Luckily, now is a great time to get a new retro scooter as there has been a resurgence with even more models available.

If you are a fan of old style Lambrettas & Vespas, or you are just after something a bit quirky, read on and hopefully you’ll enjoy my blog on 10 of the best retro scooters available in 2020.

This list in is no particular order! Let’s crack on.

10. Neco Azzuro

Available as 50cc & 125cc

Starting off our list is budget friendly entry the Neco Azzuro, a scooter that has been on the scene for nearly a decade now. Available with a 50cc or 125cc engine and a few different colourway options the Azzuro gives those the chance of owning an Italian styled scooter at a very affordable price. There is no hiding that the Azzuro has taken inspiration from more modern day Vespas with it’s design – but who can blame them!

At this price point you can’t expect too much with power, but Neco’s offering will still reach around 55mph from the 125cc air cooled engine, weighing in at just 95kg means this is one light scooter!

Spec for Neco Azzuro 125

Engine 125cc air cooled
Start types Electric & kick start
Suspension Front - Telescopic Forks
Brakes Front – Hydraulic disc, Rear Drum
Seat height N/A
Weight 95kg
Price (starting from) £1,469.00

9. Honda Super Cub

Available as a 125cc

Ok, so you might not be expecting to see the Super Cub hit this list for a couple of reasons. One: most people think Italian styling for retro scooters and two: err, the cub has gears! I’m pushing these aside though and throwing the iconic cub into my list though for 2020!

It’s very rare for any retro scooter to be loved and adored for so many years, and lets face it most that have are Italians thanks to the culture that went along with them! The Cub, however, is a much loved Japanese bike that has stood the test of time and proved just how good Honda’s reliability is. Renowned for being a true work horse, speak about the Cub and you will find most people would have owned one or knew someone that did.

Honda had produced well over 100,000,000 Super Cubs by the end of 2017, so there should be a few kicking around on the used market too and you really shouldn’t struggle for parts!
The most modern version is a right mix of traditional Cub meets modern day, so is quite the marmite bike. I think a lot of people will just love it because it is a new Super Cub. With a decent seat height of 780mm and weight still nice and light at 109kg, this is ideal for beginners too.

Spec for the Honda Super Cub 125

Engine 125cc, 2 valve, air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front - Telescopic Forks, rear – twin shock
Brakes Front – Hydraulic disc, Rear Drum
Seat height 780mm
Weight 109kg
Price (starting from) £3,399

8. Vespa GTS

Available as a 125cc & 300cc

Full-on modern-day Vespa yet still with those rather typical lines that stay true to brand, we have the tourers choice the GTS. 2019 saw Vespa-Piaggio bring out the 300 HPE, the most powerful GTS to date giving the popular GTS series even more grunt! There is also a 125 available though, so a nice learner friendly option too.

The GTS has it all, comfort, tech and performance to really allow you the freedom of doing whatever you like. We all know the GTS is perfect around town, but with that 278cc engine variant allows for long distance too. You’ll see plenty of scooterists using these for scooter rallies and tours around Europe an indication of just how capable this small scooter is!

Spec for the Vespa GTS 125

Engine 124.7cc single Cylinder, 4 valve liquid cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front – Single hydraulic shock, rear – Double Hydraulic shock
Brakes Front – 220mm Hydraulic disc, Rear 220mm Hydraulic disc
Seat height 790mm
Weight 148kg
Price (starting from) £4,499

7. Peugeot Django

Available as a 125cc, 150cc & 300cc

Peugeot have stayed true to their heritage with the styling of the Django. The Django is a unique looker on this list and to be honest I quite like it! With a mix of modern design, with classic aspects of the legendary Peugeot S55 thrown in we have ourselves the Django. With a variety of engine sizes (50cc, 125cc, 150cc) and colourway styles available there is a big choice if you are interested in getting a Django. Whether you are after a modern and sporty styled machine or a vintage looking two tone beauty Peugeot really do have you covered. Djangos have been around for a while now and continue to be a popular choice for many in the UK.

Thanks to it’s unique styling with plenty of modern influence the Django really has put itself in the shop window for people not tied into brands such as Vespa and Lambretta, it is for people who just want something a bit different.

Spec for the Peugeot Django 125 ABS

Engine 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension N/A
Brakes Front –hydraulic disc, Rear – hydraulic disc ABS
Seat height 770mm
Weight 135kg
Price (starting from) £3,199

6. AJS Modena / Lexmoto Milano

Available as a 50cc & 125cc

Ok so in at number 6 we have a shared spot, and that’s because basically these two scooters are the same barring importer, colour options, badges and decals.

The cheap and cheerful Modena / Milano are great fun scooters, and offer great entry level options into retro scooters. Being cheap comes with its own compromises so the air cooled engine only produces 7hp, don’t let this put you off though, because if you are on a budget and want some retro action the Modena / Milano is a great little scooters with plenty of charm. Both the AJS Modena and Lexmoto Milano have a great following and there are a few really popular owner clubs on social media dedicated to these fun little scooters.

Specs for the AJS Modena

Engine 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front – trailing link forks. Rear – Swing arm suspension
Brakes Front –hydraulic disc, Rear – hydraulic disc
Seat height 735mm
Weight 95kg
Price (starting from) £1,659.00

5. Royal Alloy GT

Available as 125cc & 200cc

The GT is the entry level Royal Alloy currently available on the market, the one we are looking at is the cheapest version the AC or air cooled if you prefer model. Producing 9.5bhp the GT 125 AC has bang on average performance for a retro 125 scooter, not the slowest but not the fastest. Typically, there are plenty of colourway choices available, even a bit of two tone if that tickles your fancy.

The GT is clearly a scooter sticking to the designs of old school Lambrettas so the GT could be a solid option if you are a big fan of Lammys but wanting the performance of a modern day twist and go scooter. If you are wanting metal bodied though, there are more premium options available to you.

Specs for Royal Alloy GT 125

Engine 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front – Spring shock. Rear – Single shock
Brakes Front – 220mm hydraulic disc, Rear – 220mm hydraulic disc
Seat height 770mm
Weight 130kg
Price (starting from) £2,799

4. Royal Alloy TG

Available as a 125cc & 300cc

OK, so this spot was originally reserved for the GP Royal Alloy series, however, after fresh news that the Tigara Grande is being released in Spring 2020 I felt obliged to update it to RA’s new flagship range.

The liquid-cooled TG is a stunning looking machine and is clearly more inspired by the TV175 (series 2). Not only is it packing a more powerful liquid motor when compared to the GT it is also sporting metal bodywork too – weeeheeeyyy! Though it is worth noting the middle of the range GP also sports metal work as well, and optional LC motor.

The TG will be available with 125cc and also the long awaited 300cc motor – which is fantastic news. We have been waiting for the 300cc to hit the GP range for some time, so it is awesome that is looks likely to be available in both models. Notably the TG will have the king and queen seat from the GP series and will have a full colour TFT speedometer. It is fresh of the press at time of writing this so hopefully more spec will be revealed soon!

Spec for the Royal Alloy TG 300 (125 spec yet to be confirmed)

Engine 287cc, 4-stroke, liquid cooled single cylinder
Start types Electric ignition
Suspension Front - Double hydraulic. Rear - Double shock
Brakes Front & Rear 220mm Disc ABS
Seat Height 770mm
Weight (unladen) 142kg
Price (starting from) £TBC

3. Lambretta V-Special

Available as a 50cc, 125cc & 200cc

Ok, so let’s say about the obvious first and that is the Lambretta V-Special is basically a Sym Fiddle III, just slightly restyled and with a different price tag to match that Lambretta badge.

There are purists who will dislike the new Lambrettas, one because of how it looks (it is not a pure looking Lambretta) and two because the new lambrettas are not Innocenti’s. Give the V-special a chance though, it is still a great looking scooter, yes it may lack some of the typical Lambretta style you’ll see with the likes or Scomadi and Royal Alloy, but it is a nice mix of vintage and modern. Engine wise you can get a V-Special with a 50cc, 125cc and 200cc motor. It is also good to see they have included metal panels as well to keep that Lammy tradition going.

Spec for the Lambretta V-Special 125

Engine 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front – Telescopic forks. Rear – Single shock
Brakes Front – hydraulic disc, Rear – 220mm hydraulic disc
Seat Height 770mm
Weight 134kg
Price (starting from) £2,974

2. Scomadi Turismo Technica

Available as a 125cc & 200cc

Without the birth of Scomadi and their production of Turismo Leggera Scooters, the retro scooter scene wouldn’t be as competitive as it is now, so thanks is owed to Scomadi duo Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici. I’ll leave you to look into all what those two pioneers have achieved and gone through, but for now let’s move onto Scomadi’s metal bodied scooter the Turismo Technica!

Scomadi stay true to that incredibly popular Lambretta style but are always keen to keep developing! The Turismo Technica is a stunning looking machine and really pays tribute to the glory days of Lambretta under the Innocenti banner.

With that sleek steel/ABS bodywork, the Turismo Technica from a distance could easily be fooled for a genuine vintage scooter, look closely though and you’ll see the Scomadi is packed with decent spec such as led lights, double hydraulic adjustable shocks at the front and electric start.

Spec for the Scomadi TT 125 AC

Engine 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front – Double hydraulic shocks (pre load adjustable). Rear – Coil spring (pre load adjustable)
Brakes Front – 220mm hydraulic disc, Rear – 200mm hydraulic disc
Seat Height 780mm
Weight 125kg
Price (starting from) £3,295

1. Vespa Primavera

Available as a 50cc & 125cc

The staple and backbone of the retro styled scooter market has to be Vespa, the Italian manufacturer has been a part of the scene from the early days post World War 2.

The Primavera is definitely a mix of modern and classic while keeping those simple yet stunning Vespa lines. With models available with a new highly economical 50cc or 125cc engines the Primavera is a premium scooter in this range but continues to be highly popular commuter choice for many some 50 years after its debut.

Spec for the Vespa Primavera 125

Engine 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled
Start types Electric
Suspension Front – Single arm. Rear – Helical spring (pre load adjustable) and single shock absorber.
Brakes Front – 200mm hydraulic disc, Rear – 140mm drum
Seat Height 790mm
Weight N/A
Price (starting from) £3,999


There you have it, 10 of the best retro scooters available to buy in the UK during 2020! You’ll probably find yourself fall into one of four categories – Vespa style fan, Lambretta style fan, Odd ball style fan, or 'I adore all retro scooters' fan!

If you are tempted to get yourself a new retro scooter, then I would always recommend checking out all the bikes you are interested in at your local dealers and see what you think of them in person.

Want to see even more retro styled scooters? Here are a few more that missed out on featuring in the top 10: Vespa Sprint, AJS Insetto, Neco Tuscano, Sym Fiddle III, Sinnis Encanto, Kymco Like, Lexmoto Valleta & Lexmoto Riviera.