Can we find the best 125cc maxi scooter on the market today?

In this blog, I'm going to be showing you my top 10 125cc maxi scooters for 2024, alongside their pros and cons...

So without further ado - let's get into it!

10. Neco AlexOne

‘An athletic build, ideal stature, stands out and is seen, powerful…’ is how Neco describes their AlexOne scooter – and whilst this is the lowest powered maxi on the list, it is also the lightest. You get disc brakes front & rear with CBS, a digital twin dash, a USB socket with lockable compartments up front – as well as 2-year parts warranty from new.

Whilst it could be beaten by almost anything in a straight line in town with just 8 bhp from the air-cooled single, it’s also more than reasonable on the wallet at just £2,799 (or there abouts). You do also get a large 14 litre tank to get a theoretical huge distance between fill-ups. They quote an undisclosed large space under seat too, at the very least enough for one helmet, though weirdly it does seem the battery is a bit exposed in that very same space.

This one is reasonably cheap, weak on power, but light and (potentially) frugal. Nice option if the maxi you’re after is a commuter dream that’s easy to ride without sacrificing the spacious feel.

Power:   8bhp
Weight: 130kg
Tank Size: 14L
Seat Height: 780mm
Price: £2,799

9. Lexmoto Nexus 125

Onto number nine and we have this very tasty offering from Lexmoto, the Nexus 125 is not only liquid-cooled, but very good looking. There’s a black option with gold wheels! Keyless ignition, 7-inch TFT screen, disc brakes front and rear (CBS) and about 14 bhp.

All in, Lexmoto has done quite a lot with this scoot, though it is 185 kg and tied for the weightiest on the list – though the seat height is nice and low at 760 mm so most riders should find themselves happily fitting atop this Nexus.

A 2 year parts and labour warranty may relax fears on the initial reliability and ongoing maintenance concerns, but this Nexus offers a great deal of practicality and style for the £2,940 price tag from new.

Power:   14.1bhp
Weight: 185kg
Tank Size: 12.5L
Seat Height: 760mm
Price: £2,940

8. Lexmoto XDV 125

Lexmoto’s XDV 125 is the option for a budget-conscious budding adventure scooterist. They say it combines the benefits of a 125cc adventure bike and has upside-down suspension and the fittings for additional storage in a luggage rack.

The XDV also comes equipped with 13-inch front and rear wheels, block-pattern tubeless tyres, front and rear discs, and a taller 810 mm seat. Despite a quoted top speed of 66 mph you still have the potential to head for some light trails on this, if you fancied it. Discs front and rear, a taller 810 mm seat, and all in what appears to be a smaller-sized package.

Consider this one if the style and off-road elements are what you’re after, and again for a budget price tag as it’s the cheapest new model here with a 2 year parts and labour warranty. Riders with an A2 licence may be better off considering the XDV 300.

Power:   12.5bhp
Weight: 156kg
Tank Size: 13.5L
Seat Height: 810mm
Price: £2,640

7. Sym Joymax Z+ 125

Newly fitted with an LED headlight setup, the Sym Joymax Z+ 125 is introduced with a liquid-cooled 14 bhp motor, comes with ABS (which is a great addition setting it apart from the ones mentioned so far here), an adjustable screen and quoted with enough space under the seat for two helmets.

This looks particularly stylish and built with some premium components, and could be considered somewhat of a dark horse in this 125cc maxi-scooter race. Perhaps the tank size could be increased on the 12 litres, but the 172 kg weight would go up too…

Ultimately, the Sym proves to be a very adept option for a maxi-scooter rider that wants some modern spec ABS, the ‘zero resistance starter and generator’ (start stop), a good final finish, all at an attractive price point of £4,199 – especially for a 125cc with ABS, and a 2 year warranty.

Power:   14bhp
Weight: 172kg
Tank Size: 12L
Seat Height: 747mm
Price: £4,199

6. Kymco X-Town 125

Onto sixth and we have this neat little offering from Kymco.

In my opinion, the Kymco X-Town is quite the under-rated prospect in my eyes – it matches a stellar £3,799 price tag with good build quality and a top-rated 15 bhp motor, all packed into a huge maxi-scooter package. This genuinely is huge.

Coming equipped with DRLs, a solid screen to block the wind, and plenty of underseat storage space, this is what I’d say the Suzuki Burgman Street 125EX could/should have been… it comes in a silver or black matt finish, though in person is a nice satin look. I really do like the look of this option, with the added bonus being that it is great for the money.

A slight drawback is the 185 kg dry weight and CBS as opposed to ABS – though this may well be keeping the price nice and low. Stay tuned for our review on this as well, we’ve currently got one in for review!

Power:   15bhp
Weight: 185kg
Tank Size: 12.5L
Seat Height: 785mm
Price: £3,800

5. Zontes ZT125-M

Zontes has a very well-specced maxi-scooter, here, with a liquid-cooled 14.5 bhp motor, keyless ‘control system’, twin radiations, a TFT display, tyre pressure monitoring, two fast-charge USB ports, LED lighting…

You could consider this one a sportier maxi scooter with dual channel ABS and disc brakes, along with the 14-inch wheels and over 100 mpg quoted by the manufacturer.

The only potential drawback of this maxi has got to be the storage space. Quoted as a full face lid under the seat (and not much else looks possible to squeeze in under the seat). You could go for a top box, but as far as maxi-scooters go I’d hope for a bit more storage space. Either way, good pick at £3,400, and sort of looks like an NMAX too.

Power:   14.5bhp
Weight: 166kg
Tank Size: 12L
Seat Height: 760mm
Price: £3,400

4. Kymco DTX 125

In at fourth today, we have another offering from Kymco, this time a maxi with some off-road capabilities. The DTX is given a solid 13 bhp to work with, weighs in at 176, and certainly has the style the mobility masters are known for cracking out –all at the price of £4,499.

As it’s another off-road inclined maxi, expect to find performance as the prevailing factor here, such as the 13 bhp engine, liquid-cooling, ABS, telescopic front forks with twin rear shocks – I’d imagine you’d be happily scooting about town on one of these.

Underseat storage space does look substantial enough for two helmets underneath, too, and I have to say the style here overall is very nice. I’d say it’s the best-looking of the bunch. The price tags are creeping up here, mind.

Power:   13bhp
Weight: 176kg
Tank Size: 12.5L
Seat Height: 785mm
Price: £4,499

3. Sym Cruisym 125

Sym’s Cruisym 125 looks to be a great longer-distance touring maxi option, with LED projector headlights, quick-charge phone capabilities, enough storage for two lids, disc brakes with ABS, a new LCD instrument panel, liquid-cooled 13 bhp motor – and all with plenty of space up top for the rider.

Though a 12 litre tank and 179 kg could be improved on both ends, the overall package from Sym could make this a superb option for £4,499 – though you may also prefer to consider the Joymax Z+ which is a tad cheaper.

Interestingly Sym say this scoot can reach a maximum speed of over 99 kmh, or about 60 mph, which I’d certainly hope is the case. Perhaps look at one of the many other Sym options if you want more speed!

Power:   13bhp
Weight: 179kg
Tank Size: 12L
Seat Height: 760mm
Price: £4,499

2. Yamaha Xmax 125

In at number two and just missing out on a top spot, we have the Yamaha XMAX 125...

Yamaha’s offering may be the most expensive of the lot here, but it offers the most premium level of maxi-scooter riding that you’d expect – particularly from the Japanese manufacturers.

Features include a 4.3 inch LCD display, smartphone connectivity, full LED lighting, plenty of storage (two helmets), traction control and ABS, a smart key, adjustable screen, and handlebar, and the Blue Core liquid-cooled 125 engine with 12 bhp on tap.

It’s one of the top sellers in Europe for a reason and even has the start-stop tech for riding in traffic and conserving some fuel from the 13.2-litre tank.

Yes, it’s pricey, but there’s a lot here!

Power:   12bhp
Weight: 167kg
Tank Size: 13.2L
Seat Height: 800mm
Price: £5,353

1. Honda Forza 125

Honda’s Forza 125 is the last of the 10, and some may argue the best of the best. At £5,249 you get Honda’s Selectable Torque Control (for rear tyre grip), an adjustable rear suspension, an update style and dash, smart key, electric screen, and the Smart Power Plus (eSP+) liquid-cooled motor with peak 15 bhp power.

As for rider convenience, you’ll also find ABS and storage space for two lids, and Honda quotes a huge 305 miles per fill up of the 11.5 L tank – a great note for delivery riders who may be spending long days in the saddle navigating city streets.

This latest generation of Forza 125 should be more fun to ride, more economical, and just as maxi-scooter as you’d ever need with plenty of space – though the analogue dash may dissuade some who wants a little bit more tech for the big price tag. Worth a note, but I absolutely loved riding the Forza 350 which sits as the flagship maxi from Honda.

Power:   15bhp
Weight: 161kg
Tank Size: 11.5L
Seat Height: 780mm
Price: £5,249

The Last Stop!

So there you have it...

That just about rounds up our top 10 list of the best 125cc maxi scooters for 2024 – do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments which maxi you think will sell the most next year.

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