Boom, just like that loads of new scooters and motorcycles have been announced around the EICMA show in Milan and 2020 will see some awesome new scooters hit the market!

Fresh off my visit to Motorcycle Live, I thought now is the perfect time to get my thoughts together and produce a list of my picks for the 7 Best Scooters for 2020. It‘ll be a right mix of modern, retro and maxi so hopefully something for every scooter fan. Make sure to let me know your choice/s in the comments section at the end of the blog.

Right, so let’s go straight to number 7 shall we?

7. Honda SH 125

The Honda SH is an extremely popular scooter since its launch in 2005, pop into any big town or city and chances are you would see loads buzzing around the urban traffic. The SH is definitely more of a commuter’s friend than a stand-out looker. With Honda’s impressive reliability and economical performance is it a surprise the SH sells in such numbers? For 2020 though the SH has had a bit of a freshen up with a restyle and performance & efficiency increased.

Not the best-looking scooter in my opinion but definitely a dependable workhorse, the SH125 is a great start to this list taking the number seven spot.

Honda SH 125 spec for 2020

  • New Euro-5 liquid cooled four-valve eSP+ Engine (increased efficiency). Which produces 12.3bhp at 8250rpm ( that’s 0.4bhp more than the old version and at slightly lower revs too)
  • ‘Stop start’ fuel saving system
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control
  • Extra 10 litres of under-seat storage thanks to a new tubular steel under-bone frame.
  • Price: TBC

6. Vespa Racing Sixties (Sprint & GTS Super Models Only)

Although there are no new releases from Italian Scooter legends Vespa there is a whole new series inspired by the 60’s aptly named the ‘Racing Sixties’.

The Racing Sixties will be available on the Vespa Sprint (50cc, 125cc & 150cc versions) and the GTS Super (125cc and 300cc versions). Colourway options will be red and white or green and yellow. Along with the graphics the Racing Sixties will include a brand-new soft nubuck seat and golden wheels for even extra nostalgia.

As the Racing Sixties is basically new colourway options, and not a new model the Racing Sixties just misses out on the top five of this list, and finds itself at number six for me.

Vespa Racing Sixties spec for 2020

  • Available on the Sprint or GTS Super
  • Red and White or Green and Yellow colourway options
  • Gold wheels
  • All new soft nubuck seat
  • Price: dependant on model chosen

5. Supersoco CPx

Electric specialists Supersoco continue to push the electric scooter capabilities with the all-new CPx. As you’d expect with a new electric model, the CPx will see increased range & top speed along with a quicker charge time. Weighing in at just 135kg, the CPx remains relatively light, and with new improved performance, these electric scooters really are closing the gap on combustion engine 125s. From the rumours we’ve heard the price might well surprise you too as it will cost from £3599.

We here at BikeMatters have reviewed the CPx, and the electric model finds its way into a category still dominated by combustion engines.

Supersoco CPx spec for 2020

  • 4000w motor producing 126ftlb torque (with a stated top speed of 55mph)
  • Two 60v/45Ah batteries which can be charged in 3.5 hours
  • Range of up to 85 miles on a full charge
  • Reverse button
  • Price: £3599

4. Yamaha Tricity 300

The all new Tricity 300 has gone with a new and aggressive look which has really pushed it up in the looks department when compared to its older sibling the Tricity 125 (hopefully this will get the same treatment too). The big news about the 300 version is that it can be ridden on a car licence in the UK.

The Tricity will be powered by the economical 292cc blue core engine derived from the XMax 300 and will produce around 38.9bhp. When it comes to steering and suspension the Tricity 300 will be using the same twin front wheel suspension system from the 125cc version.

As a three wheeler many won't like it's inclusion in this list and fair play, but with its new radical look, and sharing the traits of maxi scooters the Tricity for me had to be included, though with a very tightly contested top three, the Tricity finds itself at number four.

Yamaha Tricity 300 spec for 2020

• Automatic tilt lock assist system
• 267mm front and rear discs
• 13 litre fuel tank
• LCD instruments
• Large storage
• 292cc Blue core motor
• Price: £TBC

3. Royal Alloy TG 300

The all new Tigara Grande series from Royal Alloy has been teased for some time now and I think it is fair to say it doesn’t disappoint.

I had seen the photos from EICMA, but it was only when I say the TG at Motorcycle Live that I really appreciated it’s beauty.

Royal Alloy’s models have stuck to that gorgeous Lambretta styling of old and their new flagship scooter the TG is no exception, though is clearly designed more at Series 2 Lambrettas. Retro styled scooters are big business in recent years, and it seems Royal Alloy are willing to push development further and not just rely on the GT and GP series. The TG will get that long awaited 300cc engine, which will please many I am sure – I don’t think it will be long until we see many TG 300s buzzing to scooter rallies in my opinion.

The TG looks like a fantastic scooter and for me deciding it's place in this list was incredibly difficult as on another day it could easily sit at number one, for now though the TG sits at proudly at number three in all it's retro glory. It is worth mentioning the TG will also be available as a learner friendly 125.

Royal Alloy TG 300 spec for 2020

• Predominantly steel body
• Cast aluminium headset and horn cast.
• King and queen seat (same as the GP)
• Full colour TFT Speedometer & Gemlights
• Price: TBC

2. Italjet Dragster

Hot damn! I don’t think anyone was really expecting to hear that the scooter legend which is the Italjet Dragster will be returning in its new radical guise to the UK – well you better believe it! Fresh off EICMA in Milan, UK scooter importer MotoGB confirmed the deal by displaying the sporty liquid cooled bad boy on their stand at Motorcycle Live 2019. We know there will be an initial 499 units created, but how many of these will hit the UK shores is not yet known.

It’s great to see Italjet keep performance at the heart of the Dragster design, with the liquid cooled motors right on the limits. The 125 especially is right on the cusp of legality by coming in just shy of that 125cc 15bhp limit at an incredible 14.9 horses – not bad for a scooter!

These sporty little beasts will come at a cost but considering the spec, design and likely rarity I think that is to be expected. The figures for Europe have been confirmed at €5000 for the 125cc version and €5500 for the 200cc, so I think it is fair to say in the UK prices will be £5000 plus.

I reckon numbers of the Dragster in the UK will be very limited, so I can't quite give it the number one spot (however excited I am to see it return to the UK) so that's why it is a solid number two!

Italjet Dragster spec for 2020

• 125cc version producing 14.9bhp, 200cc version producing 19.8bhp
• Trellis frame
• Biturbo suspension
• Pirelli types
• Brembo Calipers
• Price: TBC - (Expect £5000+)

1. Yamaha T-Max 560

Yes, the ever popular T-Max clinches the number one spot! The Yamaha T-Max is one of the kings of the maxi scooter market and has been since its launch in 2001. Roll onto 2020 and the newest and most powerful T-Max to date is set to be released. The new T-Max is going larger capacity this time with a new Euro5 two-cylinder 560cc engine which produces 46.9bhp (thankfully we here at BikeMatters have managed to get our hands on the Yamaha T-Max so go ahead and check out our full road-test review!).

The new top spec ‘Tech Max’ version was displayed at Motorcycle Live too so hopefully Yamaha might decide to release that in the UK as well. Back to the standard 560 though and the spec is pretty impressive including 41mm USD forks at the front, monotone TFT instrument panel and Yamaha’s smart key.

There are some big players in the Maxi scooter market like Suzuki, Honda and Kymco – with the T-Max 560, Yamaha are pushing things on further to try and keep themselves towards the top of that tree.

With how incredibly popular the T-Max is and with these new improvements the T-Max just edged ahead of the Royal Alloy TG and Italjet Dragster to claim number one on this list.

Yamaha T-Max 560 spec for 2020

• 560cc Euro5 engine producing 46.9bhp
• New sporty body panel design
• Lightweight aluminium frame
• Traction Control
• 2 Level D-mode
• Monotone TFT instrument panel
• 41mm USD front suspension
• Smart key (keyless ignition)
• Price: TBC


Best New Scooters For 2020 Summary

There you go, that is my top 7 new scooters for 2020, do you agree or would you choose differently? Make sure to let me know in the comments what you would choose.

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