Motorhomes are arguably one of the best ways to get around. With all your home comforts in reach and a comfortable bed too, here are just some of the reasons you'll love traveling in one.

If you do have any other questions about traveling in a motorhome, head over to our motorhome and campervan FAQ's.

The flexibility you get is unlike any other. There is a relaxed nature to it. It’s the type of travel any of you adventurers will love because it’s your schedule on your own terms. All you need to do is pick your start and end destination and you can fill in the blanks as you go. 

Along the way, you might even stumble across a place you might not have seen or heard of otherwise. It definitely opens the door to curiosity and I’m desperate to see what’s behind it!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a ‘rusher’. I feel like I have to get everything done, scheduled and ready ASAP! Time is of the essence and all that and the swift pace of life doesn’t help. 

But when in a motorhome, you’re automatically forced to slow down because, realistically, you can’t travel across a continent or a country in one day (well, technically, you could but you’d miss all the best bits and where is the fun in that?!). 

This slower type of travel will stop you from running around like a headless chicken and instead take things at your own pace. With no strict plan or itinerary, you’ll slow down, feel no pressure and enjoy the simple things. 

This type of travel allows you to be more spontaneous. With no flights to catch and no timetable to stick to, you won’t panic when your partner suggests you stop for an impromptu coffee or wants to double back and take a look at the trinket shop you just passed. You’ll be moving at a slower pace, have less pressure and more freedom for last-minute planning so you can stop wherever you want and immerse yourself completely in the now. 

Travelling in a vehicle like this allows you to feel rich in possibility. As long as you have petrol in your tank and keep driving you could end up anywhere. I think this feeling of richness gives you the opportunity to experience more. 

Without a fixed agenda you can breathe deeper, smile wider and squeeze in as many destinations as possible!

Gone are the days of being squished between two strangers, sleeping at funny angles and having limited legroom. All your home comforts will be on board, and you’ll have your own bed so when packing you can take your own sheets, hot water bottle and even your favourite pillow!

Apart from the significantly large outlay of purchasing, motorhoming is normally more budget-friendly. Your accommodation is already covered, and the bulk of your expenses will be spent on food and petrol.

Getting yourself around by wheels, rather than wings, will allow you to spend money on other things like experiencing and exploring. 

And if you have the facilities, cooking for yourself rather than eating out every night will also help to save those pennies.

Ultimately, you’ll experience more for less.

Typically, you’ll be staying in campsites or pitching up for a night of wild or free camping. Some nights you’ll be able to meet like-minded travellers. Others, there’ll be nothing but you and the sky above. So, the sunrises, sunsets, and even star-gazing are all yours. 

Even if you are surrounded by others, you’ll have plenty of space, especially if you’ve strayed from the path, and therefore will have one of the best seats in the house for those amazing views nature has to offer.

If you’re travelling in a group or as a duo, you’ll find that you naturally end up spending more time together because you’ll have less space. It’s an intimate way to travel so if you didn’t know your travel buddy well before setting off, you definitely will when you get back! 

These days with work and technology it’s hard to find time for ‘quality time’ so being forced to live in closer quarters than usual isn’t such a bad thing. It’ll allow you to talk, play games and spend less time focused on the distractions of everyday life and more on the moments and the memories. 

You have everything you need in one place, so you won’t need to unpack and re-pack after each destination.

Not only does this make it an easier way to get around but it also makes it a family-friendly one. If you want to discover more reasons why motorhomes and campervans are great options for the whole family, read our travelling with kids in a motorhome article.

As already discussed, you’ll have everything you need but storage space may be limited so what you take and what you don’t will be very important.

If it’s only the two of you, then forget about stocking up the kitchen with equipment because you won’t need as many pots and pans or sets of cutlery and plates. One of each will do. But if you aren’t planning on cooking, you won’t need any! Just don’t get carried away and forget the important stuff, like toiletries, bedding, towels, wine glasses…

I’d suggest making a list and then when double-checking ask yourself if you really need it. Once you get started, you’ll realise how little you actually need (we also have a few very handy guides to help you remember the essentials and nifty gadgets to make your life on the road easier!)

Alternatively, though, your vehicle will offer more space when compared to the hand luggage or 20-something kg you’re allocated when flying. So, ladies (and gents, of course) forget about having to sacrifice that extra pair of shoes that you desperately want to bring because you’ll gain a little more wiggle room as there are tons of clever tips and easy ways to maximise space. Be sure to check out our storage solutions guide for just a few of these. 

We all know the benefits of being outside. So, whether you're camping under the stars, pulling over to enjoy a sunset, hiking around your campsite or simply breathing in a lungful of fresh morning air, it’s an easy way to enjoy nature’s beauty without sacrificing any of your creature comforts.

With the majority of campsites welcoming four-legged companions, you’ll be able to bring your furry friend along for the adventure! Just double check when booking as each site will differ.

Overall, this type of travel brings with it a simple life and I love that. If you also love the sound of that but aren’t sure where to go, take a look at a few of our guides to give you some travel inspiration for when the UK lockdown relaxes:

Last but not least, if you have your very own motorhome you need to insure to kick start your traveling adventure, make sure to get a  motorhome insurance quote direct with Lexham!