We are proud to announce that Lexham Insurance are now the official insurance partner of Sunra UK (Moto Electric)!

And the news of our latest partnership with Moto Electric, the sole UK distributor of the Sunra brand, only helps to further solidify our reputation as a specialist in the two-wheel industry.

With the idea originally created in a garage in Beijing, Sunra is an EV-focused company with the aim of providing electric-powered alternatives that achieve great levels of performance, strong power, accurate control all with the help of smart technology.

Their current range includes a variety of models, ranging from 50cc to 125cc equivalents, all built to tackle the urban playground.

The partnership between the two companies means that Sunra owners will benefit from preferential rates when taking out insurance through Lexham. In addition to that, Lexham’s panel of underwriters aims to keep the cost of zero-emission transport as competitive as possible.

Logan Black of Moto Electric stated that “we’re very pleased to agree this partnership with Lexham. For us, establishing the brand in the UK isn’t just about bringing new products to the market, but ensuring we support both our customers and dealers as comprehensively as possible. Having a trusted insurance partner is an important part of this overall support, of which Lexham are incredibly well-positioned for, thanks to their long-standing experience and great reputation for customer service too”.

Lexham’s Andy Goodson, further commented that “the EV market is of course relatively new to us all, and there are some misconceptions about risks both in terms of theft and in total loss situations. The reality is far more conventional and so we’ve been able to work with underwriters to look at rates from a real-world perspective. As such, we can offer Sunra owners a truly cost effective approach in general to their insurance cover.”

With Sunra’s offerings so competitively priced and Lexham’s rates competitive to begin with (not forgetting those preferential rates), this partnership is set to make it easier for those on the quest to go green.

Last but not least, if you do currently own a Sunra and are looking for an electric motorcycle and scooter quote, give Lexham Insurance a call on 01379 646 529.

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