If you’re anything like us, the signs of the warmer weather had you reaching for your bike leathers.

But, although the weather is perfect for a leisurely ride, the country being on lockdown has well and truly squashed any chance of a spring ride. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to get your bike fix while you’re on lockdown.

1. Cleaning up your bike

Now we know you all take pride in your bikes, but we’re all guilty of avoiding the mundane weekly wash when a quick ride is on the cards. So, why not take advantage of the lockdown and get the toothbrush out for a deep clean of your motorcycle or scooter.

If you’re ready to get the wax out and give your bike the TLC it deserves, check out our step by step guide to cleaning your motorcycle.

2. Preparing your bike for riding season

Ok, we know it’s a frustrating time right now, but this pandemic will not go on forever. So, now is the perfect time to prepare your bike for when the lockdown is lifted.

Whether you’ve been keeping your bike in storage or you’ve been using it throughout winter, there’s plenty of maintenance tasks you can carry out that will keep your bike feeling great when you get back on the road. Things like checking your tyres, your fluid levels and your chain can all be done from home.

Check out our guide to preparing your bike for riding for full instructions.

3. Head over to Youtube

Whether you’re interested in bike maintenance, racing or reviews, there’s a wealth of Youtube channels out there to help you get your biking fix while you’re stuck indoors.

There’s so much content out there to choose from when it comes to motovloggers, some great, and some not so great. We’ve rounded up our top 7 motovloggers if you’re stuck for who to watch. We also have our very own channel, Bike Matters, where you can watch our team carry out challenges, review bikes and much more...

4. Make a Wish List

You may be confined to your home right now, but there’s no reason not to dream of what you’ll do when we’re allowed out again. Why not use up some of that spare time adding all of those must-have accessories to your own wish list?It is always good fun checking out new bike products on motorcycle dealers and accessory websites!

5. Get reading

Nothing beats the boredom being at home better than a good book. And, why read just any book when you can grab a motorcycle themed read? Whether you prefer a biographical read or a fictional story, there’s plenty of great options out there to help you while away the time.

If you’re a fan of a biography, we recommend the Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. This book recounts the journey Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman took travelling from London to New York, totalling 20,000 miles in four months.

MCN has compiled a list of the top 9 motorcycle books to check out.

6. Get watching

Since the lockdown, streaming services, such as Netflix, have had to reduce their streaming quality due to the increased usage during the lockdown. So, now is the perfect time to dust off those old DVDs and rewatch some classic motorcycle movies. From Quadrophenia to Top Gun, there’s so many memorable motorcycle moments for you to get your teeth stuck into. One of our top picks right now is The Ride London to Beijing, available on Amazon Prime Video.

Still stuck with what to watch? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 motorcycle movie moments to help you out.

7. Get listening

Whether you’re a playlist or a podcast listener, time to get reminiscing of your riding adventures! Whether it be your favourite scooter rally tune or a track that simply reminds you of your biking buddies

8. Plan your next adventure

It may seem gloomy now, but the lockdown will end, and we don’t know about you but the first thing we’ll be doing is jumping back on our bikes. Don’t let your first ride after lockdown be a letdown when you have the perfect planning period. Get the maps out, plan your route, and find where you’ll fuel yourself and your bike!

If you need a little help planning, we’ve created a list of the top motorcycle apps for iOS and Android.

9. Write your bucket list

Whether you’re a scooter or a motorcycle rider, chances are you haven’t completed everything you want to do on your bike, and if you’re like us you’ve probably never written it all down before either. Now’s the perfect time to get your pen and paper ready and make your bikers bucket list. No matter how big or small, whether it’s passing your test or biking around the world, a personalised bucket list will get you pumped for when we’re allowed out again.

We’ve compiled a list of the top picks for a scooterist bucket list if you need some inspiration.

10. Volunteer

If you’re stuck at home with nothing to do and a motorcycle or moped that works, why not volunteer during the pandemic? Although there is a temporary pause on applications to be an NHS Volunteer Responder there are a lot of other ways you can help during this time.

There are many people who are at a higher risk when it comes to coronavirus who had been advised to stay indoors for 12 weeks. One way you can help your community is to work with your local churches, community centres and even local Facebook groups to help with delivering food and medicine to these groups.

If you’re not ready to hang up your bike helmet just yet, read our tips for volunteering during the COVID 19 pandemic.