They say the best things come in small packages and the same applies to our list today because, in this new blog, we’re looking at the best 125cc Retro Motorcycles available for 2021!

Whilst this is a list for 2021, some of the models featured are Euro 4, so we can’t guarantee the availability of all throughout 2021, but we will try to update when more details are announced for each model.

But let’s jump straight into it!

Mutt Razorback

Designed by the Birmingham-based manufacturer, Mutt’s 125cc retro offering comes in the form of the Razorback.

Taking inspiration from the vintage bikes of the past, a distinct front headlight, low-rise handlebars, slimline seat, skinny fuel tank, and stainless-steel stubby exhaust flaunt this retro-looker’s 70’s styling.

In addition to this, a tall 880mm seat height allows for an upright riding position, and inverted forks, and wide yokes absorb bumps in the road so the rider can feel confident and comfortable when out and about. 

Mutt’s Razorback has everything you’d expect from a 125cc including rider-friendly controls, 5-speed transmission, CBS, and bags of attitude – all as standard.

For this category, the price is slightly higher, coming in at £3,495, but for a Mutt motorcycle, you’re paying for that custom look the brand is known for.

Engine 125cc, 12 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 11L
Brakes Front and rear disc 
Seat height 880mm
Weight 112kg
Price (starting from) £3,495 (+OTR)

Hanway Muscle 125

With a reputation for producing affordable bikes, Hanway are entering our list next with their Muscle 125.

Using the same frame and engine as their Black Cafe Racer, but with a bit of extra Muscle, this beefcake is bringing sturdy and sporty looking aesthetics to the table, and with that bikini fairing, stainless steel exhaust, and indented tank it’s a real retro head-turner!

It’s got all the 125cc new-rider essentials too including wide, high handlebars, chunky tyres, comfortable riding position, and a whopping 17L fuel tank, the biggest on the list, so you’ll definitely be spending less time and more time out and about on the road.

Priced at £2,399, if you’re looking for a piggy-bank-friendly first bike that’s easy to ride with tons of vintage charm and attitude then Hanway’s Muscle is your man.  

Engine 124.6cc, 10.4 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 17L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 720mm
Weight 110kg
Price (starting from) £2,399 (+OTR)

FB Mondial Pagani 1948 Sports Classic 125

Named after Nello Pagani, the pilot who first ran and won with the FB Mondial in 1948, this is a bike with some history that will feel more than at home on our list.

The Pagani 1948 houses a perky little 124cc liquid-cooled engine that reaches 14.7 hp, making it not only the most powerful on the list but also the only entry with a liquid-cooled engine.

Dripping with stylish features including chrome shotgun exhausts, a stunning blue colourway, and sporty lines makes this a real classic looker that pays homage to an icon. 

The Pagani may be lacking a few of the gadgets that will attract the new blood to the scene, but if you’re after a bike that’s easy to handle and more than happy to blast round those backroads, with decent front and rear suspension and a comfy riding position, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

FB Mondial’s Pagani 1948 has the engine and performance the others don’t, and this, therefore, does reflect in the price as, at £3,599, it’s the most expensive option on our list today. But if you’re searching for a bike that’s set to be a timeless treasure that could keep up with some of the Japanese rivals then open your wallet and let FB Mondial take your money.

For those who have fallen in love with this model but want a bit more of a punch then the Pagani 1948 is also available in a 300cc variant.

Engine 124cc, 14.7 hp, liquid-cooled
Fuel tank 9.5L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 785mm
Weight 133kg
Price (starting from) £3,599 (+OTR)

Bullit Hero 125

Are you holding out for a hero? Has he got to be strong and got to be fast? Well, fresh from the fight, up next is Bullit’s Hero.

Wide handlebars, round front headlamp, bench-style seat, high-level exhaust, Bullit’s subtle branding and a number of fruity colour schemes provide this scrambler with a fierce attitude and authentic vintage looks that won’t just get newbies excited but also all those retro enthusiasts.

Through CBS, Kingstone chunky tyres, an upright riding position, and front forks, the Hero mixes everything we love about custom classics with modern technology. And as it houses a tried and tested engine, the Suzuki GN125’s in fact, that reaches 11.6 hp, the Hero is ideal for city commuting or those weekend blasts.

Larger than life, Bullit’s Hero continues to be a smart-looking, Chinese-built bike that’s full of character and screams cool.

Engine 125cc, 11.6 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 9L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 860-910mm
Weight 121kg
Price (starting from) £2,649

Brixton Felsberg 125 XC

In that Brixton classic-cool throwback style, the Felsberg 125 XC is bringing vintage metal to the street.

As standard, Brixton’s Felsberg XC has all those nice modern-day essentials needed for the daily grind including LED lights, LED indicators, CBS, digital speedo, and an air-cooled engine reaching 11 hp.

But on top of all this, the Felsberg has been designed to reflect the image of a classic enduro. Expect to see chunky off-road credentials such as a high-front mudguard, fat treads, windshield, and upper-body protection. So, if you are itching to rip up the road or take on the dirt, the Felsberg will support you every step of the way.

Moving onto looks and with retro lines, those enduro-inspired features and the selection of matt finishes give this bike an incredible amount of stylish and sporty swagger.

Brixton’s Felsberg is a 125cc that’s born to be wild. Whether that be riding through concrete jungles or where the road stops, that’s up to you. Coming in at just under £3k also means this is another pocket-pleasing choice.

Engine 125cc, 11 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 14L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 782mm
Weight 134kg
Price (starting from) £2,999

Lexmoto Tempest

Bridging the gap between good looks and affordability, Lexmoto are a brand that will never go out of style, and things haven’t changed with their retro-inspired Tempest.

It blends modern-day tech with old-school looks by following classic scrambler styling – knobbly tyres, twin rear shocks, elevated exhaust, and seat – and the use of rider-friendly features for convenience – USB charger, digital display, and CBS.

With its air-cooled engine reaching 9.7 hp, the Tempest is the least powerful on our list, but as this is a 125cc category, and it is a Chinese-built bike, you aren’t going to be expecting heart-pounding performance. Lexmoto are doing what they do best and keeping it simple.

The Tempest has everything you need to get from A to B, and no more, so it’s no surprise it’s such a low-cost option. Even when looking at the GT version, which is around £100 more expensive, the price is still tiddly and therefore is the most budget-friendly option on our list today.

Engine 125cc, 9.7 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 13L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 780mm
Weight 126kg
Price (starting from) £1,799 (or GT model £1,899)

AJS Tempest Scrambler

AJS’s Tempest Scrambler is jam-packed with features that will make any 17-year-old eager to jump on board. What are they you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Weighing 124kg it’s lightweight and easy to handle. The air-cooled engine produces 9.9 hp which is great for those using this as a first bike as it won’t be as intimidating as some of the others. With 18” front and 17” rear tyres you’ll be provided with a feeling of stability, and CBS will help you feel that little bit more confident.

It’s also available in a selection of fun and striking colourways so you’ll be noticed and reflect the image of scramblers from the past. And for its size, it has a pretty big 16L fuel tank too.

Price-wise, at £2,249, the Tempest Scrambler sits comfortably in the middle for this category but with such basic spec do we think it should be a little less?

At the end of the day though, AJS have succeeded in giving this Chinese-built bike that British badge of honour.

Engine 124cc, 9.9 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 16L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 780mm
Weight 124kg
Price (starting from) £2,249

MASH Dirt Track

Looking like it’s come straight off the track, the appropriately named, Dirt Track from MASH is a stunner!

With numbered side panels, standout graphics, big wheels with gold rims, and contrasting chrome detailing, this European brand knows what they’re doing when it comes to vintage styling!

Maxing out at 11.6hp, the 4-stroke air-cooled engine runs well around town and allows you to accelerate smoothly and rapidly. A 112kg weight means it is lightweight and small enough to give riders more confidence.

With all MASH bikes reflecting either the late sixties or early seventies, I can’t say I’m surprised that they have produced yet another retro eye-catcher – it seems to be in their nature!

Engine 124cc, 11.6 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 12L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 810mm
Weight 112kg
Price (starting from) £2,699

Herald Classic 125

Herald is taking it back-to-basics with this retro Classic.

With a peashooter exhaust, tear-drop shaped fuel tank, spoked wheels, and chrome detailing (I know I keep mentioning it, but it really adds that little something!), this bike is a real vintage beauty, especially in that Dark Silver Metallic colourway *insert heart eyes emoji*!

Producing 9.9hp, the engine isn’t going to set the world alight, but it is one that’s already been mentioned, Suzuki’s GS125, so we know what to expect.

I just thought I’d also add that this is the only bike on this list that has a rear drum brake, but it does the job and is one of the reasons that makes this bike so affordable.   

Herald’s Classic 125 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a commuter or just a bit of fun for the weekends and priced at £2,299, it’s no shocker that it’s such a best-seller.

Engine 124cc, 9.9 bhp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 12L
Brakes Front disc and rear drum
Seat height 740mm
Weight 126kg
Prie (starting from) £2,299 (+OTR)

Mutt Mongrel

I’m finishing this list off with the 3 magic words any new rider wants to hear: trendy, cheap, and easy. 

With its retro looks and all-black exterior, Mutt’s Mongrel is a machine with a Brit twist and rough and tough attitude. Its easy-to-ride nature is down to the relaxed riding position and wide handlebars, along with CBS that helps to provide any newbie with that extra bit of confidence.

The Mongrel is packed with all the standard kit any modern-day bike needs including a 5-speed gearbox, electric start, LED lights, and, don’t forget its megaphone silencer that will definitely make you eager to hear this mongrel bark!

Like all but one on this retro list, Mutt’s Mongrel only packs an air-cooled motor so, you won’t need to keep this pooch on a lead because it won’t be keeping up with the likes of the Pagani 1948’s liquid-cooled motor, but it is still a great option offering typical performance.

Overall though, it’s a budget-friendly piece with lots of style and character.

Engine 125cc, 12 hp, air-cooled
Fuel tank 12L
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 780mm
Weight 105kg
Price (starting from) £2,950 (+OTR)

The last stop

There we have it! Those are our top choices for 2021. What do you think? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or on social media, we love to hear your thoughts!

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