete against its petrol counterparts.”

Similar to most, it carries a higher price tag but, once you’ve thrown in the “negligible maintenance costs and the pennies to charge up, the CPx is one frugal machine to run so plenty of money will be recouped here!”

Motor Super Soco Patented, air-cooled
Battery Removable - Lithium Ion (capacity for two)
Charging time 3-4 hours
Top speed 56 mph
Range Single battery: 44 miles
Dual battery: 87 miles
Brakes Front and rear disc
Suspension Front: telescopic
Rear: mono shock
Seat height 760mm
Weight 107kg (without battery)
Price Single battery: £3,999
Dual battery: £4,999
(includes use of the OZEV grant)


SEAT MÓ and Silence S01

Sharing #1 are the SEAT MÓ and Silence S01 and it’s not just this list's stop spot they share...

Sharing the same foundations, these two bikes are virtually the same, with Silence producing both they’ve gone about some things such as colorways in an ever so slightly different way. Let’s start with Silence who have become extremely popular on the continent and in the UK since their arrival at the beginning of 2021.

When it comes to the design and technology, Silence have definitely thought outside of the box. With a single battery weighing in at 40 kg, it might sound like the battery tech could be a bit of an inconvenience, however, factor in that the battery is easily removable (thanks to a built in trolley that unfolds when removing and the fact the battery itself is positioned low in the scooter, giving a great centre of gravity, all while allowing for plenty of under-seat storage space – enough room for 2 helmets, in fact!) and you soon realise just how inventive they’ve been.

Throw in the fact that it has a 7kW hub motor, that peaks at 9kW, and you have an electric scooter that can get to 62 mph and do so in a relatively quick fashion when compared to many slower accelerators on this list – let us not forget that it also has a range of up to 85 miles too!

The Silence S01 is another electric offering our Brett was able to take for a spin and it was one that currently sits right up there as one of the best electric scooters currently on the market in the UK. There is no denying that £5,695 is a premium price to pay, but for what it packs there is simply no denying it’s a great electric scooter that’s been well designed for you commuters. For further benefits of becoming a scooter commuter, read our 10 Reasons to Choose a Scooter guide. 

Motor Integrated hub, brushless
Battery Lithium-Ion, 5.6 kWh
Charging time 6-8 hours
Top speed 62 mph
Range 80 miles
Brakes Front: 260mm disc
Rear: 240mm disc
Suspension Hydraulic damping
Weight 111kg (without battery)
Price £5,695 (includes use of OLEV grant)

Moving onto the SEAT MÓ now and built to meet the needs of those travelling in, out and around our concrete jungles, it’s powered by a 9kW electric motor, the equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle, which is integrated into the rear wheel and produces 240Nm of torque, a 59 mph top speed and 3.9 second 0-31 mph acceleration time – making it perfect for city use.

It features a 5.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack which gives it an 87-mile range (on a single charge) and expected 6-8 hour charge time.

At £5,800, the price tag isn’t exactly low, but when comparing against some of the heavy hitters of the electric market and what you get as standard three riding modes, a reverse gear, under-seat compartment, decent top speed, great acceleration, two USB ports, and smartphone connectivity plus the savings such a vehicle brings, it’s not so bad in the long run.

The MÓ is SEAT’s new and first all-electric offering and they’re suggesting that it’s set to change the way we travel. Can this stay the best electric scooter throughout 2022? Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until it hits the market to see if that’s true or not, but if it keeps to that Silence S01 formula which we all expect it to this really looks set to be another great electric scooter - albeit a premium one.

Motor 9kW
Battery 5.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack
Charging time 6-8 hours
Top speed 59 mph
Range 87 miles
Price £5,800 (includes use of OZEV grant)

The last stop

It’s no secret that electric scooters are set to become our future transportation. You’ve still got some time to get your head around it so, for now, I want to know what you think of these 2022 choices. Are they persuading you to go green or are you still not so sure? Let me know in the comment below now!

If you are looking to make the switch, Lexham Insurance offers great rates on their Electric Motorcycle & Moped insurance and, for those still not convinced about ditching the diesel you may want to read our guide on the Top 10 50cc Scooters 2022