We know that completing your CBT and riding independently can be quite a daunting task.

The Learner Gang (TLG) is a group of like-minded individuals determined to help young and inexperienced riders with their journey on two wheels by offering friendly advice and assistance to those wanting to get some more miles and experience on the road.

Based on their own nervous experience, they feel by offering this help they will enable more learners to safely transition to everyday use. After all, it is always those first few rides without an instructor behind you that can be the most worrying.

How The Learner Gang started

“As you may know CBT is only one day of training, and once you get on your own bike, that one day is all you have to go by. I completed my own CBT in early February 2019. It was a lovely, clear, sunny day and the roads were dry, but it wasn’t until later that year that I got my first bike, and the first ride I took was in the complete opposite condition! I was still so nervous on the road and I must have come off my bike at least 10 times on that first day of riding!

As new riders ourselves, we understand how daunting it can be, so my best friend Connor and I came up with the idea of forming a support group for newly passed riders.”

Explaining his concerns, Llewellyn’s main motivator behind the group was ensuring newly passed riders were not only comfortable but also safe on the roads.

“If a new rider is nervous on the roads, it’s not only a safety risk to themselves but others too, and I've seen first-hand riders who are fresh off their CBT shaky at the handles and swerving in their lanes. So, the group was created with the aim of forming a community that could give as much help and support to new riders as possible.”

How The Learner Gang help

The support offered by TLG includes organised rides, meet-ups, and BBQs (though not through lockdowns) that allow members to share stories, advice and ultimately make themselves more aware of the dangers faced on the road.

These organised events give members a safe place where they can develop their skills and gain real experience. Starting on quieter roads, riders are able to slowly build up their abilities until they feel able and confident enough to ride on much busier roads.  

With the help of its members, TLG are branching out and continuing to put its stamp on the local area. From raising money for charity to their newest project ‘Meals on 2 wheels’, focusing on helping elderly residents with their weekly food shopping, this group is going above and beyond to help all different members of their community.

As the group is aimed at younger riders, TLG’s main communications are through their social media accounts and their online presence has helped those interested find and communicate with all members. Now, the group has snowballed and grown in ways that Llewellyn could only have dreamed!

"We started as one group based in Swindon and it wasn’t long until we soon started welcoming new people to our little group. We made an Instagram page posting pictures of our bikes and after a few weeks, I received a message from a bike group in Berkshire who, after spotting us online, wanted to know if they could form a support team in the name of TLG there.

After that I had another group contact me asking the same question. Now we have groups all over the UK including Swindon, London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Brighton, Luton, and Glasgow.”

Find out more on The Learner Gang:

If you are looking to contact ‘The Learner Gang’ please find the links to their social channels below.

The Learner Gang on Facebook

The Learner Gang on Instagram

From learning the highway code to signaling, we understand the amount of information you need to remember after passing your CBT and the fact that you actually need to remember it all while riding. If you feel like you need to give your mind a refresh read our article on 6 things to remember after completing your CBT.

Additional motorcycle training

We can’t explain how important it is for younger riders to have somewhere to turn for support if they are feeling nervous or uncomfortable when setting off on the roads for the first time and for that we thank you TLG!

The Learner Gang are a group doing their best to assist other learners on two wheels, however, it is important to confirm they are not offering professional Motorcycle training. They are simply doing what they can to assist the community and help new riders get valuable experience during a normally nervous time.

If you ever feel unsafe on the road, it is always best to seek further advice and training from an official Motorcycle Training school or body.