Kymco X-Town 125 2024 Review

In a two-wheeled world dominated by the Japanese, a challenger appears from Taiwan in the Kymco X-Town 125 – a 125cc maxi scooter that I’d consider a hidden gem on the market. For the £3,799 price tag you get a 15 bhp motor, some smart styling and finishing, and certainly enough maxi-scooter perks to offer what you expect for a town commuter.

However that’s not without a few limitations, namely pointed towards the price and what technology you get for your money. You also would need to look if the post-purchase dealer network and support are there, as despite Kymco being a ‘mobility master’ with ATVs and mobility scooters under their wing, the two-wheeled dealers seem few and far between.

We had the X-Town 125 in for just over a fortnight to see if the 125cc maxi-scooter market could have somewhat of a dark horse in its midst – just how much technology do you need on a modern 125 scooter?

Kymco X-Town 125 Riding Review 2024

Kymco X-Town 125 Price and Availability

Available in a choice of Matt Silver or Matt Black, the Kymco X-Town 125 price is £3,799 in 2024. We had the Matt Silver in, and in person the colour is a striking satin silver that really does look premium, with matching colours and strong build quality found throughout.

In my mind, the price of the X-Town 125 really is a strong point considering what you get for your money, particularly when compared to the premium rivals (and top sellers) of the Honda Forza 125 (£5,249, 15 bhp) and Yamaha Xmax 125 (£5,353, 12 bhp) – though these come with some distinct technological advantages, they are also considerably more expensive on the wallet.

It’s a sharp style for the X-Town 125, with a bright daytime running light and lovely-looking ‘X’ LED taillight, and integrated indicator lights to keep the sharp silhouette.

Availability is where I allude to the Kymco X-Town 125 being a bit of a ‘hidden gem’, actually finding a dealership near you may be a bit of a task. Of course, any Kymco dealer will be happy to help with initial purchase and delivery, but for local follow-up maintenance and servicing you may come up against some slight difficulties in getting your X-Town back to a supporting dealership.

Your mileage may vary, but speaking from the perspective of someone in Norfolk, the nearest Kymco motorcycle dealer is around 30 miles away. By no means an impossible task, but would certainly be a slight chore.

Kymco X-Town 125 cornering

X-Town 125 Engine

Turning to the engine, this is where I was genuinely quite impressed with the Kymco X-Town 125. Although somewhat frustratingly being delivered with 0 miles on the clock (so faced with a ‘should I run this in properly or just go for it’ dilemma), the liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor pumps out a maximum CBT-compliant 15 bhp at 9000 rpm, with 11.6 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm.

That’s about as good as it gets for a 125cc machine, and even given the 185 kg dry weight, the performance off the line is admirable, swiftly up to 20 mph and continuing to 30-40 mph with no trouble whatsoever. It can even reach an indicated 70 mph under its own steam, and considering this was a fresh motor that’s an impressive feat.

Having ridden a number of 125cc motorcycles and scooters, this single-cylinder certainly is an impressive ride. Even despite the lofty 185 kg dry weight it’s nimble around town, accelerates smoothly and responds well to your throttle input, and is easily capable of maintaining a consistent speed (even at 70 mph).

Kymco X-Town 125 Comfort

When compared against some of the rival 125 maxis in 2024, covered here in our Top 10, the X-Town is only matched by 3 others on the list that claim to possess the peak 14.5/15 bhp power.

There once was an X-Town 300 new on the market, and with the knowledge that Kymco could be seen as purveyors of premium maxi-scooters on the market (see our AK550 review & Xciting 400 review), these options would be worth a look if riding with an A2 licence and up.

Other motors at higher price points may have start & stop technology, plus fancy VVA (variable valve actuation) and rider modes – but to my mind they are unwarranted for the extra cash.

X-Town Scooter Specs

Touching on the maxi-scooter dynamics, as they are quite rightly important here, let’s start with the storage space beneath the seat. Kymco quote that the storage space has been upgraded for this model, and can fit two full-face helmets in the compartment (with a built-in courtesy light).

I’m happy to report that this is true, plus with a bit of space between the helmets for some extra bits – though two Large shell helmets are just too big, two Medium lids will fit fine. There is also a glovebox with no lock but a compartment door (so don’t leave anything in there) plus USB socket at the far end – my iPhone 12 Pro Max fits with the door shut, but it wouldn’t easily shut with a USB plugged in.

The ample storage space is not without sacrifice, mind, and I found that the humps required to fit helmets beneath the seat does sacrifice rider comfort for someone over 6 ft (I’m 6’3”). Despite being a large twin seat with a 785 mm rider seat height, the positioning of the humps moves your rider seat further forward than all of the space on offer. If after more storage, you can opt for a Shad top-box as an accessory fit – and a bigger screen from Givi if you’re after the delivery rider must-haves.

Kymco X-Town under seat storage space

The seat, with a grippy middle section to stop you from sliding forward under braking, will happily house a smaller rider, though only has a limited amount of room to move around.

The seat is comfortable, and longer rides (circa 50 miles) will be fine with plenty of padding to make use of, but the layout of the seat is frustrating insofar as if I could sit a touch further back – almost on top of the lumbar support section – it would fit me perfectly.

Even with a redesigned rider position for 2024, my knees were right up against the bars, and when ducking behind the windshield (for maximum aerodynamic performance) I did feel very cramped – the caveat here being I’m 6’3” with long legs.

Rounding up the spec, your tank size is 12.5 Litres and should be good for over 200 miles of riding, it has a long 1545 mm wheelbase with a 14-inch front wheel and 13-inch rear for a smooth stable ride, and the dash is a simplistic analogue dial for speed and revs, with an inlay LCD giving you basic information – trip 1 & 2, odometer and time. Also visible is the fuel gauge (no range remaining) and engine temperature. The dash is extremely simple, though this leads me to my next point.

How much technology does a scooter need? Despite lacking a smart key, ABS, a fancy TFT with smartphone integration, and start & stop tech, this Kymco X-Town 125 excels in simplicity and value for money – with an exceptional motor powering it.

Kymco X-Town 125 Dash

Handling - Suspension, Brakes, Wheels

Handling and riding this scoot, particularly at low speeds, is very good. Matched to the sharp throttle and rapid acceleration, the responsive feel from the suspension and chassis is very impressive – superb for a rider looking to navigate the city and town streets.

Telescopic suspension is paired to a twin rear shock setup with 5-steps of preload, and is capable of soaking up the bigger bumps with ease – it was just the small bumps and unavoidable potholes where it can feel quite firm.

Braking power is provided by some meaty discs front and rear, 280 mm up front and 260 mm at the tail, linked with a Combined Braking System. With the understanding that one piston up front is activated when the rear lever is pulled, braking feels sharp and responsive at any speed. Load the brakes with an initial small bite, and progressive braking can rapidly halt your progress – very neatly done at 60 mph, too.

Wheels are aluminium alloy and 14 inches up front with a rear 13-inch hoop.

All in, handling was very impressive for this X-Town 125, and matched the scooters with a premium price tag with ease.

Kymco X-Town 125 at McDonald's

2024 Kymco X-Town 125 Pros and Cons


  • Superb 125cc liquid-cooled engine.
  • Great value for money.
  • Two helmets under the seat.


  • Seat comfort is not great for a tall rider.
  • Some riders may want more tech.
  • A USB socket in the under seat compartment would be welcome.
Kymco X-Town 125 Front Lights

Kymco X-Town 125 Verdict – A Hidden Gem?

Given the £3,799 price, the Kymco X-Town 125 is a real alternative option for a maxi-scooter rider who’s after a stylish scooter with great power, and not too worried about having the latest tech and gadgetry on board.

With some great handling character, and plenty of maxi-scooter space to play with, it’s hard not to admire the raw and simplistic approach taken by Kymco, here. Having ridden the latest generation of £3,199 8.4 bhp Suzuki Burgman Street 125 EX, a scooter almost indistinguishable from the Avenis and Address 125 in size and application, this X-Town has effectively stood up to provide what the Burgman is lacking – space and power.

If there is a Kymco dealer near you, and you’re after a 125 maxi-scooter, this X-Town 125 is well worth a look.

Thanks to Kymco for the loan, head to their website for more information and spec.

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