When we think of adventure bikes the natural image we have is of a huge expensive BMW, loaded to the hilt with all manner of touring extras – most of which aren’t really needed by the less adventurous owner but there are other options for those thrill seekers on a tighter budget…


The engine may only be 250cc but its liquid-cooled and fuel-injected and has actually got quite a bit of torque so it feels quick enough on the road, or off as it happens. The second-generation engine has much better fuel injection than the original one I tested back in 2014 and it also benefits from a vibration-reducing balance shaft so it’s much smoother. 

The 16-litre fuel tank and the engine are very responsive, it’s actually quite powerful for its size and can climb steep hills with ease thanks to its generous torque.


Spec wise you’re getting quite a lot for your money, upside down forks, digital instruments, LED lighting, crash bars and for an extra few quid you also get the luggage set, it’ll have ABS shortly as well. 

The bike goes around corners as well so you can have a bit of fun on the Tarmac and it’d make a great winter commuter but it’s also useful off-road. Long travel suspension, a sump guard, and dual-purpose tyres mean it can handle some gentle green-laning or less serious off-roading. With it being so light it’s much easier to pick up than a larger capacity bike as well - if and when you drop it. As 250cc bikes go you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that’s as much fun and looks as good as this one unless you’re looking at the pricier enduro machines from well-known manufacturers.

The last stop!

Honley might not be a household name but they’re built by one of the more reputable Chinese factories and are backed by a two-year warranty (for more of the best Chinese-built motorcycles check out our Top 10 125cc Chinese Motorcycles article). If you enjoy riding, like something a bit different, and have a tight budget it’s one bike that is well worth a try. Surf over to the Honley Website.

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