Now that Halloween has ended, we can finally start thinking about Christmas (yay!!) and the gifts we are getting our loved ones this year.

Not every present has to be big and over the top, however, as a non-scooter lover or those who know little about the topic, it may prove a little tricky trying to get that perfect gift. It is worth mentioning that I have just written a guide on the best motorcycle riding gifts out there, so if you’re looking for some more gift inspiration head on over to read that!

With that out of the way, in this blog, I will be running down just ten of the best Christmas gifts to buy a scooter rider…

10. Lego Vespa 125

Kicking off the list today we have the Vespa 125 by Lego - perfect for friends and family who love their scooters but also love their Lego!

Coming equipped with 1,107 pieces, this Vespa will keep your loved one entertained for hours as they build the iconic 1960s Vespa scooter as well as a helmet and a vase of flowers to match. Also, once completed, it can make a pretty good windowsill or shelf feature too.

At the time of writing, the Vespa 125 is £89.99 on the Lego website, however, with Black Friday and other festive sales ahead of us, you may be able to get your hands on this little beauty for a little bit cheaper.

9. Insta360 X3

In at number nine, we have the Insta360 X3.

Now this is one we mentioned in our motorcycle riders gift guide, however, it is arguably worth a place on this list as well. The X3 is perfect for those who want to watch their riding antics back or perhaps want to become a scooter influencer on apps such as TikTok - either way, it is a great way to capture your rides, whether it may be for the socials or for the memories!

If you opt for the waterproof X3 model, this means your loved one will be able to film 4k first and third-person views, as well as AI editing and live streaming possibilities.

8. Vespa or Lambretta Merchandise

Taking the eighth spot on our list today is one of the more affordable on the list - Vespa or Lambretta Merchandise!

By no means does a present have to cost a fortune, and most Piaggio and Lambretta dealers will have something for you to pick up for a loved one whether that may be a keyring, a wallet, a t-shirt, or even perhaps a mug.

7. Scootering Magazine Subscription

Coming in at seventh on our list today has got to be an annual subscription to the Scootering magazine.

If your fellow scooter enthusiast loves flicking through a magazine from time to time then why not gift them with the pleasure of a monthly magazine talking about everything scootering obsessed?

You can sign up for a six-month subscription for £24 or you can pay £46 for the whole year - so either way the choice is yours!

6. Heated Grips

Sitting sixth on the list today has to be one of our top spot contenders on our must-have motorcycle accessories for beginner riders blog - heated motorcycle grips.

As the weather starts to turn colder in the winter months, heated grips will easily be one of the best investments you could make when purchasing someone a gift. And if you are looking for advice on which pair to get for your loved one, it is worth taking a look at the Oxford Heated Hot Grips coming in at £59.99.

5. Muc-Off Ultimate Cleaning Kit

In at number five has got to be the Muc-Off Ultimate Cleaning kit - if your friend or family member adores their scooter, then they’re going to want to keep it squeaky clean!

The Muc-Off Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit is the perfect gift for any scooter fanatic, packed with some of the best products to clean a scoot, including all of the tools required to get the job done.

4. New Scooter Exhaust

The fourth spot today goes to arguably one of the biggest on this list - a brand-new scooter exhaust.

Car drivers complain about spending £100 replacing the worn exhaust on a ten-year-old car, however, scooter riders and bikers think nothing of replacing a standard exhaust with an expensive replacement just because it looks and sounds better than the original.

Surprisingly a shiny exhaust makes a great gift but it might be wise to see which one they prefer before surprising them (riders are fussy brand snobs you know). A great example has to be the new black Scorpion exhaust, fitting the Vespa GTS which costs around £325.

3. Motorcycle Boots

Jumpstarting our top three, we have Motorcycle boots!

There would be no point in protecting the rest of your body with gear without getting properly equipped motorcycle boots. Boots can help to grip the road surface as well as provide better protection to the feet considering they are the thing that is closest to the ground when riding.

A great pair of motorcycle boots on the market right now has got to be the Alpinestars SMX-1R V2. These short-style boots give you all the protection of a longer-style boot without the added height - perfect for a casual ride out on the Lambretta.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some protective trainer-style boots for your loved one, then take a look at the RST HiTop Moto Sneakers. These boots look exactly like standard hi-top trainers but have extra protection thrown in!

2. Armoured Jacket

Sitting in second place today is an armoured motorcycle jacket.

Whilst riding gear is not a requirement by law, it is most definitely worth wearing when riding a scooter, and buying the best quality pieces can really help to keep your loved one safe when they’re out and about on the roads.

One of the best-armoured leather jackets in the game has got to be the RST GT CE leather jacket, providing a superior level of upper-body protection. Another bonus is the fact that it looks classic, there are a lot of riders out there who don’t want to look super sporty and modern when setting out on their scoots, and that is okay. This is a great alternative for those who want to stay safe without sacrificing their classic tastes!

1. Open Face Helmet

Finishing off our list today and stealing our top spot has got to be an open-face helmet.

I think it is fair to say that any face helmet is the perfect accompaniment for every scooter rider, especially for the spring and summer months. Aside from this, a motorcycle helmet is the only piece of equipment that is required by law when riding a scooter, so it is always a nice feeling knowing your friend or family member is safe with a gift you’ve bought them.

If you’d like a recommendation on which open-face helmet to look at, it is worth having a nose at the Shoei J.O helmet, which at the time of writing is currently on sale!

The Last Stop!

So there you have it - I hope you enjoyed my rundown on just some of the best scooter-related gifts you can give your loved one this Christmas!

It can be hard enough to think of presents for Christmas, let alone when you have to think about a scooter fanatic, so I hope I made things just a little easier this year.

If you do take inspiration from any of these suggestions, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know how your gifts were received!