The second in our ‘vloggers to follow’ series is our seven ultimate road bike vloggers we think are worthy of a watch.

We’ve scoured the web, asked for recommendations, and watched hours of bike vlog footage to pull together this list - it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it!

So whether you're an amateur road racer, commute by bicycle or simply ride for fun, we’re sure these vlogs will inspire you.

Jasper Verkuijl 16k subscribers

A great watch for cycling fanatics, Jasper Verkuijl’s channel has really taken off in the last year. Here you will find videos about rides and races in a lot of different places - from Holland to Mexico, LA to Hong Kong, there is no limit to this cyclist’s adventuring.

Jasper’s personable vlogs also include tips and tricks on training, maintenance, and riding. His twelve-minute video on how to prepare your bike for winter has gained over sixteen thousand views.

“I started cycling when I was 5, on a BMX bike. I've been racing BMX for many many years and had great accomplishments. Including podium spots on European and World Championships, of which I'm really proud of. I have transferred to the road bike 2 years ago and only started racing on the road this year! (2017)” - Jasper Verkiujl

Subscribe to his channel and go along for the ride!

Juliet Elliott 12k subscribers

Award-winning bike blogger over at Bikes-n-Stuff, Juliet Elliot also has her own YouTube channel. So who is she? She’s a multi-discipline cyclist living right here in the UK, a journalist, freelance creative, and most impressively of all, a British Cycling coach.

What can you expect? Juliet shares plenty of ride videos, race clothing reviews, and training advice. Earlier this year she held an ‘ask me anything’ session which gained over eleven thousand views.

She races track, road, cyclocross and mountain bikes and has landed sponsorship from Assos and Vans.

Cycling Maven 45k subscribers

Cycling Maven is brought to you by Australian self-proclaimed bike-nerd, Mark Ferguson. He rides recreationally as well as for commuting and enjoys road cycling, mountain biking, and track cycling.

Over on his YouTube channel, Cycling Maven, you will find lifestyle vlogs, cycling tips, and onboard race footage. Mark is well worth a follow on his Instagram too - his stories are awesome!

His super-friendly approach and use of drones to capture stunning scenery make his videos well worth a watch.

Cycling Cam 12k subscribers

One of our fave British road bike vloggers right now is 21 year old Cameron Jeffers. He’s a Cat 1 cyclist, on a quest to break into the ranks of professional cycling and is one to watch in our opinion.

His videos are a good mix of cycling-centred lifestyle, training and racing experiences. In a recent interview, he talked about the importance of being unique in the world of vlogging, and listed Casey Neistat and Jon Olsson as his inspirations.

This up and coming young cyclist also uses Zwift in some of his training videos. For those not familiar with Zwift, it is essentially static indoor cycling linked up to a laptop or mobile device, where you ride as part of immersive, real-time game with fellow athletes.

The Vegan Cyclist 43k subscribers

One of the biggest names in the cycle vlogging world is cat 2 road cyclist from California, The Vegan Cyclist, real name Tyler Pearce. His videos have earnt him a whopping forty-three thousand subscribers, and it’s no wonder - his passion for bikes is infectious!

Tyler’s well-produced, vlogs consist of cycling tips, amateur race breakdowns with power overlays, and videos of his race days. Whilst vegan is in his title, in his own words, Tyler does not preach this, he just lives it!

”I guarantee you will enjoy my videos as a cyclist or your money back!”

EmRidesBikes 3k Subscribers

EmRidesBike is a cycling vlogger whose videos consist of a good balance of cycling, kit reviews and fun snippets. She rides with kit from Eliel Cycling, Maap, Scody, Black Sheep Cycling amongst other big brand names

She is from Brisbane, Australia and most of her rides take place in and around the area, and so feature great scenery. A review from a forum member described her style as feeling “personal without being mundane, like a good chat with your cycling buddy”!

BobkeTV 14k subscribers

BobkeTV is the YouTube channel of professional cyclist, author and television sports commentator, Bob Roll. He was a member of the 7-Eleven Cycling team until 1990 and raced mountain bikes professionally up until 1998.

On his channel Bob gives his views on all things cycling. From tips to race coverage, kit reviews to crash vids. His vlogging style was described on a Bike Radar forum as “if your very eccentric American uncle did a weekly round-up”.

Final Thoughts

If you are left wanting more of a fix, why not take a look at Francis Cade, a London based rider who adds videos almost daily and has racked up a massive 23k subscribers.

Also worth a look is Harley Johnstone, better known as Durianrider. You can find his cycling tips channel here, but be warned this controversial vlogger is either loved or hated by viewers.

Finally, the GCN (Global Cycling Network) has a YouTube channel with a mind-blowing 1.2million subscribers. The channel puts you in the centre of the action with world-class racing and pro riders.

Whether you’re looking for pro bike tips, cycling news, onboard race footage, or just some light bike-related viewing, there are so many fantastic Road Bike YouTubers out there, and we hope you enjoy checking out our recommendations.