Today I’m taking a break from Top 10’s to work as Santa’s little helper and provide a selection of gift ideas for the motorcyclist in your life. I’ve included a real mix all varying in price and extravagance-ness, with all sure to make spirits very bright!

‎Phone mount

It’s a bit boring but if you’re looking for a quick win that’s easy to find and won’t break the bank then this could be it. You can find a pretty big variety on Amazon and it’s something that would get good use because it’ll more than likely be used daily. 

‎Tool kit

Another quick win that will either get its money worth or never be used, there’s no in-between. I’d only suggest getting this for someone who considers themselves a bit of a grease monkey and enjoys doing bits themselves.

Though a travel size one could come in handy as they can store it under their seat or in the glove box and I’m sure they’d be thankful for it if anything were to happen when out on the road. It could end up being a future godsend!

‎A set of waterproofs

An extremely practical gift that would get plenty of use, especially for those living in the UK because when do we go a day without any rain? It’s a very rare occurrence.

This is gift shows you care too because you’re arming them with the artillery needed to fight the ever-changing Great British weather, basically, you don’t want to see them wet and cold (or arriving home miserable because they got caught in the rain).

I would just check that your chosen giftee doesn’t already own one, whilst it is practical it’s also a pretty standard piece of kit so just double check before purchasing.


Most motorcyclists don’t go anywhere without a backpack, so it’ll be a convenient and useful gift, and with so many to choose from there will be an option for every budget. Head to Oxford because they stock a huge variety of products.

When on the search, you might find that a good motorcycle backpack costs more than your standard backpack, but they are robust and specifically designed with motorcyclists in mind and will more often than not include reflective elements for better visibility when out on the road.

If they’re more adventure orientated, then instead of a backpack why not look at getting them a new shiny set of panniers, waterproof inner bags or even a top box. Just check their ride is compatible with your choice and be aware that decent storage boxes can come at quite a premium price.

‎Heated gloves or grips

Depending on when or if their bike goes into hibernation and how much time they spend riding out in the cold, a set of heated grips or heated gloves could be the best way to let a loved one know you’re thinking of them. Again, I would suggest looking at Oxford because it’s the go-to starting place for most motorcyclists looking for new gear.

In fact, even a spare pair of non-heated gloves can be very valuable. Being able to quickly swap a drenched pair of gloves to a nice dry pair can really brighten any biker's day!

‎Branded clothing and accessories

One way to show you know them, get them some branded clothing or accessories from their favourite motorcycle manufacturer. Depending on what they ride and who they love, the options will differ, but most well-known and popular brands will offer the basics, such as t-shirts, mugs and hats. Most are relatively low price so you could really go wild and end up putting a nice little goodie bag together.


From your premium cream of the crop to the more budget-friendly, there is a huge selection on the market but it’s something most two-wheel enthusiasts can be picky about. It can also be quite difficult as it’s recommended helmets are tried on for size and comfort before buying.

If you are set on this idea though, make sure you’ve done enough surveillance and are sure you know the one on their wish list, otherwise to avoid disappointment or, worse, more than one of the obligatory Christmas day family fall-outs, you may want to look at the other options I’ve suggested.


This suggestion is similar to the above in the sense that there will be some personal preference behind a rider's choice. It’s not all about what it looks like, you’ll want to factor in when it’s appropriate to wear - it might be too thick for the summer or too thin for winter use.

It’s another one you may want to do some discreet research into to see if you can get any hints or clues on what they like or are looking at.

‎A day at wheelie school

Now, no one needs to know how to do a wheelie but I’m sure many of you out there want to know. Therefore, gifting a day at a wheelie school like Extreme Wheelie would be a fun way to spread some joy. Prices for this experience edge towards £200+ so it’s a slightly more expensive suggestion but one I can imagine would be something they wouldn’t buy themselves.


If you’re looking to spoil someone special, then a GoPro would be an awesome way to do it! I don’t know many people who would be disappointed to see one of these sitting under the tree so it’s always going to be a winning gift. And with some manufacturers, such as Triumph, now offering GoPro camera control as an added extra, it would be a pretty cool choice! And, if you’re lucky, they may even let you borrow it!

‎Before you go

It can be hard enough to think of Christmas presents for children, let alone when you have to think about a motorcyclist, so I hope this list made things a little easier this year. If you do take inspiration from any of these suggestions, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know how your gifts were received – hopefully, they rocked around that Christmas tree!