We’ve had to wait a little while now for Aprilia to bring us a Euro 5-compliant 125cc scooter, but I think it’s been worth the wait! Joining the crossover, adventure scooter scene with plenty of Italian sports charm thrown in, here we have the SR GT 125.

Aprilia has used the model name SR for some time now, but the GT suffix addition is new, setting this new scooter up for a bit of grand touring (though admittedly it is still just a 125! So, make of that what you wish).

The SR GT springs to life using the foundations of the Piaggio Medley 125, a superb 125cc scooter! One of the downsides to the Medley especially in the UK is its looks. And while the Medley isn’t ugly by any means, it doesn’t set the heart racing either. It is a very smart and professional-looking scooter you just expect some suave suit to be riding as they commute to and from their city job.

The Aprilia SR GT offers some seriously cool spec and performance; however, it is the unique look of the SR GT that sets it apart from other scooters, making it a stand-out scooter in the 125 market.

So without further ado, let's get into a full road test review, shall we?


The standard SR GT is available in Aprilia Black, Street Grey and Infinity Blue, but when you look at the SR GT Sport 125 (which is just £100 more) it offers, in my opinion, the better and more typical Aprilia colorways options. These being the stunning Street Gold, Red Raceway and Iridium Grey colour options.

When you look at the SR GT it radiates typical Aprilia and Italian styling. Aprilia very rarely disappoints when it comes to design, and I don’t think they have here either. It really is a great-looking 125cc scooter.

Looking at the front of the SR GT, it has a smoked windscreen, aggressively sporty and adventurous front fairing, long travel fork, short carbon-styled mudguard, and a 14” wheel at the front. It’s fair to say all the elements work extremely well together. Yes, it is sporty, but the SR GT 125 has a grown-up, large, and almost motorbike-like presence.

The SR GT has a nice black background and white text LCD display, which is large and nicely spaced out. Moving on, we then have the wide, naked handlebars which really work well with the rest of the aesthetics.

When it comes to the rest of the scooter, its sharp panel work paired with the carbon look plastics and the side of the scooter (including fuel tunnel) really keep the sports looks running nicely, along to the rear of the bike, which has long-travel suspension in the form of twin shocks.


Using the same I-GET (Italian Green Experience Technology) engine from the Medley, the SR GT is certainly not lacking in power. In fact, it is maxing out for a CBT-friendly 125 at 14.7hp, so you know for sure that you’re going to have plenty of poke on one of the fastest modern-day 125cc scooters on the road (It is important to note many of the SR GT’s competitors are around the 12hp)!

The engine is terrifically smooth and rather quiet, to be honest with you, and if it is anything like the Medley it should be getting over 110pmg. 

What I would say though is if it is too quiet for you, then there is always the option of an aftermarket exhaust.

Aprilia SR GT 125 Top Speed

The Aprilia SR GT 125 reaches top speeds of 70mph, it provides everything anyone could want in a 125cc scooter engine.

Brakes and Suspension

With a large 260mm wavy braking disc at the front of the scooter, accompanied by a 2-piston Nissin calliper and a 220mm disc at the rear with a further 2-piston nissin calliper, there is a decent amount of stopping power. There is, however, one interesting thing about the SR GT’s brakes especially when you compare it against its very close siblings the Medley. Whereas the Piaggio Medley 125 has two-channel ABS as standard, the equally as premium SR GT 125 does not…

Now as I say the brakes on the SR GT are great, and the combined braking system actually works very well indeed for linked brakes. You could easily become accustomed to using the rear brake lever for most of your braking needs on the SR GT. However, you can’t help but feel for such a premium scooter, where the SR GT 200 and Medley 125 do have dual ABS, that the SR GT 125 really should have it too as standard, it is nearly £4k after all. Hopefully, they’ll soon put ABS on as standard in the future.

Next to suspension, the SR GT comes equipped with 120mm long travel telescopic forks at the front and 102mm of travel dual shock absorbers to the rear, the suspension really does help cement the crossover adventure looks of the SR GT.

It is a very comfortable setup, not too firm, but not too soft. It really gives the right mix for most situations you put the SR GT in. You can start to understand while Aprilia added ‘GT’ into the model name, as you do get touring-like comfort. It does a great job of soaking up typical UK roads, while making even rougher rural roads a pleasant ride. In a busier and more hectic urban environment again, the SR GT really holds its own very well and is a fun scooter to ride, thanks to its rather agile handling.

Weight and Chassis

With a double-cradle steel frame and weighing in at 144kg, the SR GT isn’t the heaviest 125cc scooter on the market, but it isn’t the lightest either.

It is quite an easy bike to move by hand and certainly is light and agile enough to ride whether you are filtering in the town or enjoying the best country lanes has to offer. The setup is very user-friendly, handling almost like a motorbike, which is a joy to any rider.

It is also quite a sizeable scooter in terms of its length and height, helping to really give a ‘big-bike’ feel in addition to great road presence, with decent height for visibility down the road.

Technology, Dash and Switchgear

The Aprilia SR GT shares some more similarities to the Piaggio Medley when it comes to spec, with full led lighting, traction control, start stop technology, USB charging port, large LCD display and optional MIA Bluetooth system connectivity for the app.

The LCD screen itself is similar to the Medley. However, this one has black background and white text, but everything is rather nicely spaced, making navigating the display options easy with the click of the mode button. It is worth mentioning that bright sunlight can still cause slight glare, but overall, the display works very nicely indeed.

The switch gear is all nicely presented, positioned and feels great to the touch, I can’t see many people being disappointed here. There is even an option to turn off the start-stop technology if you are not keen on it, although the start-stop itself works incredibly well. Pull up at a junction after a few seconds it will gently turn itself off, then as soon as you pull back on the throttle it kicks into life instantly and away you go with minimum delay.

Fuel Tank and MPG

The SR GT packs a decent fuel tank capacity of 9 litres.

Now I don’t have exact mpg figures to hand but being it’s the same efficient engine as the Piaggio Medley 125, I would expect somewhere in the region of 110 mpg when ridden conservatively, which is not bad at all for a sporty engine such as this one.

The i-Get engine really does offer the best of both worlds, frugal but sporty, which in today’s world where a litre of petrol is getting closer and closer to the £2 mark, the ability to get decent mileage is even more of a bonus.

Seat Height

The seat height on the Aprilia SR GT comes in at 799mm high.

Storage Space

When it comes to under the seat of the Aprilia SR GT, it notably has some storage space, but sadly not quite enough to fit my full face HJC helmet, which really is quite a shame. And yes, while you can more than likely fit an open face in, that won’t suit all of us.

It’s hard not to compare the storage against the Medley, which has enough room to fit two full face helmets under the seat, and a whacking great big glovebox, whereas the glove box on the SR GT is just a small area to house the USB port and unlikely to even fit a smartphone.

Yes, there is storage on the SR GT, but for me I’d love there just to be a little bit more under the seat to fit at least one full face helmet.

Aprilia SR GT 125 Price

Given how many times I compare the SR GT to the Medley you won’t be surprised to hear they are priced very closely with the standard Aprilia SR GT starting at £3,700. If you want to go for the sports model with those awesome colourway options then you’ll need to drop an extra £100, as it comes in at £3,800.

Aprilia SR GT 125 Rivals

For me, the Aprilia SR GT places itself in a very interesting place in the 125cc market. The likes of the Yamaha Nmax and Honda PCX, no matter what people say are strong competitors for the SR GT. However, the SR GT will compete with the bigger maxi scooter boys too, including the likes of the Forza 125, and Xmax 125 as well.

I’d say the SR GT puts itself in a unique area between the PCX, NMAX, and then the XMAX 125, and Forza 125 thanks to its large dimensions, comfort, great performing engine, and motorcycle-like rideability.

When we look at the pricing of these other models, the NMAX comes in at £3,550, and the PCX at £3,549 so only around £150 separates these models from the SR GT, when looking at the real big boys, the Honda Forza 125 starts at £5,099 (£1399 more than the SR GT 125) and the Yamaha Xmax 125 £5,150 (£1450 more than the SR GT). When you compare it against its Japanese counterparts like this, it does seem like Aprilia have priced this well - It even took a dominant position in our Top 10 125cc Scooters article!

Final Thoughts on the Aprilia SR GT 125

The Aprilia SR GT really is a great scooter, the engine, brakes, suspension, tech etc it all comes together in a fantastic package and for me the looks really sets it aside in the market.

It is no surprise that the SR GT is a terrifically fun scooter to ride, the set up with the great performing i-get motor, favourable dimensions, decent suspension, and brakes, meaning that most scooter riders will absolutely love how the SR GT rides and performs.

It really is close to motorcycle-like rideability. It might not be an old-school 2-stroker with high performance like back in the day, but the SR GT brings the fun to a 125cc scooter.

The one main downside of the Piaggio Medley was its looks, it was just too smart and professional looking for what is a great performing scooter. Aprilia has really addressed this and given it the full sport and crossover treatment, but sadly not without one or two small compromises.

The under-seat storage not being able to take a full-face lid, and it not having ABS as standard is a shame for me, and you can’t help but feel Aprilia are missing a trick here. But this doesn’t deny what a great and fun scooter the SR GT is.  It is one of the best-looking and performing 125cc scooters on the market and it’s packed with spec to answer the prayers of many 125cc scooter enthusiasts and commuters.


  • The styling is something special
  • Affordable and good MPG
  • Easy to ride and manouvere


  • Wish it had ABS
  • Underseat storage could be bigger 
  • Quite heavy 

The Last Stop!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed my full road test review on the Aprilia SR GT 125 (2022-onwards)!

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Aprilia SR GT 125 Specifications (2022-onwards)

Engine i-Get 125cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, 16.5nm of torque at 7,500rpm. 14.7bhp at 8,750rpm
Fuel tank 9L
Brakes Front: 260mm disc with 2 piston Nissin caliper
Rear: 220mm disc with 2-piston Nissin caliper with combined breaking system.
Suspension Front: 33mm hydraulic Telescopic Forks with 120mm travel
Rear: Double hydraulic shocks absorbers with adjustable preload and 102mm of travel.
Seat height 799mm
Weight 144kg
Price £3,700 (standard), £3,800(Sport version)