125cc Motorcycles for a lot of people are the machines where the passion for 2 wheels start.

There are many people out there from different backgrounds in different scenarios who have a beloved 125cc which is their reliable and economical method of transport, you personally may not have got one yet but let's tempt you with convenient, affordable and economical freedom which 125cc motorcycles offer.

Let's talk stats - the brief interesting kind that is; 125cc motorbikes are a stable for the UK and the sales of the "entry level" machines of 51-125cc scooters & Motorcycles are the current biggest selling engine band going. July 2015 saw 4,660 units sold that's 2213 more bikes than its closest performing engine band (651cc-1000cc) with 2,447 sold, that's not bad is it! Continuining to look at the July 2015 stats from the Motorcycle Industry Association, and 125s even have a strong performance in the motorcycle style categories for example leading the way in the custom category is the conveniently titled Yamaha YBR 125 Custom, Naked bike sector is dominated by the Honda CB125F and it's sporty cousin the Honda CBR 125 (photo) sits at the top spot in the supersport bracket. 125cc Motorcycles are popular and for very good reasons.

The choice is yours

There are so many 125 motorcycles out there so whatever your fancy, there is a 125cc out there for you. Off-road, sports, naked, custom whatever you have your heart set on there is quite some choice available. From more renown European and Japanese manufacturers to cheaper entry level machines from the likes of China and Taiwan there are bikes for most budgets.

Today's motorcycle market is far different from even that of 10 years ago when as a mere teenager I brought a rather poor conditioned Suzuki GS125 with the only modification being duct tape on the ripped seat as that's all my budget could muster. With the impartial hat on, let's have a closer look at some examples of some new bikes on the market - but remember there are some cracking second hand bargains about as well, but do some research beforehand, don't rush and get the right bike for you.

Let's start off with everyday bikes which can be used as a daily run around and first up the entry-level Lexmoto Venom. The Chinese made Venom starts at an incredibly low £1349.99, the air-cooled single cylinder 125cc motor produces 11 horse powers with a top speed of 68mph, not bad hey? Wanting to go for a big brand name, let's look at a bike popular with the masses the bullet proof Yamaha YBR (photo). This bike has been available in one form or another for some years now and for good reason, owners love them. Prices start at £2599 for the Yamaha machine, which also has an air-cooled motor at 10bhp.

Wanting something different? Well if getting on the open road while wearing an open face helmet and black leather jacket is more the look you're going for then you will no doubt look at the cruiser / custom category. As you would guess there are a fair few rather nice chromey models about such as Kymco with the laid back and cool Zing 2 starting from £2599, cheaper still Sinnis Cruisestar at only £1599.

View the bike/s in person, talk to the staff about them, have a sit and ride if allowed (and legal), get a feel to see if the bike is right for you.

Money and time can be saved on two wheels

With bikes starting at quite reasonable prices brand new, road tax at £17 for the year (for -150cc bikes) and normally pretty decent fuel economy around 100 miles to the gallon getting on the road with a 125cc can definitely save you money in the long run. Yes the initial outlay won't bring happiness to your bank account but it won't take long for you to notice the difference - and the freedom!

Just by having a quick sneak onto Google and looking up railway fares; a 12 month railway card to travel from Diss, Norfolk to Ipswich comes in at a stonking £2,220, and that's just the train you might well need to spend on taxi's, buses etc and what about if you wish to visit other places. With plenty of free parking for motorcycles available and also the fact (currently) that motorcycles are congestion fee exempt, there are plenty of advantages. Another big bonus with bikes? Travel times! I'm not talking about riding at break neck speeds and doing silly things, I mean safely filtering when it's OK to do so. Bikers have long since known how much time can be saved on 2 wheels and in recent years more reports have come out proving the fact, 2Commute.co.uk have an article covering the MCI's very own commuter challenge which you can read here 2commute.co.uk . So not only will you mostly likely save money compared to most other transport alternatives, you will normally cover your distance in a shorter time, have more fun doing so and have the extra freedom also.

It may not be a sports bike capable of silly acceleration and speed but...

Time to sound like a mum now; wear decent protective motorcycle clothing and always make sure to buy it from a reputable source. Barry down the pub might not seem a bad guy but don't go buying things like helmets when you don't know if it's 100% genuine - there are some horrifying stories out there about dodgy motorcycle helmets, don't become another one of them. When it comes to bike safety don't compromise, we think that we won't ever have an accident but who does before a crash, "I think I'm going to have a crash today darling I better wear my motorcycle jacket"... it doesn't happen like that and even falling at slow speeds can cause a lot of damage. Getting protective clothing doesn't have to be expensive, just make sure it is good quality and passed all the UK requirements, tempted looking up helmets then look up the SHARP helmet rating scheme and see what rating the helmets you're interested in have, it might well help you make your mind up.

Training time

So you're convinced it's time to get a bike (Wahoo!) now it's time to see what training you need to do; we have blogs dedicated to getting on the road whether it's a CBT and riding around with L plates or working your way through to get a full licence so you can ride large capacity bikes, we have the details you need.

Motorcycle Training – Part 1: Licence and Theory

Motorcycle Training – Part 2: The CBT

Motorcycle Training – Part 3: Larger Motorcycles

Motorcycle Training – Part 4: Taking the test

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