2023 sees some rather exciting new (and revised) scooter models hitting the market, from stylish Italian thoroughbreds, to budget Chinese adventure scooters. Today I'm going to go through my picks for the 10 Best New Scooters for 2023.

1. Vespa GTV 300

Coming in as the first entry on my list is the Vespa GTV 300, which is essentially the return of the Sei Giorni.

This time around, Vespa has attempted to give the GTV a modern sporty twist, ditching a little bit of that classic styling it is renowned for and trying to angle this scooter as more of a sports option thanks to the orange handlebar fairing and orange accents dotted around the GTV.

Does the styling work? Well for me I am not so sure, especially when you compare it against the Sei Giorni from a few years ago in metallic green. None the less though, there is no doubt the Vespa GTV will be a popular model.

As you fully expect the GTV is essentially a GTS HPE, so you should know what to expect with Vespa’s most powerful engine to date with 23.8hp, the GTV will have plenty of poke enabling you to surprise a few motorists off the lights and handle decent a bit of touring.

If you are a Vespa fan, but the GTV's unique looks don’t do it for you, then you’ll be pleased to know the GTS has seen some decent updates for 2023.


  • It’s the comeback of the Sei Giorni.
  • Packing the HPE engine.
  • Basically a GTS.
  • A great option for rally-goers wanting something different.


  • Styling won’t be for anyone.
  • It’s a premium scooter.

2. Kymco Downtown GT 350

Kymco’s maxi scooter range in the UK is minimal nowadays, pretty much consisting of the new DTX range and the AK500. My hope is that we see Kymco UK bring over the newly announced Downtown GT 350 or maybe even the Xciting 400 VS LE. Out of these two, I have a feeling that the Downtown GT 350 is the most likely to hit UK shores, so for that reason alone, it is taking a place on this list.

A maxi-scooter designed to be equally at home while touring long distances as well as in the city, the Downtown GT 350 looks to offer a combination of modern tech, great looks, and versatility all in a comfortable package. Coming fully equipped with a great-looking full-colour TFT display, LED lighting (including integrated indicators with those 'owl eye' like headlights), traction control, and cruise control to name just a few. 

Unsurprisingly we see a few similarities between the new Downtown GT and the Kymco DTX 360 (320), with the biggest being the 321cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine putting out just over 28hp, which is plenty more than a capable mid-sized maxi, meaning getting over 80 mph should be achievable.

With good dimensions and weighing just under 200kg the Downtown GT, just like the DTX 320, should be a very manageable maxi.


  • A great alternative to the Japanese maxi’s
  • Decent size and weight make it very manageable
  • Engine should handle slower touring, with likely very good comfort.


  • The fuel tank could be bigger (better for touring)
  • Availability in the UK is currently unknown.

3. Honda Em1E

My third spot on today’s list goes to the brand-new Honda EM1E.

Yes, this is an electric model so some people might want to skip this entry and it is admittedly a bit dull, however, the launch of the EM1E is a very significant model for the scooter market. The lower-capacity scooter market will be the first to go fully electric, and the introduction of an electric scooter from the biggest-selling bike brand in the UK, is just a sign of things yet to come.

Admittedly, the spec won’t blow you away, but as an eco-friendly scooter aimed at youngsters getting their first experience of commuting on two wheels, the EM1E likely won’t take long to establish itself. Slotting itself up against the Piaggio One and Yamaha Neos, the EM1E will be classed as a moped, so we’ll likely see this restricted to 30mph. So expect the typical standard amount of electric scooter tech including LED lighting, LCD display, and Combined braking system.

The EM1E will be sporting the Honda Power Pack E, so it will be interesting to see how this performs against its rivals, as well as having the potential bonus of being swappable!

At the time of writing there is very little official spec on the EM1e, however on a single charge, the EM1e is expected to go for around 25 miles (40km).


  • It’s a Honda.
  • Likely to be very popular.
  • Mobile Power Pack – means the battery is swappable.
  • Aimed at new riders who want to be green – new generation.


  • Spec is pretty much unknown at the time of writing.
  • Electric isn’t for everyone.

4. Peugeot XP400 GT (Allure also available)

Making their way on the back of the adventure scooter boom is Peugeot with the all-new XP 400.

It is quite noticeably Peugeots' attempt to rival the Honda ADV and X-ADV as well as the likes of the Kymco DTX 360 and even the Aprilia SR-GT.

The XP400 is a serious-looking piece of kit, not just a slightly redesigned maxi with tweaked plastics. The XP 400, has long gold USD forks, a front fairing design not too dissimilar from the Honda ADV350 (aside from the addition of a questionable beak) and a long and slender body keeping it on trend, along with spoked wheels, and adventure-style windscreen the XP 400 looks quite exciting. Throw in the fact it will be running a 400cc liquid-cooled single pumping out 36.7hp, and it will have noticeably more power than both the ADV and DTX, but how will it perform and how much will it cost are some big questions needing to be answered.

Equipped with decent spec including a 5” TFT screen and keyless ignition, the XP400 is set to compete well against its competitors. But the big question on how well will it perform against the ADV 35, only time will tell. From an initial view, it is an impressive entry from the French manufacturer...


  • Looks to be a proper adventure scooter.
  • Engine could be brilliant fun!
  • Could be a great tourer.


  • Styling is a bit marmite.
  • Will it be available in the UK?

5. Lambretta G350

My fifth mention on this list goes to the Lambretta G350, there is also the X300 newly announced for 2023 but the better-looking and larger capacity G350 gets my vote on this list!

Yes, no doubt there will be comments along the lines of that’s not a proper Lambretta! I appreciate all this, but it is what we are given and I for one am pleased we are getting another larger capacity retro-styled scooter hit the market. Packing a new 330cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine producing 25.8hp (which yes is 2hp more than the Vespa GTS and GTV HPE engine) this will make it the largest capacity retro modern on the market. This makes me very happy and can only be a good thing, let’s hope Vespa comes back with a reply of their own on this.

Designed to be a modern-day premium Lambretta paying its respects to designs of the past, we expect the spec on the G350 to be pretty decent with details confirmed such as LED lighting, TFT dash, and keyless ignition.


  • New 330cc engine – could be the fastest modern retro scooter.
  • Looks brilliant
  • Great to have another large-capacity retro scooter.


  • Will it reach the UK? (it’s on UK importer MOTOGB’s website – fingers crossed)
  • Premium price - expected Europe price is 7,200 euros, so will be £6,200 or more.

6. Italjet Dragster #E01

Next up, we have the Italjet Dragster #E01.

The modern-day Dragster is a great sporty designed and premium scooter perfectly reminiscing the original dragster, the only real downside of the dragster from when I recently reviewed the 200cc version, was the engine - it was just a bit too tame.

Everything else from the design, attention to detail, and the centre hub steering were great, but there was no denying the engine was a tad disappointing. Italjet looks set to unleash its electric offering in 2023 with a 12kw motor (16hp), going for a fast electric Dragster to fit into the 125cc market.

However, it’s not just the motor that looks impressive on paper, with a stated 110-mile (180km) range, and a fast 10kW charge time of just 37 minutes for a full charge, its spec is pretty darn decent – it will just be how much will it cost! With the 200c Dragster costing £5300, the electric version could well be a costly model to purchase.

Lastly, if electric isn’t your thing and you too are looking forward to a more powerful Dragster make sure to check out the 500 version announced at EICMA, which will be a couple of years away from being released.


  • Looks fantastic.
  • Motor and batteries could be class-leading.
  • Likely placed in the 125 category


  • Expected release in the second half of 2023 – but will it be released on schedule?
  • It likely will come at a very premium cost

7. Suzuki Burgman Street EX 125

My number 7 pick is none other than the Suzuki Burgman which returns as a 125 model in the UK for 2023 as the Burgman Street EX 125.

The return of the small Burgman is part of three scooter models released by Suzuki all with a somewhat similar goal, fuel efficiency and comfort. We expect this latest version of the Burgman to be a commuter's best friend by offering reliability, armchair-like luxury, and excellent fuel economy.

The Burgman Street EX 125, in my opinion, will be underpowered producing only 8.4hp which is a big shame, this will likely limit this scooter to slower roads only, with all its major rivals producing quite a bit more power. As I say though, Suzuki has aimed for this to be one economical engine stating that 148mpg can be achieved, which isn’t exactly bad and it does have Suzuki’s Auto Stop-Start system too to help keep those MPG figures looking healthy.

Overall, in my opinion, the Burgman is another scooter a bit on the dull side, however, for those just wanting a commuter scooter they can rely upon and are not fussed about power, the Burgman Street EX 125 will be a very popular choice.


  • Expect decent comfort.
  • Excellent fuel economy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Likely reliable and dependable


  • Under powered.
  • Small fuel tank.
  • No-thrills.

8. Suzuki Address and Avenis

In at eight and following the Burgman’s tyre tracks we have both the Suzuki Address 125 and the Avenis 125 in a shared spot.

With the Address looking like the more European city smart commuter scooter, the Avenis is definitely the more sporty looking of the two. And just like the Burgman Street EX 125, the Address and Avenis share the same Suzuki ECO Performance 124cc engine putting out a modest 8.4hp.

There is very little to separate the Address and Avenis, with the only differences being based primarily on looks, fuel efficiency is really what these scooters are all about. The spec isn’t crazy and it is clear to see the main rivals are still very much ahead of the game in the 125 market. But just like the Burgman, for those of you who are wanting a dependable and economical commuter scooter from a well-respected brand – the Avenis and Address will tick those very important boxes.

So with that all being said, the more professional-looking Address can be picked up for £2,499, while the sportier-looking Avenis is just £200 more at £2,699.


  • Economical.
  • Great city commuter.
  • Likely reliable and dependable.


  • The engine is under powered.
  • Not particularly exciting.
  • Some aspects are rather dated.

9. Lexmoto XDV 125

Yet another brand throwing themselves into the suddenly very popular adventure scooter battle is non-other than Lexmoto, with the XDV (not to be confused the with Honda ADV, X-ADV, or the Kymco DTX).

As an importer of budget-friendly Chinese bikes, it will be interesting to see what price point British brand Lexmoto will put on the XDV, and quite how well it will stack up against some of the big hitters at 125cc levels such as the Kymco DTX 360 (125) and the awesome (watch my review) Aprilia SR GT 125.

The initial spec does admittedly seem half decent, with a 125cc engine putting out 12.1 horses you have to say that is pretty respectable, throw on some USD forks, LCD display, and 3 x luggage boxes as standard, plus with a sizeable 13.5l fuel tank, and hopefully OK fuel economy you could end up going quite some distance between filling up. Overall the XDV could do pretty nicely for Lexmoto.


  • Likely to be a budget-friendly option
  • Decently sized fuel tank
  • Spec looks respectable, especially the 12hp engine.


  • Weight unknown (it could be a bit porky with the 3 boxes as standard)
  • Unknown quality and reliability

Number 10

And taking my 10th and final space is…. Well, admittedly I’m going to cheat here! I have tried to keep this list for new scooter models but there is no denying some 2023 updates on existing models are pretty awesome s time to do a very quick shout-out for…

10.1 - The return of the Honda Vision 110cc

A previously great selling model which will no doubt compete with the Suzuki Address for a low-powered highly economical A1-friendly scoot.

10.2 - The Honda Forza Family

I love the Honda Forza range, they are a terrific family of maxi-scooters that are hard to beat, and the latest updates give the Forza 125 and 350 an update to bring them even closer to the mighty 750 with restyled front fairing, LED headlight & taillight, and electrically adjustable screen. Oh, and there is the new HSVC dash which connects to your smartphone on the 350 too.

10.3 - The Yamaha Xmax Tech Max 125 and 300

Updating their own maxi scooter family Yamaha have updated the Xmax Tech Max 125 and 300 toom with a new sporty design, improved manoeuvrability, distinctive new LED lighting including the signature x rear light and even a 4.2” TFT screen on the 300 model.

10.4 - The Vespa GTS 300

As I mentioned on the GTV segment, the GTS has also been updated across all variants (Standard, Super, Super Sport and Super Tech) with updates to elements such as the styling, LED lights, keyless system, brakes, suspension, and even a new seat to name just a few.

10.5 - Peugeot Django Evo ‎‎

Last but not least, the new Peugeot Django Evo is worthy of the last spot on my list, even though in my opinion they have made a great-looking scooter ugly. It will no doubt still be a great scooter – hopefully, it makes it over to good ol blighty.

The last stop!

So there you have it! Here are my top picks ready to take 2023 by storm...

Which one was your favourite? Make sure to me know in the comment section below.

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