Owning a motorhome gives you the freedom to travel wherever you like, whenever you like so why not grab the opportunity and jump in headfirst to these jaw-droppingly beautiful destinations that will not only satisfy your need for adventure but will, most importantly, look good on the gram!


It’s been unofficially named the prettiest village in England, so it had to feature first. The Bybrook river flows idly past the cottages and there is one spot, in particular, that has taken Instagram by storm and that’s on the little bridge with the charming village as your background.

One of the best-preserved historic villages, with lots of thatched roofs and old buildings, the village of Lacock feels very medieval. The most recognised spot here is probably the Lacock Bakery where with the vintage sign, trailing plant and cute bicycle positioned out the front you can get yourself a pretty nice picture for the gram, as well as a freshly made loaf of bread – winning!

When visiting Stow-on-the-Wold, make sure to pay a visit to St Edward’s Church. With huge tree trunks on guard either side, stained glass and a large lamp overhead, the wooden door looks very magical and is, therefore, a very popular spot to strike a pose.

This is one for the romantics out there because it’s best described as England’s answer to Venice. You can really appreciate this village best on Sherborne Street. It’s a nice place to sit, dangle those legs over the river Windrush and pose for a picture.

The village of Bibury is as pretty as a picture and looks like something pulled straight from a Disney film, especially Arlington Row. It’s dinky rows of cottages are enchanting and will make a great addition to your feed – just be sure to get there early (I’d probably suggest this for all the places on this list) to ensure you get a quiet shot.

The Cotswolds does actually already feature on our top 10 UK motorhome routes list and is an easy place to get around in your motorhome. The only difference is that, in this blog, I’ve recommended a variety of places sure to get your likes up rather than just a single route.  


The uninhabited island of Staffa is home to Fingal’s Cave. It’s been described as a ‘geographical wonder’ because of its distinct six-sided columns of rock formed from basalt so it will make for a dramatic picture that will have your followers pause mid scroll to take a closer look.

Harry Potter and Dumbledore destroyed a horcrux here and, therefore, it does get quite busy so try to visit out of season unless you don’t mind a few photobombers.  


Turning to Wales now and I’ve decided to include the Brecon Beacons because it’s an ideal spot for those travelling by motorhome. Home of the ‘Black Mountains’ (another short and sweet trip that’s full of adventure), the sheer vastness of the landscape here will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your photos and have you returning again and again for more.  


If you’re looking for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows vibes, visit The Dark Hedges in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. It’s made up of an avenue of intertwining beech trees which really give it that dark and twisted fairy-tale look. It was featured in the second season of Game of Thrones, so it has become extremely popular among fans looking to get a selfie and travel the same route Arya Stark took once she’d escaped King’s Landing.

You can’t actually drive it, but parking is free, and you can get some pretty epic pictures from walking it.

Northern Ireland’s Tollymore Forest is actually another spot for those GOT fans. It offers an abundance of stunning river walks and plenty of secluded places to park up, so is a great place to spend an afternoon and connect to nature.

It was where the Stark children all received a Dire Wolf pup, and it can be where you get out the camera and get a pretty nice shot.

Immerse yourself in the legend of the giants and follow in their footsteps as you climb to the top of Northern Ireland's iconic World Heritage Site – the Giant’s Causeway. The view is unlike any other so make sure you have your camera and smile at the ready!

One thing to note is that you must book tickets before visiting, but that can all be done here. It’s another fantastic place to visit if you’re looking to make your followers green with jealousy or provide some real travel inspo!

‎The last stop

Alas, we’ve reached the end of our journey across the UK’s most Instagrammable locations. This was my list of the top 10 but I’m sure there are plenty of others out there. If you are planning on taking a trip to any of my suggestions or have just recently returned from one, I haven’t mentioned, let me know in the comments below or tag LexhamMotorhome in your photos.

As a fellow explorer, I’d love to see where you have been and hear some of your recommendations!

Before setting off on your Instagrammable adventure, make sure to get a motorhome insurance quote direct with Lexham!

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