Ride to Work Week is an initiative that Lexham are getting behind, encouraging people to choose bikes instead of cars to get themselves to work, and here's why...

A recent survey compiled by the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) has estimated that 93% of commuters would say they ride their bikes to work simply for the pleasure they get from it, with other reasons being time-saving (64%) and saving money (46%). It was also found that 60% of riders will commute in all seasons and weather!

As part of Ride to Work week, Lexham have been getting everyone involved and are encouraging everyone to commute happy on two wheels. Not only will everyone get to work quicker and be more aware drivers, they'll also have fun doing it!

The initiative also crosses over with international ride to work day on the 18th June, and both campaigns are something Lexham are obviously very supportive of, this week all of Lexham’s social media platforms will feature content focused on the campaign.

One of the ways that us here at Lexham are supporting this initiative is by bringing in a couple of bikes to the office for our employees to look at – this was the Yamaha RD 350 and a Vespa Piaggio PX, giving our teams a chance to check out some really impressive classic bikes! The Lexham van also made an appearance on the day, which is something you may see at the rallies and events that we attend throughout the year.

These bikes really are something special, and the team here thought so too! There are more photos of the teams checking out the bikes below.

Be sure to stay tuned on our social media pages for the latest updates for Ride to the Workweek, and other content as well.

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