The D’elight is Yamaha’s entry-level 125cc scooter which has been developed with frugality and ease of use in mind.

2021 sees this popular little commuter freshly revised to meet Euro5 standards, but does this scoot delight enough to become a go-to?


Yamaha has stated that they have given the 2021 D’elight a more unisex look, though this isn’t a term I’d tend to use to describe a scooter myself, it is quite clear that the D’elight is a simple and unassuming scoot that’s gentle and neutral in appearance.

If you are wanting a scooter that is sporty and aggressive then I think it is likely that the D’elight isn’t going to be the one, so you might want to check out the NMAX. Brett recently did a road test review so be sure to check that out!

With a new slightly more circular halogen headlight and daytime running light, there have been some simple cosmetic changes to this year’s D’elight, but overall it sticks to that typical and sensible formula.


Going under that large seat and there is surprisingly a lot of storage space – 36 litres worth in fact!

There is enough to fit a full-face helmet when carefully positioned at the back (well my HJC i70 did!) and still have quite a bit of room for a few other items too, but not enough to fit two full-face helmets.

So, though there is no extra space such as a small compartment or glove box, under that seat the storage space is pretty good going!

Dash and controls

The instrument panel on the D’elight is made up of two parts.

Large and dominant, the analogue speedometer clearly displays miles per hour as the large leading speed measurement with kph underneath - all nice and easy to see here.

The second and smaller part of the dash is the LCD display that houses information such as fuel gauge, clock, odometer and trip, with two buttons available to scroll through your options. Though small, it is still easy to read and is simple to use.

Switchgear is all typical Yamaha scooter; plastics feel good quality and are easy to use. With the D’elight you do have a button for the start-stop technology, which you can turn on or off.


With 8.3 bhp and just under 10nm of torque, the D’elight doesn’t scream power but that isn’t what the single-cylinder, 2-valve, air-cooled engine has been developed for – this motor is all about fuel economy.

Yamaha state the D’elight should achieve in the region of 190miles on an entire tank (fuel capacity being 5.5 litres) which gives it an extremely impressive return of 156 miles per gallon. Now, from buzzing around Norfolk and Suffolk roads for over 40 miles, the fuel gauge barely moved, so it is going to be a great commuter for those looking for a highly efficient scooter.

Thanks to the almost 10Nm of torque the Yamaha D’elight actually accelerates pretty well to 40/45 mph so keeping up with everyday urban traffic isn’t going to be an issue. It is only really on roads that are 50mph plus that you feel it isn’t so comfortable – but again this isn’t what it has been designed for.


With a small brake disc to the front and a drum brake to the rear, matched with a combined braking system, the D’elight offers basic braking. There is no denying this, but the brakes perform well and do everything required.


In regard to the suspension, the D’elight is quite standard again. At the front, there are telescopic forks with 81mm of travel and to the rear, there is a single shock absorber. Mix that with the small 12” front wheel and 10” rear wheel, you have a compact agile scooter made for nipping in out and of busy urban traffic.


Yamaha’s entry-level 125cc scooter starts from £2,900.

On the road

When sitting on the D’elight and merging into high street traffic, the compact and lightweight nature soon becomes very apparent. It is definitely not a large scooter, and as a shorter chap at 5’ 6, the D’elight has enough room for my legs easily, but you know you’re on a small scooter, and therefore probably isn’t best suited for the giants amongst us.

Filtering through town feels as light as a feather. The wheels are dinky and allow for easy manoeuvrability, though take this out of its natural habitat of slower town roads and stick it on a few faster ones and those wheels don’t feel as stable.

Thanks to the economical air-cooled blue core engine, that packs almost 10 Nm of torque, it does accelerate respectfully and better than I expected. Around town, and up to 45ish miles an hour, the D’elight is going to be a great scooter! With a typical neutral riding stance, the seat is comfortable. Brakes perform as you’d need, and suspension is oh so typical for a small city scooter and will handle nice and smoothly.

The dash is clear and readable, though the LCD panel is small, I didn’t struggle to see the information I wanted to see. As already mentioned, I put on well over 40 miles and the fuel gauge barely moved, so the D’elight will be a great and prudent option.

Start-stop tech is as you’d expect when activated, come to a halt and the engine turns itself off, pull back on the throttle then after a tiny bit of lag expect that blue core engine to spring to life thanks to the smart motor-generator and away you go!

Taking the D’elight truly out of its comfort zone for a blast down the A140 dual carriageway and after a pretty lengthy runway it showed an indicated 60mph on the speedo, but an everyday top speed without pinning it all the time will be 50-55mph.


The D’elight is very simple and sensible by design, and it reflects the nature of what Yamaha has developed it for. It is a great option for someone wanting a nice, light, small and easy-to-use scooter to ride around town where it will be barely expected to get above 40mph.

It would be good to have a disc brake at the rear, maybe front ABS and a little more poke from the motor, but let’s not forget that is why the sportier Yamaha NMAX is in the range – plus all these increases in spec would mean that delightful price would increase.

It might not be the quickest or most stylish-looking 125cc scooter going but it excels in being economical and user-friendly. So it's not just a nice commuter, but if someone wants to get an extremely user-friendly scooter that is a doddle to handle fresh off doing their CBT, then the D’elight is probably as user-friendly as you can get!


Model Yamaha D'elight 125cc (2021 - Euro 5)
Fuel capacity 5.5L
Max speed 60 mph
Engine 125cc, air-cooled, 2 valve, 4-stroke (8.3bhp and 10nm of torque)
Brakes Front: Disc. Rear: Drum. With Combined Braking System
Suspension Front: Telescopic Forks. Rear Single Shock
Seat height 800mm
Price £2,900

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