These new style 3-wheel scooters have been on our roads for more than 10 years now but still remain a somewhat exotic and unusual sight.

Many of them can even be ridden with a car driver's licence (as long as you are over 21) and make for excellent commuters and even tourers.

What differentiates them from the traditional trikes of the past is their ability to lean and handle like regular scooters thanks to their clever suspension setups. 

In this new blog, we’re looking at 7 great 3-wheelers available for 2021, but we’re not just leaving it there… we’re also including one wildcard for an extra special 8th entry that we’re hoping to see sometime this year. 

One of the newest additions to the line-up, and fresh for Euro 5, is the MP3 300 Sport. This particular model is now Piaggio's entry-level MP3 and features a number of improvements compared to the previous version.    

Firstly, the most noticeable upgrade is the engine as it now utilises the same 300cc engine seen in the Vespa GTS but with a few tweaks to squeeze even more power out of it!

The improvements don't stop there either, this new model has a brand-new visual design that cuts away some of the old bulk, resulting in a more streamlined and agile aesthetic.

Then there is Piaggio's multimedia platform that’s able to connect to your smartphone and provide a range of handy functions including reports on the general state of your scooter, as well as maps and details of your recent trips.

The MP3 Sport 300 can also be ridden with a standard car driver's licence, dependant on your own licence entitlements. It handles much like a twist-and-go scooter with its quadrilateral suspension allowing you to lean like a regular bike but with the increased traction and stability of 3 wheels. A locking mechanism allows you to remain upright when you come to a standstill and there is even a hand brake too! Piaggio has kept us guessing with a few details, like the price, so we’ll keep you updated as and when this is released.


Engine 278cc, 25.8 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 26.1 Nm @ 6250 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 11L
Weight 225kg
Seat height 780mm
Price 2021 price TBC

Yamaha's Tricity 125 is a little bit different from other 3-wheel scooters as the front wheels are set up with closer spacing to create a more agile and streamlined scooter that can cut through the traffic on an urban commute and, each wheel has independent suspension allowing the Tricity to lean and handle just like a traditional scooter.

To add, the Tricity 125 is extremely lightweight – weighing just 164 kilos with a full tank of petrol, so putting a foot down when stuck in traffic won’t be an issue!

As well as all that, the Tricity 125 has Yamaha's latest Blue Core engine, offering great 125cc performance and excellent fuel consumption. And whilst the narrow front end does mean that this can't be classified as a trike and therefore can’t be ridden with a car licence, Yamaha has made sure this 125cc is still a very accessible, affordable, and A1 licence-friendly machine, with a price of just £4,150, making it the cheapest on our list!

All in all, if you're curious to try out a 3-wheeler this could be a cost-effective way to get started. 


Engine 125cc, 12.1 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 11.7 Nm @ 7250 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 7.2L
Weight 164kg (wet)
Seat height 780mm
Price £4,150

The Metropolis Allure is Peugeot's entry into the 3-wheel scooter market and meets all the requirements to be ridden with a car licence – including an upright locking mechanism, foot brake pedal, and wide front wheel spacing. In fact, the visuals on this are very reminiscent of a Peugeot car with its angular headlights, front grill, and that all-familiar badge.

Updated for 2021, the Metropolis offers a lot of technology including its dual tilting front wheels, ABS, and even switchable traction control on the more deluxe versions. There's a tyre pressure sensor in place, as well as daytime running LED lights for maximum visibility. Aspherical mirrors aim to increase your field of vision in traffic and there's an electronically adjustable windscreen.

The Metropolis Allure offers great performance with its 35.6hp 4-stroke engine and the extra comfort you get from a 3-wheeler's spacious proportions means you can easily take this thing out on tour, as well using it for commuting!


Engine 399cc, 35.6 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 38.1 Nm @ 5750 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 13.5L
Weight 265kg
Seat height 780mm
Price £8,899

Similar to the Tricity 125, this larger capacity model features Yamaha’s Blue Core engine but this is where the similarities end as it delivers significantly more power and takes urban mobility to another level through that 300cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine.

To add to this, the Tricity 300 has a few added extras including ABS, TCS, smart key, and standing assist system all for added convenience. Speaking of convenience, a large under-seat large storage space is also included which is always handy especially if you’re using this as a commuter.

Unlike its younger brother, the Tricity 300 can actually be ridden on a car licence (depending on licence restrictions). Priced at £7,802, this is perfect for those with a higher budget who like the look of the Tricity but are looking for a little more power!


Engine 292cc, 27.6 bhp, liquid-cooled
Torque 29.0 Nm @ 5,750 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 13L
Weight 239kg (wet)
Seat height 795mm
Price £7,802

Unlike all the other models here, the Can-Am Ryker is not a motorcycle or scooter with 3 wheels, it’s in fact a more traditional trike (that does, however, have two wheels at the front as opposed to the back) that handles like a super-powered go-kart or quad! Even though it does have a twist-and-go automatic transmission, motorcycle-style handlebars, and saddle that's about where the similarities end.

The Ryker weighs in at 280 kilos, with an empty tank, which makes it the heaviest machine on the list, but it comes with a 900cc in-line 3-cylinder engine with 82hp and 79 Nm of torque, so this thing can go even with a bit of weight!

A Rally version is also available, priced at £12,899, which offers rally tires, rally seat, reinforced rims, rally riding mode, MAX mount structure, and skid plate.

As a more traditional trike, it can be ridden on a car licence and has features such as a reverse mode which you don't get on a motorcycle, sport, and economy ride modes, and interchangeable panels.


Engine 900cc, 82 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 79.1 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 20L
Weight 280kg
Seat height 597mm
Price £9,799

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Fresh for 2021 and meeting Euro 5 standards is the second member of the MP3 family to feature on this list, next up we’ve got Piaggio’s MP3 500 Sport Advanced.

Let’s start with that high-performance 493cc liquid-cooled engine that takes it up a notch compared to its younger sibling the 300 and produces 42.9 horsepower and 47.5Nm of torque. With ‘ride-by-wire' tech you can manage the engine’s flow at low speeds with just a touch of a button on the handlebar.

Moving onto looks and the 500 has some pretty distinctive features including Kayaba gas shock absorbers and daisy-shaped front brakes discs, all to carry on that athletic and versatile family resemblance.

With the redesigned backrest and ergonomic grip handle, it’s perfect for travelling in pairs and provides comfort for all those miles this beast will cover. It’s got all the right gear too including a reverse gear, which is a first when it comes to three-wheel scooters, and Piaggio’s MIA smartphone connectivity.

The MP3 500 Sport Advanced is the ‘bad boy’ in this family and combines features from both medium and high-end categories so, whilst prices are still yet to be released, I can say it’s not going to be cheap. We’ll keep you updated as things change though so keep checking back.


Engine 493cc, 42.9 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 47.5 Nm @ 5750 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 13.2L
Weight 282kg
Seat height 790mm
Price 2021 price TBC

First arriving in 2019, Yamaha’s Niken remains one of the most unusual machines in the current market. Whereas most of the 3-wheelers on this list can be ridden with a car or A1 licence, the Niken is a full-fledged motorcycle and requires a category A licence to match.

The Niken is essentially an MT-09 but with Yamaha's new Leaning Multi Wheel technology on the front end and with a pair of front wheels, each supported by telescopic forks and able to reach 45-degree lean angles, provide it with some mean corner performance!

The Niken is 70 kilos heavier than its 2-wheel counterpart, however, so don't expect quite the same hooligan performance. With that said though, it's no slouch either, as it can easily hit 120mph top speeds.

Where the Niken excels is in its stability, not to mention the extra comfort and wind shielding offered from its design! As a result, this 3-wheeler is very well suited to touring and Yamaha have recognised this, adding a new GT version to the line-up.

The regular Niken starts at £14,202 with the Niken GT costing £15,502, both versions come loaded with features including traction control, adjustable suspension, ride modes, slipper clutch and cruise control. So, if you're looking to try something new - there's nothing on the road quite like this!


Engine 847cc, 113 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 87.5 Nm @ 8500 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 18L
Weight 263kg (wet)
Seat height 820mm
Price £14,202

I promised you a wild card, didn’t I? Well, here it is…

Likely to be arriving in 2021, the Kymco CV3 is the brand's first attempt at a 3-wheel scooter, and it features quite a few standout characteristics such as...  

Front upside-down suspension, a newly designed rear fork, and adventure orientated tyres all for comfort and the ability to tackle any road condition.  A Power Transmission Matrix (PTM) that balances the scooter and allows for better handling. And with that front two-wheel design you’ll feel stable and confident when riding.

Weight-wise at 280kg, it’s on par with Can-Am’s Ryker so it’s going to be quite hefty, and it is less powerful. But the CV3 has the looks, comfort, and spirit of any true 3-wheeled scooter and we can’t wait for it to hit dealers in the UK (soon hopefully)!


Engine 550.4cc, 50 hp, liquid-cooled
Torque 53 Nm @ 5750 rpm
Brakes Front and rear disc
Fuel capacity 15.5L
Weight 280kg
Seat height 795mm
Price TBC

Before you go

Well there you have it! 7 of the best 3-wheelers for 2021, plus that special wild card! We want to know what you think. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Are you excited for the release of Kymco’s CV3? Let us know in the comments now!

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