When the new Suzuki Address 125 was announced it is fair to say I was a tad underwhelmed, though I was excited for its release (as well as its siblings the Avenis and Burgman Street), I just didn’t think it would be that great… Well everyone I was wrong, very wrong, and here’s why….

Suzuki Address Styling

The press photos and videos don’t do the simplistic European classic styling of the Address 125 much justice, in person it looks a lot better in my opinion, the chrome ascents and curves work nicely indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to win any awards for being the best-looking 125cc scooter going, but it really is a pleasant and charming little scooter that will appeal to many. The Address 125 is clearly more targeted at the more (dare I say it) mature or professional audience, compared to the sporty Avenis, and modern city dweller, the Burgman Street. It is clear to see Suzuki has targeted these mechanically very similar scooters to three very different potential customers thanks to their quite different aesthetics.

The colourways do look more modern when you see the scooter in person. Talking about colourways, you’ll have three options here, blue (Metallic Dark Greenish Blue), Red (Metallic Matt Bordeaux Red), and White (Pearl Mirage White). On the day of testing, I got to enjoy the Metallic Red edition.

Accompanying the classic lines of the Address residing in those chrome finish bevels is your typical LED lighting.

You can find the fuel cap on the tail of the Address, not under the seat, nor the footwell a conscious design by Suzuki to make filling up easier, and to not risk fuel spillage in all the usual places such as the footboards.

Suzuki Address Engine

Suzuki Address 2023 Euro 5 Model - Riding shot

The engine is one aspect that really did change my opinion of the Address. A new euro 5 engine kicking out just 8.6hp on paper from a Japanese manufacturer, is a little disappointing. However, the 124cc, single-cylinder, four stroke Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) engine really is quite the surprise, and when you get to ride it your truly start to understand what Suzuki is targeting all along.

Firstly, to give a small bit of insight on the engine, it might be all new for European and UK markets however, this SEP 124cc engine, has very much become a trusted powerplant, having sold in excess of 5 million units across Latin America, and Asia.

As I say it produces 8.6hp at 6,780rpm, and 10nm of torque at 5,500rpm which aren’t exactly groundbreaking, however, the acceleration is rather spritely indeed, there is some technical jargon in the press pack of just how much work has been put into the engineering of this engine and how it works, but I’ll save that from here.

In the real world, it means if you pull up at a junction or roundabout, you are not left desperately wanting more and feeling nervous to pull away, far from it the acceleration surprised me, it really pulls nicely and you get to 40-50mph very respectfully and on the day many of us saw the speedo get over 60mph, which is a shock, I thought this scooter wouldn’t get beyond 55mph, nice work Suzuki.

How much does the Suzuki Address 125 weigh?

The Address 125 really is a light scooter for a 125, weighing in at just 105kg.

Suzuki Address 125 Fuel Tank and Efficiency

Riding Suzuki Address 125 (2023) in Town

The fuel tank is 5 litres on the Address 125, which isn’t huge however, you won’t be visiting the fuel station too often if the Address lives up to its Suzuki stated economy of 148.67mpg, yes you read that correctly people, at its most economical, Suzuki reckon this can do nearly 150mpg.

This really is pretty phenomenal, we know there are a good few 125s out there eclipsing 100mpg, however, Suzuki pushing this out really does make it extremely competitive, especially when you consider the price of the Address – more on this later.

Suzuki Address 125 Seat

Riding Suzuki Address 125cc (2023 - euro 5) in Town

I am far from a giant, standing a mighty 5’ 6 high means I am a fan of the more accessible seat height, and the Address has one very accessible seat indeed with a height of 770mm, which means this is likely going to be one which will appeal to shorter riders.

Though the Address is still a relatively compact scooter, the dimension are very pleasant and there is a decent amount of leg and foot room. Normally on small scooters, my boots take up most of the footboard, however, on the Address there was noticeably extra room too so I think most taller than me will be surprised with the leg room, though I can’t state fully for the giants out there.

How much storage does the Address 125 have?

Under the seat of the Suzuki Address 125 is 21.8 litres of storage space, which will mean it is a decent size and will likely take most open-face helmets, but I can’t see a full-face fitting in there, so do check for compatibility if storing your helmet under the seat is important for you.

 If you really want more storage space for your lid, then you can always get yourself the optional 27-lite top box which should conveniently answer your helmet storage prayers.

Further to the under seat storage is the inner pocket on the back of the legs shield which will be handy to lob in a bottle of drink or something similarly sized. So as things go, shame it doesn’t fit a full-face helmet, but storage is still pretty decent here. Oh and not to forget you get a couple of bag hooks within the leg area too!

What brakes does the Suzuki Address 125 have?

With a 190mm front disk, partnered up with a 120mm drum on the back, the braking on the Address is fairly standard and kind of expected for what is a budget 125cc scooter. Further expected with a budget scooter is the omission of ABS, in favour of Combined Braking System (Linked brakes) and that is what you get on the Address, though it works absolutely fine. The braking does what you’d expect. Decent progress braking which does the job required.

Suspension on the Suzuki Address 125

When you get to scooters you come to learn some aspects of small scooters purely targeting urban travel have some very similar setups, one of which is suspension. The Address 125 has a telescopic fork at the front, and monoshock at the back. A very typical combination. The suspension really offers a decent, slightly soft ride which will be fine around most roads found in UK towns and cities.

When you reach rougher tarmac and potholes, like any scooter, you’ll feel it and you’ll get a bit of a bounce on, but you’re not going to confuse the Address with an Adventure bike. For most, the ride will be more than adequate.

Suzuki Address 125 Wheel Size and Tyres

Cementing and proving the Address’s design is purely for the urban jungle is the fact we have 12” wheel at the front with a 90 width tyre, and on the rear is a 10” wheel with a 100 width tyre.

The tyres themselves aren’t some budget Chinese brand you’ve never heard of, Suzuki have adorned the Address with Dunlop D307 N tyres, which Suzuki are keen to state do well in most conditions, being perfect for your typical commuter. In fairness at the press launch event around Milton Keynes and its neighbouring areas, the tyres although still very new, did a great job with the damp and sometimes muddy roads we encountered. Apart from a slight slip on a manhole cover (yup, my fault to poor positioning) the tyres done the job well, and that’s with very little miles warn into them.

Technology, Dash and Switch Gear

Quite often on a budget 125cc scooter, the dash and switchgear tend to be an area where parts look like they have been designed in the 90s, and made from cheap plastics. For the Suzuki Address though, Suzuki has done a nice tidy job of it. With a large and clear analogue speedometer, backed up with a small but clear digital panel displaying the vitals nicely and clearly, the dash looked pretty darn decent to me.

Likewise, although nothing special the switchgear is all well-placed, and feels of decent quality. Area’s like this you can see Suzuki’s attention to detail and ability to have a budget 125cc scooter feeling nicely refined and well made, you rarely get anything near as good of this for this price point.

The Address has a handy USB encircled with lighting to help locate it in dark conditions, also there is Suzuki ignition and theft deterrent key system as well, to try and prevent the ignition from being tampered with.

How much does the Suzuki Address 125 cost?

The Suzuki Address 125 is one very budget friendly priced scooter, and will no doubt spark concern and fear in rival manufacturers, even in the ultra-budget Chinese models as the Suzuki Address 125 can be yours along with a 3-year warranty from just £2,499!

When it comes to servicing after you get the initial running-in service out of the way expect servicing to be every 12-months or 2,400 miles.

Suzuki Address 125 rivals

If we take a quick snapshot at some of the Suzuki Address’s rivals, you really do start to see how competitively priced they have made the Address 125, I mean it is an absolute bargain.

Firstly if we look at fellow Japanese budget-friendly options the Yamaha D’elight 125 is £3,200 which is £700 more than the Address, and the Honda Vision 110 is £2,799, which comes in £300 more than the 2023 Suzuki Address. OK, hopefully, you are now seeing the Address is starting to look pretty darn good now, isn’t it!?

So let’s look at Chinese budget options next, and things look even brighter still for Suzuki’s new range. First up is Lexmoto Aura 125, which will set you back £2,739.99. Yup, a whole £240.99 more than the Address. Finally, let’s compare it against the Sinnis Connect, The Connect can be yours for £2,299 only a mere £200 cheaper than the Suzuki Address. Obviously, there is a wealth of spec to be compared against for these models, but on a price point alone you can see the Address is very competitively priced.

What I think of the Suzuki Address 125 - Summary

As I started off this article when first announced I wasn’t really won over by the Address. I couldn’t help to compare it against the likes of the PCX, NMax, and Medley and think… well it doesn’t even compete. However, this really isn’t what Suzuki are trying to compete against and I have no problems admitting I was wrong in my assumption of the Address 125.

Suzuki are giving people on a tight budget a true option of owning a Japanese manufacturer 125cc scooter (along with the trust, reliability and dependability you get from buying Japanese) for a very budget price of just £2,499, this is around £1,000 cheaper than the likes of the PCX and NMAX.

The engine in the Address might only put out 8.6hp, but this is more than enough for around towns and cities, and you can pull away with confidence, this really did surprise me!

It is far pokier than expected and reaching in excess of 60mph is another surprise to me, the engineering not just in the motor but the lightweight nature too, has really helped make the Address a great commuter scooter. Throw in the almost breathtaking expected 148mph economy, agile and lightweight handling, spritely performance, great quality, and refinement the Address is a model I expect to see sold in great numbers.  It might not be thrilling like some of the top-range 125cc scooters, but that is not what Suzuki is trying to appeal to. The Address will be a reliable, dependable, stylish, and spritely scooter which I’m sure we’ll see plenty of buzzing around towns near us soon.

It is great to see Suzuki put out a scooter model, with this level of spec, and quality at such a price point. If you prefer a slightly sportier looked model, then why not read my review on the Suzuki Avenis?


  • Fantastic Fuel Economy
  • Engine is spritely and good fun – much better than I expected!
  • Feels refined and very good quality throughout
  • Extremely budget price tag for a Japanese scooter
  • Expect great reliability


  • Looks won’t be for everyone
  • No ABS (expected for price)
  • The underseat won’t fit full-face helmet

The Last Stop!

I hope you enjoyed my full road test review on the all-new Suzuki Address 125!

If you do have your very own Suzuki Address 125, or perhaps another scooter you need to insure - make sure to get a scooter and moped insurance quotation direct with Lexham!