There is a huge selection of cycle crash helmets out there and in so many different styles, does it really make much difference what one you get?

Giro - Advances in Cycle Helmet TechnologyYou purchase a helmet because everyone wears one when cycling and it goes with getting a bike – they are a very important piece of safety equipment. Some of us might get a cheap and cheerful helmet thinking it’s just another bit of kit, it doesn’t fit well, but hey it does the job….

Or does it?

If a helmet doesn’t fit properly then it can cause facial injury, and there is even the possibility of it coming off during an accident! Helmets are very important and can save your life. I have some friends this year who have crashed and would not be here if they hadn’t worn one.

Advancements and Current Designs

I’ve been looking into helmets, how they work and also on advances in helmet design and technology.

I came across a company based in Switzerland called MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). Their patent is called Slip Plane, which they say helps prevent rotational injury in your helmet. They suggest that the outside of the helmet should be smooth so it would slide along the ground in the event of an accident and not stick to the surfaces which could cause your neck to jerk.

It makes sense then that the rounder shaped helmets which seem to be dominating the market right now with the slicker look are designed more to this principle and so it would seem that many manufacturers are favouring this design style for safety already.

Slip Plane - Inner Lining

My attempt to explain in a simple way on how the inside of this revolutionary helmet liner works…

The Slip Plane idea is the use of two layers inside the helmet, to help the head rotate on impact, allowing very slight movement, this is meant to reduce the rotational movement on impact which is where brain injury occurs.

Smith - Advances in Cycle Helmet TechnologySo does this all work?

Well it would seem this new technology has impressed as a lot of manufacturers are using this in their new helmets.

Bell, Lazer, Giro, Bontrager and Poc are just a few of the many helmet manufacturers using this latest Slip Plane technology for not just cycle helmets but also skate, motorcycle and ski helmets.


If you are keen to purchase a new helmet with the latest advancement in helmet technology then why not, it can’t do any harm. To see this latest technology be included in all the big manufacturers new helmet designs is proof in itself that this advancement is the way to go for safety.

Check out for yourself at

Out of favour?

Have you noticed that there are not so many aero helmets which have a long aero section at the back of the helmets now? Reading between the lines it would seem that if sliding along the ground the rear could potentially get caught on the ground resulting in the helmet twisting and jerking your neck, it is also said that it’s more aerodynamic.

A tip for when buying a cycle helmet

Get one without any ridges and nice smooth edges on the air vents so it won’t snag when sliding. Be aware also that camera and light mounts can also cause the helmet to snag, jolt or catch obstructions that prevents the helmet from sliding.