It’s no wonder that retro scooters have stayed so popular.

The history of scooters started post-war to create affordable transport for the masses. This was then transformed in the 60s’ into a culture desperate to break the mould and escape their tiresome day-to-day lives - since then it’s a style that hasn’t been lost and stayed close to our hearts.

With that all being said, join me as I run down 6 of the best large-capacity retro scooters you can buy in 2024…

6. Royal Alloy GP 300S

Kicking off the list and sitting at number six is the Royal Alloy GP300S.

Powered by a version of the 278cc Vespa engine, this single-cylinder, liquid-cooled motor produces a stated 24.8bhp - which is actually more than both the Vespa GTS and Royal Alloy TG.

When it comes to the design, the GP300S itself comes equipped with metal bodywork and has an abundance of classic styling, reminiscent of the glory days from the 60s and 70s. Coming in a variety of different colourway options, I think it is fair to say the GP300S is a great-looking machine.

Moving to spec and in my opinion, it has a fairly decent setup. Coming equipped with a USB charging port, LED Lighting, a lockable glove box, adjustable rear suspension, and disc brakes all around.

Onto price and this lovely little offering from Royal Alloy starts at £4,799, sitting within the typical price point for a retro scooter of this spec. However given that it is a Chinese-built machine, it is still within a thousand pounds of a genuine Vespa GTS.


  • Lambretta Looks
  • Decent engine
  • Spec is good


  • Chinese built

5. Lambretta X300

In at number five, we have the Lambretta X300.

Packing a 275cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, the X300 puts out 24.8hp at 8,250rpm and 24.5nm at 6,250rpm and comes equipped with some pretty impressive spec including a keyless system, full all-around LED lighting, an awesome-looking semi-digital display, and much more.

When it comes to the design, this scoot keeps the same stylistic features that have made Lambretta so iconic throughout the years, including the tapered lines and steel bodywork, but it's fair to say the design does include some futuristic aspects too. Lambretta isn’t just recreating the past, but are inspired to bring their scooters into the modern day.

Lastly, onto the price, and for 2024 the Lambretta X300 currently sits at the £4,500 mark - which is far cheaper than we predicted back in our 2023 list!


  • A new option on the market
  • Good rival to the GTS 
  • Spec looks decent


  • Underseat storage could be tight
  • Arguably not a ‘true’ Innocenti

4. Vespa GTV

Vespa GTV 300

Up next we have the Vespa GTV 300, which sits at number four on the list for me.

But why isn’t it further up the list I hear you cry, well yes the GTV is essentially the GTS, but with tweaked styling, but guess - it’s styling I don’t particularly like and that’s why it's staying at number 4.

Packing the 278cc HPE engine, the new GTV has the most powerful Vespa engine to date putting out 23.8hp. The GTV also comes equipped with the GTS-esque spec such as keyless ignition, digital dash, and transaction control, along with an improved seat, suspension, and brakes.

Now styling-wise, I’m not a huge fan of this GTV, though you can see Vespa are trying to give the GTV a sporty and modern twist, I’m just not overly convinced that it works.

Onto the price and the Vespa GTV comes in at £6,750, making it one of the more expensive offerings on this list - but well worth it if you have the budget!


  • HPE Engine
  • It’s a Vespa, and basically a GTS
  • Something different


  • Styling won’t for everyone
  • It’s a premium pricepoint

3. Royal Alloy TG300

Taking one of the top spots and third place on this list has got to be… (drumroll please) Royal Alloy’s flagship scooter, the TG300!

The TG300 comes equipped with a (yes you guessed it) 278cc single-cylinder liquid engine, producing just over 22hp - which for context is a little lower compared to the new GP, but it is still more than enough to get you excited.

Based upon the awesome TV series 2 Lambretta, the TG is truly reliving the glory days of Lambretta, keeping everything looking as close to the classic style as possible. The TG really is an absolute beauty.

With its king & queen seat, and awesome colourways including a bit of two-tone, the TG looks the real deal, look a bit closer though and you’ll start to spot the modern aspects such as LED lighting, USB charging port, and TFT display.

Starting from £4,899 the TG is about £800 cheaper than the base version of the Vespa GTS 300.


  • Lambretta Looks
  • Attention detail
  • Spec is decent


  • GP is stated as more powerful
  • Chinese built

Lambretta G350

In at two and just missing out on the top spot is Lambretta’s premium offering - the G350.

OK, this is only missing out on the top spot by a whisker, but that doesn’t stop me from being extra excited by this model.

The Lambretta G350 is ahead of the X300 in the looks stakes for me, but throw in a 330cc, single cylinder liquid cooled motor producing 25.8hp at 7,500rpm and 25.5nm of torque @6,250rpm, and the G350 looks set to be the most powerful production retro scooter available on the market and really does set itself apart.

In my opinion, I really believe the Lambretta G350 really could be the king of large retro scooters. Lambretta hasn’t just concentrated solely on the engine, the rest of the tech and spec are pretty impressive coming equipped with a full TFT display, full LED lighting, a tailoured seat, a USB charger, and high levels of attention to detail.

So I hear you ask, how much does it cost? Well, according to Lambretta's website the G350 currently costs £4,500.


  • Engine is class-leading
  • Looks great
  • Brilliant spec


  • Not hugely tested and reviewed as of yet

Vespa GTS 300

Last but not least here we go people, the best large-capacity retro scooter is the… Vespa GTS 300!

OK, so on paper, I think the Lambretta might well be deserving of the number one spot. Whilst I’ll stick to the GTS clinching the number one spot for 2024 the question is, will the G350 overtake for 2025? Only time will tell.

The GTS has been the leading light for large-capacity retro scooters since it was released and has been the go-to modern retro for those wanting something that can handle longer jaunts with decent acceleration and top speed.

At the heart of the GTS is the 278cc HPE engine which creates 23.8hp @8,250rpm and 26nm of torque at 5,250rpm, which should handle what most people are looking for. However, as I’ve mentioned previously, we are now seeing rivals producing more power, so could it be time for Vespa to address this?

Between the standard GTS, Super, Super Sport, and Super Tech, there are versions of this scoot to suit most, including a few rather eye-catching colourway options too - with the base model starting at £5,45!


  • Styling is a big win
  • Great levels of spec
  • The real deal


  • Premium price
  • Tight storage space

Ready to ride?

So there you have it, here is our list of just some of the best large-capacity retro scooters ready to take 2024 by storm!

Do you think the GTS deserves the number one spot? And if not what would you put at number one? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Last but not least, if you have your very own retro scoot you need to insure, make sure to get a scooter and moped insurance quote direct with Lexham!