KYMCO’s brand new 125cc Euro 4 naked motorcycle has now arrived in the UK, ready to offer riders a modern alternative to traditional styles of learner-legal commuter bikes.

The new VSR 125i CBS is an updated & revised version of KYMCO’s best-selling CK1 125 naked sports bike, and looks wise it replicates its predecessor’s sharp styling and edgy street look. It’s underneath this sports design where all the major changes have been made in line with new Euro 4 legislation.

The most significant development is the new fuel-injected 4-stroke air-cooled engine from KYMCO, which makes the VSR ultra-efficient and impressively cheap to run. With a top speed of 65mph, the VSR can achieve well in excess of 100 miles per gallon - ideal for everyday commuting to work or college.

The addition of a new combined braking system will also be welcome news for learner riders. By linking the front and rear disc brakes, the braking experience is more progressive, balanced, and safer.

KYMCO’s VSR promises to take over where the CK1 left off in terms of bridging the gap, cost-wise, between a pricey Japanese bike and a cheaper machine from an unknown manufacturer. The VSR 125i CBS offers riders a quality, reliable machine from a globally trusted manufacturer at an affordable price for learners and commuters of all ages – plus not forgetting its sports styling, which like the CK1 did previously, will set it apart from ‘retro’ styled machines. Competitively priced at only £1,999, the VSR 125i CBS is available to order now from all recognised KYMCO dealers in a choice of three striking colours - Red, Black, Orange and Blue.

In a recent BikeMatters review, Alex took the VSR 125i out for a ride, he explains that "for your £1,999 you’re getting a reliable commuter bike, with good looks and economy at heart. In terms of price point, and compared to others on the market, this is WAY under what some of the Japanese manufacturers will charge for their equivalent models – you can expect a saving of almost £1,000! So, overall if you’re looking for a cheap, reliable commuter get this one on your list!" If you're interested in the VSR 125i make sure you check out the full road test review for more information on what it's like to ride this two-wheeler.

The last stop!

Subsidised insurance & finance offers are also available, plus the VSR comes with a 2-year manufacturers’ unlimited mileage parts & labour warranty. For further information and to find your local KYMCO dealer please visit

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