Join us in this new blog as we count down the top 10 newest scooters hitting 2021 at speed.

10. Honda SH350i

If you walked around any European city over the last 36 years, you’ll have seen an abundance of scooters all sporting the same two letters – SH. It’s been a popular model since its launch, selling over a million units, and Honda are continuing to update their ever-loved model with the newest installment – the SH350i.

It’s still the same model we all know and love just in a slightly different shell and with a few new techy bits to give it that premium feel. Expect to see traction control, LED lighting, USB Type-C socket, smart key convenience, and Honda’s own selectable torque control. You’ll also have the option to add on few extras including heated grips and a 45L top box (at an additional cost of course, but as the price hasn’t yet been announced for the model, I can’t quote you just yet).

What I can tell you though is in addition to all that, it’s a  few kg heavier than its past self but that’s thanks to a bigger Euro5 compliant engine that brings with it a higher top speed through an increased 77mm bore and 10% lighter crankshaft.

Honda’s SH350i may be the newest kid on the block in the range, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost any of its roots. Underneath the modern exterior is still the same iconic design that’s been making light work of commutes for decades and will continue for many more.

Engine 329.2cc, 29 bhp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 9.1L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 174kg
Seat height 805mm
Price £4,999

9. Kymco CV3

They were teasing us for a while, but it’s now confirmed that the Taiwanese manufacturer will be bringing us a 3-wheeled scooter in 2021.

When the launch video was released at the end of 2020 it really gave us a snapshot into what this scooter can really do. Riding down city streets, country roads, eating up bumps, and cornering with ease, it was clear that the CV3 was built for all roads and now we don’t have to keep guessing because Kymco have released the finer details.

Standout features include a two-wheeled design at the front for added stability with the main aim to inspire confidence, a power transmission matrix (PTM) to balance weight and provide better handling. No roads? No problem. Through front upside-down suspension, newly designed rear forks and adventure-oriented tyres the CV3 has the capability to simply roll over rough terrain. 

As it’s the first time Kymco has dived into the 3-wheeled scooter waters, we were waiting for something impressive and they certainly haven’t disappointed! The CV3 has the looks, reliability, comfort, and spirit of any true 3-wheeled scooter.

Engine 550.4cc, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 15.5l
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 280kg
Seat height 795mm
Price 2021 price to be confirmed

8. Yamaha D'elight

For 2021 Yamaha are adding to their Blue Core range with their latest revised urban commuter – the D’elight.

With this model, the biggest and most notable change revolves around its engine. Featuring start and stop technology, the now Euro5 compliant engine works with this tech to ensure the emissions are reduced and fuel economy is increased whilst stationary.

Yamaha has also stated that the styling has been revised to give it a more ‘unisex’ look, now I’m not exactly too sure what that means, but new LED lights, LCD instruments, and chrome detailing definitely help to make it look more modern, and the round front headlamp and cowling ensure it’s still got some of that retro flair we all love. If you’re someone who can appreciate a good-looking retro scooter, you’ll need to make sure you check out our top 10 list of some of the best.

And, if you can believe it, all of those additions only slightly (and I mean slightly) increase its overall wet weight to a (still diddy) 101kg, meaning that it’s going to be fun to ride, agile, and very easy to manoeuvre in traffic. Isn’t that just D’elight-ful?

Engine 125cc, 8.4hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 5.5l
Brakes Front disc and rear drum
Weight 101kg (wet)
Seat height 800mm
Price £2,899

7. Kymco F9

If you think Kymco’s F9 is just another electric scooter, then you’re wrong because, with the inclusion of two-speed transmission, it is definitely business in the front and a party in the back (or, well underneath? But you know what I mean – it’s exciting news!)

Its sporty, funky looks are backed up by innovative technology that is set to take over the market as Kymco claim to be the first to use such. As I mentioned it comes with a two-speed transmission, versus the conventional CVT, which improves its efficiency and power delivery. Kymco has been very tight-lipped about this technology so, at the moment, this is all we know but we’ll keep you updated once they reveal a little more about their secret weapon.

The innovation doesn’t stop there either because the battery casing has been integrated as part of the scooter’s frame to produce a ‘light as a feather’ chassis – weighing only 107kg. Other features include 14-inch tyres which offer high cornering grip and fast battery charging – taking only 2 hours!

We’re not sure when this little firecracker will be released but we hope it’s sometime soon!

Motor Brushless DC motor, 9.4 kW
Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery capacity 96V / 40Ah
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 107kg
Seat height 790mm
Price 2021 price to be confirmed

6. Piaggio Beverly 300

Way back in 2001, the first generation was born, and it soon became one of the most sold scooters in Italy. Now 20 years later, Piaggio’s beloved Beverly is taking centre stage ready for its 2021 debut.

Wrapped in fresh bodywork, with the option of a glossy or matt finish, the addition of LED lights, LCD display, and lightweight alloy rims mean it’s definitely scoring high in this beauty pageant – I’ve got Beverly Thrills just looking at it, to be honest! To add to this, it’s been given a new motorcycle-style chassis, HPE Euro5 engine, keyless system, and smartphone connectivity.

At ease in any situation, watch as it shows off its agile nature and superb handling in city centres but it’s those longer journeys where you’ll really see the stability, power, and comfort come through. Don’t worry though, Piaggio have been very specific and stated that the revamp doesn’t lose any of the elegance or charm that has made it so popular over the years.

It’s been in the spotlight since birth and that puts Piaggio under a slight bit of pressure. They need to keep the quality and sophistication riders love whilst also ensuring it can fight its way to the top in this modern world. Can they do it? We think so. No release date has been announced yet so for now all we can do is sign up for email updates and wait. 

Engine 300cc, 25.5 hp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank TBC
Brakes TBC
Weight TBC
Seat height TBC
Price 2021 price to be confirmed

5. Sym Jet X 125

Evolving from the sell-out Jet 14, SYM’s Jet X is the brand's newest flagship model in the series.

Equipped with racing characteristics and futuristic looks, feel out of this world while riding the Jet X as you lead the way with full LED lighting, access the ignition with an all-new key fob, and get comfy with a relaxed riding position. Other riding essentials include handlebar hazard control lights, a front storage compartment, and an LCD instrument.

Through improving the mechanics of the liquid-cooled 4 valve engine, the wear on parts will be reduced, heat generation decreased, and better power and fuel consumption and efficiency achieved.

After a decade on the market, SYM’s Jet series has proven to be a sell-out, and to continue that trend they have worked hard to ensure any rider on the Jet X gets an ultimate and luxurious experience.

Engine 124.6cc, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 7.5L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 108kg
Seat height 770mm
Price £2,499

4. Honda PCX

Since its launch back in 2010, Honda’s PCX has and continues to wear the crown as one of Europe’s favourite scooters. It’s made a name for itself, so how do you improve such a scooter?

I think the most obvious change you are going to see is the styling, but don’t fret, Honda are keeping the overall shape so it will still resemble the PCX we all know and love, they are just spicing up the bodywork slightly through the addition of a new LED  headlight, X-shaped tail-light, blacked-out screen, panels, and seat. With all that, Honda have also sprinkled the PCX with a few new practical touches such as increased storage space (30.4L), USB-C socket, and contactless smart key.

You’ll also see a change in speed. With an increased bore and 4 valves rather than the previous 2, the new eSP+ engine boots power (even if it is just slightly) from 12 to 12.3 hp. In addition to that, a new duplex steel cradle frame keeps the in-town manoeuvrability the PCX is known for. And an LCD screen, traction control, Honda’s torque control and ABS are all technology now included as standard. 

This model has been popular in the UK year after year, launch after launch and, with this revamp, we can’t see that changing anytime soon especially because of its PCX-cellent level of comfort, style, spec, and reputation!

Engine 125cc, 12.3 hp, water-cooled
Fuel tank 8.1L
Brakes Front disc and rear drum
Weight 130kg
Seat height 764mm
Price £3,169

3. BMW CE 04

The CE 04 is set out to redesign the electric scooter market as we know it. One because this is actually a maxi scooter and two because it’s full of funky and innovative features that make it look and feel as if it’s just jumped right out of Cyberpunk!

Designed to glide through the city, the ‘floating’ seat provides a low centre of gravity so steering is relaxed and driving feels effortless – and you won’t hear a peep as its motor is completely silent. The battery is compact and helps to form a distinct silhouette designed to blend large, calm surfaces with sharp edges to create a functional yet still aesthetically pleasing machine. 

It’s been made with logic at the forefront, so it also includes all the practical touches a commuter needs to get from A to B including a side storage compartment and clear display with smartphone connectivity.

Forget back to the future, get ready to jump into the future because alongside the striking bodywork you can also purchase rider equipment which only adds to the futuristic vibes the CE 04 is giving us. For an additional cost you can ride in style in the matching parka which has added light guides for extra visibility and is made from breathable material to keep you comfortable – now I think that’s pretty cool!

With the CE-04 BMW are I’d offering something completely different and we can’t wait to see more of this in the future!

Motor TBC
Battery type TBC
Battery capacity TBC
Brakes TBC
Weight TBC
Seat height TBC
Price 2021 price to be confirmed

2. Yamaha NMAX 125

Yamaha are giving their best seller a makeover for 2021.

Since its 2015 launch, the NMAX has always been strong when it comes to tech and this revamp is set to kit it out, even more, to really make sure it’s ready to tackle those city streets. From a keyless start system, LED lights, traction control, and start and stop technology to Yamaha's 'my ride’ app that allows you to access all your bike’s key information and even log and share your favourite routes.

And that’s not all, we all know it’s what’s under the skin that really counts so the NMAX will also receive a new Euro5 compliant ‘blue core’ engine and larger fuel tank. We can’t forget about the outside aesthetics though as they are also being updated through the use of a new frame that provides a more comfortable riding position and better weather protection.

To top it all off it’s priced at just under £3.5k which for the brand badge, spec, and ‘fresh off the shelf’ feel works out as pretty good value for money.

Engine 125cc, 12hp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 7.1L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 131kg
Seat height 765mm
Price £3,399

1. Honda Forza 750 & 350

It seems that Honda are taking the top spot today with not one, but two scooters who have a little bit more in common than just their branding.

Forza 750

Heading the all-new Forza family, and replacing the Honda Integra in the 2021 line-up, let me introduce you to the 750.

Blending together practicality and modern-day technology, the Forza 750 possess all the ingredients for a highly capable and dynamic tourer. Feel its road presence through a new steel diamond frame. Lust over its 745cc 8-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine that now produces 5hp more compared to the older version.

Honda haven't stopped there either. The Forza’s beauty is backed up with some nifty little features – including 22L under-seat storage, USB socket, TFT colour display, smartphone voice control system, keyless start, ABS, 3 riding modes (rain, standard, and sport), and torque control – all working hard to create a scooter that’s ready for action.

Engine 745cc, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 13.2L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 235kg
Seat height 790mm
Price £9,999

Forza 350

Sitting right in between the Forza 125 and 750 I give you Honda’s middle sibling – the 350. New features for this model include…

An extended electric screen for better protection from the ever-changing weather conditions. A liquid-cooled engine for faster acceleration on city streets and motorways. Smartphone voice control system to link your devices. LED headlight, taillight, and indicators for increased visibility. A refined and sporty look, including an updated front fairing, to complement its aerodynamic style.

It’s clear to see that the whole family are reaping the benefits of this 2021 makeover. But I’m afraid name is where the family resemblance stops because, as you can see, the spec varies for each as Honda were keen to riders a  broader selection. Am I the only one wanting one of each? 

Engine 330cc, 28.8 hp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 11.7L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Weight 184kg
Seat height 780mm
Price £5,469

The last stop

Hmm, it seems manufacturers are really keeping their cards close to their chest with the prices and finer details of these new scooters. We’ll just have to keep being patient until further information is released. I’ll update you as and when so keep checking back and keep letting us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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