With the huge popularity of adventure bikes in the UK, we are now starting to see their influence creep across into other categories, including perhaps most surprisingly, the maxi scooter! Honda has released their excellent ADV and now it's Kymco's turn with the DTX360.

Kymco's DTX360 is a superb entry-level Maxi scooter with adventure bike styling that could serve as the perfect introduction to the class. The name may be a little confusing but the 360 actually comes in two different engine sizes (neither being 360) - 125cc and 320cc. We recently got the chance to spend some time with the 320cc version and test it in a variety of conditions.

Now this is actually my first experience on a maxi, I have ridden a lot of lower-capacity scooters but when it comes to larger models, I usually stick to geared motorcycles. The DTX360 seemed like a great scooter for me to test out and see how it feels on the other side. With that said our resident maxi connoisseur, Brett Tinkley, has also spent some time on this bike so that we could compare our notes and offer the best review possible.

With that out of the way, let's get into it!

Styling and Design

Let's start with the visuals. The adventure styling is clear from the high bars and hand guards to the wide angular design and high front screen. The colours are mostly black with a splash of orange to give it a bit of extra pop. If you aren't a fan of the orange, the DTX360 also comes in a khaki green that looks pretty nice too.

Despite being billed as an adventure bike crossover, I definitely feel the strength of this machine lies in its cruising and commuting prowess, with the adventure elements purely for the looks. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, let's be honest - most top-selling adventure models in the UK are purchased for how good they are on the road anyway.

Overall, I think this is a great-looking scooter so Kymco has done well on that score.

Kymco DTX review

Engine and Performance

The engine in this particular model is a 320cc liquid-cooled DOHC, 4 stroke single cylinder. It is fully Euro 5 compliant and puts out 28bhp and peak 30Nm of torque. This puts it into A2 licence territory and while the stats on paper don't sound that impressive but in reality, this scooter is surprisingly swift and agile!

A lot of maxis can be a bit on the bulky side but the DTX weighs in at 194 kilos, which is comparable to a middleweight naked. That means the power-to-weight ratio is pretty decent for this type of bike, with good acceleration and handling. In fact, the DTX360 is able to leave most traffic behind as you pull away, and the twist-and-go power delivery is smooth all the way to 70mph. 

Overall I would say this is a very accessible scooter that feels great to ride and will excel in medium to short-range commuting.

Kymco DTX360 Top Speed

The top speed on the Kymco DTX360 averages about 85mph - which is plenty for UK road riding, and national speed limit cruising is effortless.

Kymco DTX360 ride on

Brakes and Suspension

For the brakes, Kymco has used a single 280mm WAVY disc on the front and a 260mm single disc on the rear. Personally, I would have liked the brake levers to be a bit more responsive; I like to feel some instant feedback with just a light squeeze on the front brake. The DTX needs a bit more of a handful of the lever to get it to respond but that is a relatively minor complaint as once you do squeeze it a bit harder, the brakes kick in nicely and get you slowed down in good time. If you combine the front and rear together, you can get some nice sharp braking that feels pretty smooth.

The suspension is fairly basic and when it comes to spec, there aren't too many details on Kymco's website. We have telescopic forks and a rear dual swing and that's about all I can tell you for its stats on paper. What I can tell you is how it actually feels out on the road and that is pretty good. It is relatively firm, which again further reinforces this scooter's prowess on the tarmac; there is no dipping under heavy braking and it feels nice and planted round corners with its previously mentioned agile handling.

We are based in Norfolk, so there are plenty of nasty back roads full of lumps and bumps and the DTX did a decent job of absorbing most of them, although some of the larger ones did feel a bit rough and really highlighted the firmness of the suspension. Without any modifications, I don't think anyone is going to have a very good time trying to take one of these off-road so again, the adventure styling is definitely just for looks.

Kymco DTX360 brakes and suspension

Technology, Dash and Switchgear

The DTX360 does offer some nice tech features including a large full-colour dash, keyless ignition, and switchable traction control.

The dash is clear and features a large speedo and fuel gauge which is the way I like it. I can easily see with just a glance exactly where I am at, and the inverted format of light text on a dark background is very visible both in bright sunshine and darker lighting.

The traction control can be toggled with a button among the high-quality and well-positioned switchgear. I spent most of my time enjoying great weather conditions so I didn't really need it but the fact that it is there and that you can choose whether to engage it or not is lovely, especially at this price point.

Finally, the keyless ignition works very well. Some of the more budget keyless systems can feel a bit redundant when you have to hold fobs up to them - you may as well just use a key. This one works as intended, you simply need the fob in your pocket or even in the glove box. As long as it is nearby, the scooter can activate. A small dial near the front will activate the ignition, steering lock, and under seat storage and it all feels functional and convenient.

Kymco DTX360 LCD dash

Seat Height and Riding Position

The seat height is a fairly accessible 800mm, although it is very wide so if you are sitting close to the back support it can be a struggle to get your feet down flat. It does taper off as you scoot yourself forward, however, so with a bit of repositioning and flat footing this is no problem and makes it very easy to handle at low speeds and at standstill.

The seat itself is plush and extremely comfortable, riding the DTX for hours at a time was no problem at all and when you combine that with the easy twist-and-go acceleration and the outstanding wind protection, it really does offer up an effortless riding experience.

Now Brett reliably informs me that the screen on the Honda ADV is slightly wider than this and adjustable, offering even better wind protection but the DTX still does a fantastic job, and even cruising at dual carriageway speeds, I felt almost nothing in the way of wind buffeting.

Storage Space

The Kymco DTX360 comes equipped with some pretty decent storage space too, with a glove compartment and a large storage area under the seat.

While we couldn't quite fit two full-face helmets in there, you could likely get one full-face and one open-face inside. Either way, it is a luxurious amount of storage for a motorcycle rider before you even get into adding things like top boxes.

Fuel Tank and MPG

The fuel tank here is 12.5 litres which is a decent size, although I would have loved a slightly larger tank, as that could allow this model to be used as an entry-level tourer as well considering how comfortable cruising is. As things stand, it shines as a commuter scooter and offers decent economy to boot.

You can get about 65mpg out of this bike and can expect to do around 180 miles on a full tank. At the time of reviewing, it cost us just £17 to fill it up, so combined with the affordable £5,559 price tag, the DTX offers some great value for money.


The weight of the Kymco DTX360 comes in at 218kg wet.

Whilst it might be on the slightly heavier side, the DTX360's relatively compact proportions make cutting through traffic very easy and urban commuting is a breeze.

The DTX360 definitely serves as a great introduction to maxi scooters. It seems to capture all the benefits of the class with its excellent comfort and ease of use while managing to be relatively lighter and more compact than some of the larger models out there. It is very easy to manoeuvre, both in the saddle and with manual handling.

Kymco DTX360 Price

The Kymco DTX360 is priced at £5,559 - making it one of the more affordable in its class.

At the time of writing, the DTX360 is currently just £200 cheaper than the ADV so if you are enjoying this adventure bike - maxi scooter style mash-up, it is up to you which you go for. The ADV feels more like a true motorcycle/scooter crossover, while the DTX is definitely more of a traditional feeling maxi. Both look great and offer excellent performance and economy for their class.

Final Thoughts on the Kymco DTX360

After riding the Kymco DTX360 for a few days, both in the countryside and in town, as well as on dual carriageways at higher speeds, I can definitely see the appeal of switching across to a maxi scooter. The comfort is outstanding, it is effortless to ride while somehow still being surprisingly agile and swift. At 28bhp it may struggle to keep up with similarly priced A2 motorcycles, however, it still has all the power and speed you need for UK commuting and that is where this scooter really stands out.

Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco may not be quite as well known here in the UK as some of their big-named rivals but don't let that put you off. Their models are every bit as high quality and premium feel as the top scooters in the category and are absolutely worth considering and testing out.

All in all, a great entry-level maxi that is a ton of fun to ride and offers economical and comfortable commuting.


  • £5,559 starting price is great value
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Outstanding comfort and ease of use
  • Surprisingly agile
  • Cool adventure styling


  • Stiff suspension means the adventure aspects are purely for show
  • May struggle in raw performance compared to similarly priced geared motorcycles
Kymco DTX360 ride on

The Last Stop!

I hope you enjoyed my full road test review on the new Euro5-compliant Kymco DTX360 (2022-onwards)!

If you have your very own Kymco DTX360, or perhaps another maxi-scooter you need to insure - make sure to get a scooter and moped insurance quotation direct with Lexham!

Last but not least, if you like what you see with the Kymco DTX360, feel free to take a look at our Top 10 A2 Maxi Scooters article for more!

Kymco DTX360 Specification (2022-onwards)

Engine 320.6cc, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke
Fuel tank 12.5L
Brakes Front: 280mm Disc
Rear: 260mm Disc
Suspension Front: Telescopic
Rear: Double Swing with 5-steps
Seat height 800mm
Weight 218kg
Price £5,599