It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Honda Dax on the market. But after 41 long years, the ST125 Dax once again takes its rightful place alongside the MSX125 Grom and Monkey in the brand’s minibike line-up.

The new ST125 Dax has a lot to show off and we’ve got the 7 most important things you need to know coming right up!

1. Origins

Developed to "have lower and longer proportions (compared to the Monkey) that allowed adults to have a more relaxed riding position as well as ride two-up”, the Dax has taken a few forms over the years.

Starting the trend, the original model and iconic shape were born in 1969. Following in 1972, we saw the 1972 ST90 Mighty Dax, 1973 CY50 Nauty Dax, 1995 ST50 Dax and now, the 2022 ST125 Dax.

Focusing on the most simple of riding pleasures right from the word go, this new Dax carries on the legacy that started it all.

There will be a lot of nostalgia with this model as I’m sure many of you will have loved or even owned one in your youth. But with its abundance of retro styling (more on this in a moment), it’s also a model that will appeal and catch the eyes of younger owners too.

2. Simplistic nature

As with most mini-bikes, the ST125 Dax keeps it simple. With its minimalist styling and detailing as well as easy-going nature, I think it’s the simplicity that gives this bike such a lovely look and charm .

3. Styling

The circular headlight, 1970’s dirt bike-inspired upswept muffler and high-set handlebars make it unmistakeably as iconic as the original but also equally full of oh so popular real retro looks.

I must also mention that little cartoon graphic of a sausage dog on the Dax’s side too. It wears it so proudly and it’s just so cute! I mean, how often do you see a bike with a cartoon on it? But it’s actually there for a reason and that’s because the T-shaped frame is comparable to that of a sausage dog – hence where the Dax gets its name.

There is so much attention to detail here. With its chrome detailing, black side stripe with ‘Dax’ written in a quirky font and the cool little cartoon of this mini-bike’s mini mascot, the finishing touches are fun and really give it a personality of its own.

Available in two different colourways, ‘Pearl Nebula Red’ and ‘Pearl Cadet Grey’, these really bring it all together. Both look great and it’s damn near impossible to decide which I like more, but the ‘Pearl Cadet Grey’ just beats the ‘Pearl Nebula Red’ to the finish line for me! It’s a lot more understated and really highlights the simplistic nature the Dax has been built on.

There’s no doubt about it that over the years to try and fill the void left by the Honda Dax, we’ve seen others, especially from China, try to offer their own version by using that same styling. None have quite been able to do it quite like Honda so it’s great to see the real deal make its return!

4. Engine

It’s a 124cc SOHC two-valve engine drawn from the new Super Cub C125 that powers this pocket rocket. This engine brings with it the same levels of efficient and durable power, 9.2 hp and 10.8Nm @ 5,000rpm to be precise.

5. Chassis

As I already mentioned, it’s the T-shaped frame that makes this model so recognisable.

Alongside that, the ST125 Dax features a 775mmn seat heigh, USD forks, twin rear shocks and 12-inch wheels. The total weight for the ST125 Dax comes in at a teeny tiny 107kg so it’s going to be easy to manage and extremely fun to ride.

6. Technology and equipment

It might be rocking the old school retro, but Honda still packs the Dax with some decent tech including LED lights, round, negative LCD and single-channel ABS bring this model right up to date.

7. Price and release

It’s very much on the way but when it will be officially released is still unclear. The same thing applies to the ST125 Dax’s price. Honda is being very tight-lipped regarding the finer details but I’m sure we won’t have to wait too much longer (I hope)!


Engine 124cc, 9.2 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 3.8L
Brakes Front: Single 220mm hydraulic disc with IMU-based ABS
Rear: Single 190mm hydraulic disc
Suspension Front: Telescopic 31mm USD fork, 100mm axle travel
Rear: Twin shock, 120mm axle travel
Seat height 775mm
Weight 107kg
Price TBC

The last stop

Honda have their pockets full of mini-bikes and after a long 41 years, it’s been a long time since we’ve since this little guy on the market but boy oh boy are we pleased to see its revival! With its minibike charm, classic retro looks, the Dax is entering a market where it’s truly in fashion again, but what do you think? Are you happy to see this faithful old friend back? Or are you yet to experience the Dax? Let me know in the comments below now!

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