Are you thinking of getting a motorhome for you and your family? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you will be behind many others in the UK who have opted to ditch the beach holidays abroad for a tour around Europe in their four-wheeler.

In this blog, we are going to be running down the top ten motorhomes for your next family holiday - and for all the parents out there, do not fret we have a motorhome holiday survival guide!

So without further ado, let’s get into it…

10. Chausson X550

Kicking off our list today is the X550 - Chaussons’ very own van-type motorhome combination.

Stepping into the interior and the X550 packs a lot into its 5.99m interior, including a large fixed bathroom at the rear, plenty of wardrobe and cupboard space, as well as a large seating and dining area at the front of the cabin.

Onto the design and I think it may be one of the most appealing pieces of the motorhome. The denim blue furnishings in combination with the LED lights all around and carefully placed X’s across the wall and ceiling give a luxurious hotel vibe - just on four wheels!

Last but not least, when it comes to the price, the Fiat Ducato-based Chasson X550 is due to cost £73,990 in 2024.

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 5.99m
Price: £73,990

9. Rimor Kilig 9

Moving onto our ninth contender today, we have the Rimor Killig 9 - part of the brand new range introduced to Rimor in 2023.

Based upon a Ford Transit chassis, the Kilig sports Rimors’ classic family layout, featuring two dinettes for 4+2 at the front with an over-cab bed, a compact washroom and kitchen sitting in the middle, and lastly the star of the show - the 7ft long bunk beds at the rear.

A department that the Kilig really does well is the storage. With plenty of space in the lounge and stowage capacity under each of the rear-facing seats, there is plenty of room for you and your family to pack your holiday essentials!

When it comes to the price, the Kilig 9 for 2024 is due to cost around £62,995, again making it one of the more affordable on the list for those who want to get them and their family into motor-homing!

Berth:   6
Travelling Seats: 6
Length: 6.67m
Price: £62,995

8. Auto-Trail Imala 736

Sitting at eighth on our list today is the Auto-Trail Imala 733 - the ideal motorhome if you’re looking for plenty of living space.

Built on a Fiat Ducato chassis, the Imala features a living/dining area in the front, a large fixed bathroom and kitchen sitting in the middle as well as a large u shaped lounge (that can be converted into a large double bed) at the rear - perfect for entertaining or spending quality family time together!

One of the most attractive parts of the Imala has to be the large, spacious kitchen, coming equipped with a hob, microwave, and a 96L fridge freezer which really sets the Imala apart from some of the other motorhomes on this list.

Onto the price, the 2024 Auto-Trail Imala will look to cost you around £75,278 making it one of the more affordable on the list with the ability to sit and sleep six people.

Berth:   6
Travelling Seats: 6
Length: 7.25m
Price: £75,278

7. Elddis Autoquest 155

Next up we have one offering from the well-loved and trusted motorhome manufacturer Elddis, with their Autoquest 155!

Powered by Peugeot Boxer 2.2 140bhp TDi Turbo Diesel engine, the Autoquest 155 comes equipped with a fixed bed and washroom at the rear, plenty of lounging space, and additional fold-out travel seats ideal for taking the family on the perfect UK staycation.

Something that separates the Autoquest 155 from the rest is the amount of motorhome you get for the £69,989 price tag it holds for 2024. Throughout the 7.02m interior, the Autoquest has an extremely luxurious and spacious feel thanks to the new contemporary redesign and its large windows surrounding the cabin.

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 7.02m
Price: £69,989

6. Benimar Mileo 282

Next up and sitting sixth on our list is the well-known and loved Benimar Mileo 282.

The Mileo 282 is one of Benimar's flagship models, getting a fresh new update for 2024. Sitting on a Fiat Ducato Euro 6 chassis, the 282 packs a bunch into its 7.39m including a spacious rear lounge that converts into a double bed, additional seating and lounge space at the front of the cabin, as well as a drop-down bed, separate shower and toilet compartments as well as a perfectly sized kitchen area - perfect for those who love to host!

A really attractive feature of the 282 is the spacious feel and stunning interior, thanks to the large windows throughout the cabin all finished off with stunning warm LED lights and marble-finished worktops.

Last but not least, in terms of price the Mileo 282 comes in at £89,495 putting itself in the mid-tier price range on the list today!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 7.39m
Price: £89,495

5. Le Voyageur Eterna LV7.0 GJF

In at fifth today is the Le Voyageur Eterna LV7.0 GJF!

Formally known as the classic, the French company has given the classic an updo and a name change for 2024, as well as making sure this motorhome can be driven by anyone thanks to its 3,500kg payload.

The Eterna is based upon a Fiat AL-KO chassis and comes equipped with two fixed single beds at the rear, a reasonably sized bathroom with a fixed shower and moveable sink and toilet, as well as a spacious living area and drop-down bed over the cabin.

Overall, the Eterna is an excellent choice for families, thanks to its various space-saving storage solutions throughout the cabin ideal for clothes, toys, plenty of shoe options and much more - all for the price of £122,150!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 7.05m
Price: £122,150

4. Roller Team Auto-Roller 747

Just missing out on one of our top spots today, we have the stunning Auto-Roller 747 from Roller Team…

Bigger than some self-catering holiday apartments, the 747 can easily be mistaken for a palace on wheels. Built on a Ford Transit chassis, the Auto-Roller features a c-shape lounge (converts into a large double bed) in the rear, a spacious living/dining area that can also turn into a double bed, as well as a drop-down bed in the centre of the cabin.

One of my favourite things about the Auto-Roller is the luxurious, spacious interior with LED lights all around, as well as a pretty decently sized fixed bathroom and kitchen area. The finish of the 747 is truly stunning, with the layout and styling perfect for bigger families or those who want to bring guests along on their travels with them.

The 2024 edition of the Auto-Roller 747 now comes equipped with a newly renovated interior as well as built-in WIFI as standard - all for £71,686!

Berth:   6
Travelling Seats: 6
Length: 7.24m
Price: £71,686

3. Swift Voyager 475

Kicking off the top spots and sitting at number three we have the Swift Voyager 475 - voted as the best family motorhome for 2024!

Built upon a Ford Transit chassis, the Voyager 475 has been designed with families and exploration in mind, coming equipped with a spacious kitchen and living area, a washroom with a fixed shower, toilet, and basin as well as a large rear master bedroom at the rear - all finished off with stain material fabrics and easy-to-clean cushions (perfect if you have small children)!

One of the most appealing things about this motorhome is the amount of storage space it comes packed with, with plenty of storage in the wardrobes, under the seats and beds, as well as in the 133-litre fridge!

Overall, the 475 packs a lot into its 7.54m interior all for the price of £69,995 - making it one of the more affordable campers on this list.

Berth:   5
Travelling Seats: 5
Length: 7.54m
Price: £69,995

2. Rapido 606F

Next in and taking our #2 spot is the Rapido 606F…

We previously mentioned the Rapido 606F in our top 10 best motorhomes for 2024 blog article, and thanks to its spacious interior perfect for families, it has earned a well-deserved place on our list today.

Built on a Peugeot Boxer chassis, the 606F packs a lot into its 6.69m exterior, coming equipped with a large bathroom spread across the rear of the motorhome, an electric drop-down bed, a completely renovated kitchen and living area, as well as a spacious washroom with a fixed toilet and shower as well as a large wardrobe.

Lastly, onto the price and you will be looking at paying around £74,800 - making it one of the more affordable on this list!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 6.69m
Price: £74,800

1. Swift Kon-Tiki Grand Prix 874

Stealing the top spot on our list today has got to be a personal favourite of mine since I saw it in the flesh at the Norfolk Motorhome show - we have the Swift Kon-Tiki 874!

The 874 is one of the largest in the Grand Prix range and sits upon a Fiat Al-Ko special chassis. Stepping inside the interior, the 874 comes packed with a large lounge and dining area at the front with Aguti travelling seats, and drop-down bed, a fixed kitchen and washroom in the middle of the cabin as well as a rear parallel lounge which converts into a double bed and rear garage space.

For 2024, the Grand Prix 874 has had a complete redesign inside and out, inspired by the ‘aesthetic of business class jet experiences, helping to create the feel of an ultimate leisure vehicle experience’ according to Lowdhams. This redesign has allowed Swift to create a camper to sleep six people, which is more than enough to take the family, and perhaps the extended family away all at one time!

OvErall, the Kon-Tiki Granx Prix really looks the part, an ideal home away from home with all of the luxury features of a hotel tucked into its 8.96m. When it comes to the price, you will be looking at paying £116,490 which by no means is the most affordable on the list but it is definitely one to keep your eyes on if your budget permits…

Berth:   6
Travelling Seats: 5
Length: 8.96m
Price: £116,490

The Last Stop!

So there you have it, here are our top 10 best family motorhomes for 2024!

If you’re interested in getting to know more about the world of motorhomes? Take a look at our essential guide to buying a motorhome, and our pros and cons article.

Last but not least, if you have your very own motorhome you need to insure to kickstart your travels - make sure to get a motorhome insurance quote direct with Lexham!