With such a wide variety of shoe covers on the market it’s hard to find the correct ones to do the best job for running from autumn into spring. Check out my top five.

1. Castelli Estremo Shoe Cover

Castelli Estremo shoe cover

Castelli Estremo shoe cover

These shoe covers are designed for extreme cold weather conditions, when temperatures drop below zero.

With some extensive searching these seem to be the best in extreme weather conditions, when setting out on your bike on those cold frosty mornings, for keeping your feet from freezing.

Castelli Estremo have a Gore-Tex Infinium, which apparently gives you amazing wind and rain protection, topped with being breathable, while at the same time maintaining body heat to keep your feet snug and warm. They are also helped by a cosy fleece lining.

The base of the shoe cover is very well constructed to prevent wear and tear, with the aqua guard zipper making it easy to remove and put on.

These are nice and high as well to keep the base of your calf warm. The trend seems to be the higher length shoe cover.

A lovely pair of shoe covers which come at a cost, but will last a long time.

Model name   Castelli Estremo Shoe Cover
Outer lining   Gore-tex Infinium
Inside lining   Polartec power stretch pro fleece
Reflective   High and low visibility
Zipper   Ykk Aqua guard  zipper
Sole of cover   Highly durable
Optimal temperature range   -10 c to 5 c
Price   £89
Retailer   www.sigmasports.com

2. Shimano S-Phyre Insulated Shoe Covers

Shimano S-Phyre shoe cover

Shimano S-Phyre shoe cover

The S-Phyre seem to pop up everywhere. Reviews are good on every forum. These shoe covers are great value for money and the only negative is that I had to search quite a lot as there weren’t too many in stock, but this may be due to the fact that they are popular.

S-Phyre are mainly constructed of neoprene, which is designed to keep the water out, as opposed to a lot of other neoprene shoe covers, due to these ones being treated with a water proofer, so the water runs off the outside instead of soaking into the neoprene. The fact that there are not many seams on these Shimano shoe covers is a plus, as there is less chance of water getting in.

I noticed straight away that there is no rear zip, so it’s imperative take them off after use and not leave them on the shoe, as this could stretch the fabric. 

It can be a little more bit more time consuming to take on and off, but no real problem.

Due to the flexibility of the neoprene, you can adjust your shoes through the shoe cover.

The sole of the shoe cover is reinforced and looks very strong.

Reflective points on the shoe cover are quite minimal, so they could do with more.

The S-Phyre are a great shoe cover, nice looking and great all round, taking you into the spring, although maybe not warm enough for below zero temperatures.


Model name Shimano S-phyre
Outer lining Neoprene (88% rubber - 12% Polyamide)
Inside lining Neoprene
Reflective Low
Zipper None
Sole of cover Highly durable
Optimal temperature range 0c +
Price £59.99
Retailer eBay

3. Mavic Elite Cosmic Shoe Cover

Mavic elite cosmic shoe cover

Mavic elite cosmic shoe cover

These are great for the spring, taking the edge off those cold spring mornings. A nice snug fit on your cycle shoe, which makes them very aerodynamic.

You can also easily adjust your shoes through the flexy durable material when you’re on your bike. A nice touch is a little tab on the rear of the shoe cover, assisting you to take the cover on and off, as there is no rear zip. These are not a waterproof cover!

There are lots of reflective areas on the Mavic shoe cover, giving you great added visibility when out at night or early morning.

When the Mavic elite Cosmics arrived, my first impression was that they are a bit flimsy, but this isn’t the case! They are very durable, every part of the shoe cover is in perfect order after a lot of riding and walking when on café stops.

Another great factor about these which I love is that when temperatures rise, they roll up very small and fit nicely in your pocket. They are great value for money and a must buy!

Model name Mavic Elite Cosmic SS 17
Outer lining Cx shell (80% PES - 20% EL)
Reflective High
Zipper None
Sole of cover Highly durable
Optimal temperature range 13c - 18c
Price £27.50 (sale price £11.50)
Retailer www.chainreactioncycles.com

4. NRS Riding Flash Spectrum Shoe Covers

NRS riding flash shoe cover

NRS riding flash shoe cover

The first thing struck me about these was the name FLASH!!

These are made from a thin material and very light weight, ideal for spring. These covers look really funky. The highly reflective tab on the rear helps you to remove or put on, similar to the Mavic Elite.

Also, they are said to be aerodynamic which seems to be due to the tight fit of the shoe cover. Again, ideal for taking off and slipping into your pocket if it gets a little warmer.

NRS are also perfect to wear under your winter shoe cover when temperatures plummet.

Bottom line, if you already have your winter shoe covers and don’t want spend loads of money on another pair for fairer weather, then these are perfect. They don’t look cheap but they are! Great value!

Model name NRS Riding Flash Spectrum shoe Covers
Outer lining Flash Flabric
Reflective High
Zipper None
Sole of cover Average
Optimal temperature range 13c - 18c
Price £22.00 (sale price £9)
Retailer https://www.sigmasports.com

5. Defeet Slipstream Shoe Covers Cordura

Defeet slipstream shoe cover

Defeet slipstream shoe cover

Defeet have been around for a long time and have always been a very popular brand designed and made in USA.

Coming in a great array of colours, this gives you the opportunity to match them with your cycle kit.

Designed from a stretchy material for a comfortable fit and easy to take on and off. There is no tab to help but, because of the material, they do come on and off easily. These are not a waterproof shoe cover. They are deal for Spring and Autumn to keep the chill off.

Like a lot of shoe covers, these promote aero dynamic advantages.

The choice of colours is definitely an attraction, especially on darker cloudier days when you need to be more visible and wear bright vibrant colours!

Model name Defeet Slipstream Shoe Covers Cordura
Outer lining 56% Cordura nylon - 32% lycra - 7% Elastic -5% nylon
Reflective Bright colours
Zipper None
Sole of cover Average
Optimal temperature range 13c - 18c
Price £28.00 (sale £19.95)
Retailer www.sigmasports.com