Originating in Spain, the Fatbee H1 has powered its motor and expanded into the UK electric scooter market.

As we all start to make more conscious decisions on the way we travel, electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular and more common on our city streets. And seeing their ongoing list of benefits – cheap to run, less maintenance and a quieter ride – we can understand why. So, it’s no surprise that Fatbee are jumping into the market with something a little bit different which provides a simple, convenient, and sustainable solution to make going green that little bit easier.

New and alternative to what’s currently available, the Fatbee H1 is an electric scooter that is set to not only unlock your freedom but your experiences too.

With it’s noticeable stripped down and rather bare look, with high bars and fat tyres, the Fatbee offers a very unique look when compared to most in the general electric scooter market. The option of using up to 3 lithium-ion batteries, providing a combined maximum 70-mile range (each battery provides a 20-25-mile range), allows you to get from A to B more environmentally friendly and efficiently. A digital speedo, reverse gear, and engine with a 1.5Kw power output provides you with everything you need and makes light work of your morning commute.

Hydraulic front and rear discs, double saddle seat and 70kg weight (including the battery) provides comfort and ensures this is an easy to ride, L-plate friendly scoot. With a range of different colours, all with easily changeable mudguards, you’ll have an option for everyday of the week. 

Classed as a zero-emission vehicle, with charging costs equalling around 1 penny per mile, this pocket-pleasing rocket is wrapped up in a cost-effective and eco-friendly bow. Make sure to check out their website for more information as currently they are only available online from £2,249.00.