Scooters allow you to get, do and see what you want, so is it a surprise that this type of transportation was so popular amongst 1960’s youth, and is still in fact to this day?

The Mod subculture was full of teenagers who wanted to smash the mould and bring more sophistication, suave, and style to their otherwise ordinary lifestyles, and this two-wheel revolution was just the excuse they needed to get out, about, and cause trouble.

In this new list, we’re looking at ten of the best retro scooters for 2021. So, with the sound of a thousand scooter engines fighting for the top spot let’s get ready, steady, and go! 

10. Kymco Like 125

Kymco have had a big presence in the UK for a while now, and it seems to be growing all the time, and as the Taiwanese company are known for producing affordable easy riders, they haven’t let us down with their offering which comes in the form of the Like 125.

Arguably, looks-wise I would say this scooter isn’t as classically styled as some of its contenders, however, controversially, when road testing some of my BikeMatters colleagues thought that “Kymco have done a good job integrating retro/classic features with a modern twist”, but I’ll leave that for you to discuss amongst yourselves. Moving onto the spec, and with a £2,349 price tag, 125cc air-cooled engine, and CBS, this is a budget and rider-friendly choice perfect for anyone wanting a modern scooter with a (slight) retro twist. 

Engine 125cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc (CBS)
Seat height 790mm
Weight 115kg
Price (starting from) £2,349

9. SYM Fiddle III

Ranking in the top 10 for global motorcycle manufacturing, and with over 60 years experience in the industry, you can say the Taiwanese based company SYM know a thing or two about two-wheelers.

The SYM Fiddle III, utilises a 125cc air-cooled engine, new padded seat, telescopic front, and swingarm rear suspension to create a daily commuter or around-town errand runner, that’s oozing with comfort and stability.

Classic elements, such as the handlebar fairing, vented body, flat deck, and luggage rail bring to life the golden era this scoot has grabbed its inspiration from. The modern performance is delivered through CBS, LED running lights, and an electric start. Coming in at £2,299, Sym’s retro contribution is boxed up and wrapped in a pocket-friendly and accessible bow!

Engine 124.6cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front disc and rear drum (CBS)
Seat height 749mm
Weight 117kg
Price (starting from) £2,299

8. AJS Modena & Lexmoto Milano

Right, I know this is a top 10 but, we were really struggling to narrow this next spot down to just one scooter, so because of their similarities and as their both British brands, we’ve compromised and decided to have a joint entry. Thus, with no further ado, at #8 we have AJS’s Modena and Lexmoto’s Milano. 

AJS Modena

This Chinese-built scooter has a great following across the UK and, thanks to its striking European-inspired bodywork, wouldn’t look out of place at a classic scooter rally.

Weighing in at just 95kg, this is a dinky scooter, on a road test Brett highlighted that “the lightweight nature of the Modena means it is very flickable and scootering around is a lot of fun!”

With plastic bodywork it’s no surprise this is the second cheapest option on our list. However, as plastic is a lightweight material that doesn’t rust and can be easily replaced, the Modena balances out as a model that is pretty good value for money.

Engine 125cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc (CBS) 
Seat height 735mm
Weight 95kg
Price (starting from) £1,859

Lexmoto Milano EFI

Back by popular demand, Lexmoto has built on the original features of the classic Milano to create a two-wheeler that blends the best of then and now.

A tanned seat, luggage rack, and round headlight add to the funky styling and play on the aesthetics of a traditional 60’s scooter. These retro looks are backed up by today’s technology, including an updated electric fuel-injected air-cooled motor, CBS, and hydraulic discs.

Again, plastic bodywork makes this cheap to buy so the Milano would be a low maintenance and affordable option for any aspiring scooterist looking to stay true to that famous subculture but bang up to date with the latest modern tech!

Engine 125cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc (CBS)
Seat height 745mm
Weight 269kg
Price (starting from) £1,599.99

7. Peugeot Django

Influenced by their own heritage, Peugeot have based this run-around on their 1950’s S57 scooter.

A classic silhouette, two-toned bodywork, and cream rims work together to capture the vintage soul this beauty holds.

Modern chrome detailing, a basic yet clear digital dash, built-in under-seat storage, and front-only ABS provides you with all the nice modern touches needed for city cruising.

With two colour options including ‘orange is the new black’, we can definitely agree that Peugeot’s Django makes ‘past the new present’.

Engine 125cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc
Seat height 770mm
Weight 129kg
Price (starting from) £3,349

6. Lambretta V-Special

As a brand, Lambretta is considered a classic and were one of the traditional scooters ridden by those who refused to follow the rules.

A liquid crystal display, ABS and LED lights provide you with all the modern-day niceties and retro flare needed to stand out from the crowd. Colour-wise Lambretta are offering a few different options, such as the more fashionable lead, brown and orange, as well as the standard versions of white, red, and black – also available will be a carbon aftermarket package.

To add to this, they have released a series of matching helmets, so you’ll truly look and feel the part riding this Very-Special ‘lammy’.

Interestingly, the V-Special shares the same frame and engine as the SYM Fiddle III, however, this is where the similarities end as the models differ in price, looks, and spec.

Engine 124.7cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc (CBS)
Seat height 800mm
Weight 134kg
Price (starting from) £3,149

5. Royal Alloy TG

Derived from an old narrative, the TG’s name (Tigara Grande) stands for ‘Big Point’ and Royal Alloy has made a BIG point with this flagship model!

Based upon the original TV175 Series 2, the use of dual colours, scalloped panels, and a large front mudguard make this is a steel stunner with a real timeless design.

It may be more expensive compared to others, but the TG brings with it an impressive spec – full-colour TFT speedo, touch screen dash, liquid-cooled engine, and ABS – which makes the echo from the past this model is based on loud and clear.

Royal Alloy has worked hard to re-create the authentic design these icons, which have helped to shape scooter history, are known for.

Engine 125cc, liquid-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc (ABS)
Seat height 770mm
Weight 148kg
Price (starting from) £4,199

4. Scomadi TT125

Originally created in 2005 by scooter enthusiasts for scooter enthusiasts, Scomadi are a British brand that has gained a large worldwide following.

Production has always been in Asia but now setting up shop in Thailand, their TT model features steel bodywork which may give this scoot a more premium price compared to its plastic rivals, but the addition of solid suspension creates a smooth and easy ride that’s worth every penny.

Retro looks complemented by modern technology – CBS, electronic ignition, digital speedo, and LED lights – give this classic a stylish and contemporary edge.

Engine 124.6cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear disc (CBS)
Seat height 780mm
Weight 125kg
Price (starting from) £3,295

3. Vespa GTS Super 125

Probably one (if not the most) recognised scooter brand in the world, Vespa has been on the retro scene since day one. From Hollywood to the UK, their influence can be seen throughout history, and as they were an integral part of the 1960’s Mod uniform, will feel right at home on this list.

Their GTS range has become pretty iconic for modern-day scooters, and as it’s full of that irresistible charm, this GTS perfectly captures the vintage styling, heritage, and rideability the brand has built a reputation on. With a long leather seat, distinct handlebars and round LED headlight you’ll have the look all classic enthusiasts strive to find!

And you’ll be pleased to hear that the GTS also comes with some nice new features such as an i-get Euro 5 liquid-cooled engine, TFT dashboard, start and stop system, and ABS.

After taking its big brother, the GTS 300, out for a spin Brett agreed that “it is an absolute legend in the scooter scene and it’s no surprise it has a massive following both in the UK and on foreign shores!”

Engine 124.7cc, liquid-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front and rear (ABS)
Seat height 790mm
Weight 145kg
Price (starting from) £4,700

2. Vespa Primavera 125

First debuted over 50 years ago, the Primavera is still going strong, but even with re-styling this nifty model has managed to keep that youthful, yet old school, appearance, and spirit that Vespa fans love!

Sporting 12” wheels, the largest in Vespa’s history, give you a sense of safety and stability. Stylishly encasing the 124.5cc, EU5 air-cooled engine in that chic Italian way, the Primavera not only showcases, but celebrates the iconic design cherished for decades and recognised by millions.

Being the second Vespa featured on our list, you’ll see the difference between the two models in the price, brakes, engine, and weight. As a more flagship scooter, you know you’ll be paying for that top-spec and all-important badge of honour.

It’s clear to see that Vespa have sprinkled both models with the same crowd-pleasing magic that’s guaranteed to send us all into feel-good overdrive!

Engine 124.5cc, air-cooled
Start type Electric
Brakes Front disc and rear drum (ABS front only)
Seat height 790mm
Weight 115kg
Price (starting from) £4,200

1. Royal Alloy GP

Born from an appetite and passion for classically styled scooters, Royal Alloy have made nostalgia real with both entries on our list.

The retro exterior and modern features – including a variety of eye-catching colours, electronic fuel injection, automatic gearbox and LED dash – ensure this metal-bodied beauty grabs attention. An 11L fuel tank, disc brakes, and 12” wheels will get you around towns and cities safely, stylishly, and efficiently.

Compared to its steel studded competition, for a small increase in price, you’ll receive a slightly more impressive spec including a liquid-cooled engine and BOSCH ABS as standard. This is a convincing retro scoot that will throw you back to a time where riding was a lifestyle, and that’s why it’s secured our top spot. So, stick on the ultimate Mod album and you’ll have people asking ‘The Who’ is that?!

Engine 125cc, liquid-cooled
Start type Electric 
Brakes Front and rear disc (ABS)
Seat height 770mm
Weight 148kg
Price (starting from) £3,999

What do you think to our updated 2021 list? Which model do you think should take the #1 spot? Don’t forget to voice your opinions below or on social media!

We understand how important your classic scooters are and what’s even more important is that they stay looking good and running well, read through our classic scooter maintenance guide to ensure your treasures stay in the best condition possible.