2018 will see a big mix of new scooters enter the market; from the traditional internal combustion engines to the ever increasing electric motor offerings, it is definitely a big year for the evolution of scooters. In this list I give my opinion on the top 5 new scooters this year.

Kymco AK550

With a new UK importer and the flagship AK550 arriving in dealers in time for spring we’ll be looking forward to swinging a leg over this new model soon. It costs just over £8,000 and is aimed squarely at the premium end scooter buyer. The AK550 has a 550cc twin-cylinder engine with 52bhp on tap, Brembo brakes and plenty of up to date tech, like the noodoe system, which does pretty much everything a smart phone can do. The AK550 looks fantastic up close and we’re hoping it’s as good fun to ride as it looks.

BMW C 400 X

Possibly the result of a drunken fumble between scooter and Transformer the BMW C 400 X is one scooter that looks menacing. It has an unmistakable air of BMW GS about it but as we all know, scooters are way more practical on a day-to-day basis than most motorbikes. Add in that Tonka Toy styling, a few nifty bits of tech and a lively engine and this one should be good fun.

Vespa Elettrica

Whether electric really is the future of urban transport or not we’ll have to wait and see but the Vespa Elettrica is a cut above most in the styling stakes and should qualify for the OLEV grant when it arrives towards the end of 2018 so will save you £1500 off the purchase price. The aluminium paint finish on the show model is stunning as well, hopefully we’ll see that on a Vespa GTS at some stage.

Scomadi Turismo Technica

Another scooter company who had a turbulent year last year, Scomadi are back and we’ll be seeing scooters built in their new factory in Thailand once they’ve jumped through a few legal hoops to get through the homologation process. The Turismo Technica, or TT, is one we’ll look forward to riding, it will be mostly metal in construction, slimline in appearance and the people behind Scomadi will have tweaked a few things and improved on the quality to make it stand out from the original Chinese built Scomadis.

Casa Performance SSR/SST 265

All these new ‘environmentally friendly’ four-strokes and electric scooters are all well and good but how about adding some excitement to your ride? Traditional scooter technology is moving faster than it has in the last 60 years (literally). The most exciting development comes from Casa Performance who are building completely new 45bhp two-stroke geared replacement engines for your vintage Lambretta. We’re talking phenomenal torque, lightning-quick acceleration and the kind of fun that only us traditional two-stroke scooter riders can truly appreciate. Two versions are available, the SST ‘Touring’ version is a detuned version of the SSR ‘Racing’ version. Both will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and put the excitement back into riding. If you’ve got a Lambretta and £7500 going spare get one ordered…

Zack and Alex's Top 5 New Scooters 2018

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