It’s showtime folks! This week saw most of the new 2016 models being released at EICMA in Milan, so what have we got to look forward to?

Firstly for many classic scooter riders the good news is that the PX will live on into 2016. How long for though in it’s present guise we’re not sure. Euro 4 arrives in January (bringing with it compulsory ABS, on board diagnostics and lower emissions limits) so if you want a classic geared two stroke scooter you’d better get one whilst they’re still legal…


The PX, Primavera and GTS will arrive in the new 70th anniversary Azzurro 70 paintwork. The special edition models will also have a brown seat embossed with the Vespa Settantesimo logo, brown leather grips, painted wheels, special decals on the panels and a plate on the glovebox. Sadly that’s as far as the excitement goes for Vespa fans,
although we have a sneaky suspicion that Piaggio will pull out a few surprises in 2016 to celebrate their big


Scomadi have gone from strength to strength in their first year of mass production, there are already close to 300 TL125’s registered in the UK and there’s more to come. EICMA saw the UK based firm launch a new liquid-cooled TL125, as well as their much-anticipated 200 and a new six-speed manual 250. No dates or prices are available yet but we know the four-valve 200 makes a respectable 14bhp at the rear wheel so it should be much more useable as a rally going machine. Although some current TL125 owners might feel like they jumped in too quickly.


LML are also flying the flag for traditional scooter riders, their new Vespa PK clone, the Star Lite will be available for 2016. The automatic Indian built machine will be available as both a 50cc and 125cc and like the rest of the LML range will also come in a variety of garish colours so if you’re a sixteen year old lady and you fancy a bright pink Vespa
lookalike with 1980’s styling you know where to go. It’s good to see a traditional style scooter making a
comeback though, many dads will have started out on a PK back in the mid 1980’s.

Motorcycle Live

If you want to see most of the new machines in the flesh you’d better get yourself down to the NEC for this years Motorcycle Live. The show takes place from 28th November to 6th December and features loads of interactive shows, chances to ride new bikes, have a go at off-road and of course grab a bargain or two. Visit for full details.


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