You may have seen friends on Facebook buy motorhomes and become inspired or owning one may be on your list of life-long dreams. Whatever your reason, you’re here because you’re not too sure if motorhome ownership is right for you. And you’ve come to the right place because today I’m weighing up the pros and cons of owning one.


1. Adventure all the time

Travel whenever you like, wherever you like! Want to slip off for a cheeky coastal break after work on a Friday? You can! Have no plans at the weekend? You have now, pick a place and get going! Motorhome ownership encourages flexibility, ignites our spirit of adventure, and opens the door to opportunity and spontaneity!

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2. The cheaper way to travel

The cost of a holiday is automatically reduced because you don’t need to think about transport or accommodation. Just make sure you have a tank full of fuel and enough snacks for the road and you can focus on spending your pennies on experiencing and exploring rather than a stuffy bus ride or over-priced double room!

3. Packing is easier

You can be one step ahead of your next adventure and stock up before you even decide you’re going anywhere. Camping equipment, non-perishable foods and toiletries can be kept in your vehicle ready. This makes a last-minute break even more appealing because you’re already packed – all that’s left to do is to grab your toothbrush.

If you are wondering what you should be taking away with you on your next adventure, we have a few helpful guides that can help:

4. You can live in it

Yes, you can live in your motorhome full-time in the UK. This might not be the main reason you seek to buy one, but it could come in handy when you have a few extra guests staying for Christmas or decide to have some work done on the house.

5. You can take the dog

The majority of campsites are dog-friendly so your furry four-legged best friend can come along for the ride. And even if you do come across a campsite that doesn’t permit pets, there is always the option of wild or free camping.

6. It's a lifestyle

Like motorcycle owners, motorhoming can become a lifestyle. Online forums work like a community where fellow like-minded people swap stories, share memories and provide advice and recommendations.

7. Be more social

It urges you to be more social, not only with those travelling with you but with those around you. Campsites are a great place to make new friends because of their openness and the intimate nature of motorhome travel encourages family bonding time.

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1. It can be expensive 

Buying a motorhome outright can be expensive, especially if you’re going for one straight out of the showroom as opposed to second-hand or used.

Though the initial price will be high, you’ve got to consider the savings you’ll make on holidays to come.

2. You need to think about insurance, tax, MOT and service

Buying one is just the start. It’s not just about the price of your motorhome, add onto that insurance, road tax and MOTs. Road tax especially can be a bit of a headache so if you are interested in how much this will cost, discover everything you need to know in our guide to motorhome and campervan road tax.

To add to that, Lexham Insurance offers excellent cover with their motorhome insurance. It’s a dedicated and exclusive scheme packed full of benefits designed with owners in mind. 

You’ll also need to factor in the costs for maintaining your motorhome. An annual service is probably one of the easiest ways to ensure your vehicle stays in tip-top condition. Price-wise, it’s recommended to budget around £250-£500 for one.

3. Storage

Whilst I have highlighted how easy packing is, it’s only easy if you have enough space. Depending on the size, storage space can be limited but it’s an easy enough problem to fix because we’ve put together a list of sanity-saving tips to help you live big in a small space with our motorhome and campervan storage guide.

You’ve also got to consider where you will store her when not in use. If you have space on the driveway or a garage, then great! But for those who don’t you might have to look at hiring out a storage unit, which can be expensive – especially if your insurance company insists on it.

4. Space

It’s an intense way to travel because you can end up living on top of each other. Therefore, if you’re someone who likes your space, motorhome ownership may not be for you but, if your heart is set on it and the budget allows, you’ll just need to insist on buying a bigger one!  

5. Size

Motorhomes are big, wide and can be tricky to drive so if you do normally drive a small car to and from the office you may not be as confident in such a large vehicle.  

To add, if you are taking the old girl on your hols, its size makes it awkward to just ‘pop to the shops’ and if you’re staying on a campsite, you’ll have no means for getting around, so you’ll also need to consider taking some form of alternative transport, for example, bikes or a tow car, to make those smaller journeys possible.

6. You can't go everywhere

Whilst it does give you an immense amount of opportunity and mobility, you won’t be able to go everywhere. This isn’t just because of the obvious limitations either. They can’t fly across oceans, but they also might not be able to access certain campsites or roads because of their size and weight or drive through some cities because of the Low Emission Zones. Therefore, you will need to carry out some research before setting off.

7...Emptying the toilet

Yep, that’s right, someone will have the honours of emptying the toilet every 2-3 days. Fight amongst yourselves because it’s up to you to decide if you take it in turns or have a designated emptier. Maybe you can use it as leverage to get the kids to behave?

I’ll try and turn this into a positive and say that you do get used to the smell…if that makes it any better…?

‎The last stop

So, we reach the end of the article, and the question which kicked it all off – is motorhome ownership right for me? Whilst it does have great rewards, there are also drawbacks, but you are the one to decide whether or not a big Bertha has a place in your life. I just hope this list of pros and cons has helped make that decision a little easier.

If you are thinking about taking the next step in your motorhome journey, why not check out our essential guide to buying a motorhome?

Did you find this blog useful or are getting ready to make a purchase? Let us know in the comments below now!

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