It comes as no surprise that motorhome sales have rocketed over the past few years as an after-effect of the Covid-19 restrictions back in 2020, with many people opting to enjoy the UK and the staycations it has to offer.

Motorhomes are a great way of getting both you and your family on the road and exploring, without having to worry about the prices of hotels and travel. With that being said in this blog, we are going to be running down the top ten best motorhomes available on the market for 2024.

So without further ado, let’s get into it…

10. Rapido C03

Kicking off the list today we have an offering from Rapido - the C03!

Based upon a Peugeot Boxer base as standard, the C03 comes equipped with a luxurious interior surrounded by LED lighting and packs a reasonably sized kitchen area with a 140L fridge freezer, a large washroom with a fixed shower and toilet, as well as a fixed bedroom at the rear of the vehicle - all in a 6.19m package!

One thing I really do like about the C03 is the full-sized garage type storage space you have underneath the home, I think it’s fair to say that this motorhome prides itself on just how well it utilities both space and comfort, especially as one of the smaller sized motorhomes on this list.

Onto the price and the Rapido C03 will cost you £71,300 which is one of the more affordable offerings not only on this list but also on the motorhome market at the time of writing - so it is definitely one worth considering.

Berth:  3 
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 6.19m
Price: £71,300

9. Laika Kreos H 5109

Next up on our list today, we have the Laika Kreos H, voted best A Class motorhome for 2024 as well as best luxury motorhome for 2024!

The Kreos range is the Italian Manufacturer's premium model, and since its launch last year has had plenty of awards due to its luxury nature and technology, as well as the ones mentioned above for this year.

Much like the X650, the H 5109 is built upon a Fiat Ducato chassis. It comes equipped with a large living area and L-shaped soft seating, a 1.2m long kitchen including a dishwasher, a spacious bathroom, as well as a fixed rear bedroom with plenty of storage and wardrobe space.

Onto the price and the Kreos comes in at (take a big breath with me) - £157,000. By no means is this the most affordable motorhome out there, however, if you do have a bigger budget to play with and want to move further afield from the likes of Adria, this may be the one for you!

Berth:  4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 7.89m
Price: £157,000

8. Bürstner Lyseo TD Lounge

In at number eight on the list today we have a concept motorhome - the Burstner Lyseo TD Lounge!

First spotted at the Caravan Salon show last year, the Lyseo has been voted the most innovative motorhome for 2024, integrating the classic American RV-styled ‘pop-out’ feature that can be extended when stationary opening up an extra 65cm of width!

Built upon a Fiat Ducato chassis, the Lounge interior is due to take inspiration from Burstner's preexisting model the Lyseo TD 684 G Harmony Line, sporting a large and spacious washing room and wardrobe space across the rear of the motorhome.

Whilst an official price has not been confirmed, if I had to make an estimate I would most likely say that the Lounge is due to come in around £95,000 - but don’t just take my word for it!

Berth:   2
Travelling Seats: 2
Length: 6.99m
Price: N/A

7. Rapido 606F

In at number seven is another new model for 2024, the Rapido 606F!

Built upon a Peugeot Boxer chassis, the 606F comes equipped with a large bathroom spread across the rear of the motorhome, an electric drop-down bed, a completely renovated kitchen and living area, as well as a spacious washroom with a fixed toilet and shower as well as a large wardrobe.

I think something likeable about the 606F is the large spacious feel that really makes you feel like you have a home away from home, with all of those home comforts and luxuries packed into its 6.69m interior.

When it comes to the price of the Rapido 606F, you will be looking to pay around £74,800 making it one of the more affordable on this list, which is just one of the reasons why the 606F has been voted Practical Motorhome’s best motorhome under 7m for 2024!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 6.69m
Price: £74,800

6. Rolling Homes Darwin

Rolling (no puns intended) into sixth spot today goes to the Rolling Homes Darwin motorhome!

Based upon a Volkswagen LWB Crafter, the Darwin is Rolling Homes first and only motorhome available within their range and comes equipped with a 6.5” touchscreen with APP connect and electric windows and mirrors in the cabin, a spacious lounge that can convert into a large 6’ double bed, a separate fixed washroom and shower cynical as well as a reasonably sized kitchen with Corian worktops and a 90-litre fridge freezer.

One of my favourite parts of the Darwin has got to be the interior finish, with LED strips and spotlights all around. In my opinion, it really adds that little touch of luxury as well as making the motorhome feel far more spacious.

Onto the price and the cost of the 2024 Darwin model have not been released yet to the public, however, if I were to make an estimation, I would say it will come in around £75,000.

Berth:   2
Travelling Seats: 2
Length: 6.94m

5. Elddis Encore 295

Up next is the Eldiss Encore with a stunning new paint job and interior refresh for 2024!

Making for a perfect motorhome for couples, the Encore 295 comes packed with a wraparound lounge at the rear that can convert into either two single beds or one double, a large fixed bathroom, as well as a well-equipped kitchen perfect for those who love to cook!

Onto the chassis, the Encore is built upon a Fiat Ducato series 8 chassis and powered by a 140bhp Fiat MultiJet 3 Euro 6D Final engine, which Elddis claims to be the best in its class for both fuel consumption and emissions.

Overall, the Encore packs a lot into its 7.4m exterior, all for the price of £80,089 for 2024 - again not the cheapest four-wheeler on this list, however, is most definitely one to consider if you have a little extra budget to play with.

Berth:   2
Travelling Seats: 2
Length: 7.4m
Price: £80,089

4. Swift Voyager 540

In at number four today is the Swift Voyager 540!

Based upon a Ford Transit chassis and powered by a Euro 6D, 2.0 litre TDCi EcoBlue engine, the 540 packs alot into its 7m exterior. From a decently sized kitchen, a drop down bed over the drivers cabin, to spacious fixed bedroom at the rear, the Voyager really gives the home away from home feeling with added little features and interior design that makes it feel so luxurious.

A really likeable feature of the Voyager is the flexible living/dining area. Coming equipped with a revolving captain chair as well as a rise and fall table, the Voyager is arguably perfect for families or those who love to host in their 4-wheeler.

Onto the price and you will be able to pick yourself up a 2024 Swift Voyager 540 for £69,870, making it one of the more affordable options on this list, as well as one of my personal favourites on this list!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 7.01m
Price: £69,870

3. Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 880

Kicking off the top three spots on our list today has got to be the Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 880!

Voted as the best motorhome for full time living for 2024, the Flair is built upon an Iveco Daily base and comes packed with a large living and dining area, a spacious kitchen perfect for those who love to cook and host, a fixed bedroom at the rear as well as plenty of wardrobes and storage space throughout the motorhome.

My favourite thing about the Flair has got to be the bathroom, coming equipped with a partitioned-off toilet and rainfall shower, this part of the motorhome really just oozes that added bit of luxury.

Moving onto the price, and the Flair 880 Iveco is due to cost £199,500, which again is by no means the cheapest motorhome on our list today, however, it is one of the most luxurious - perfect for those either considering full time motorhome living, or those with a bigger budget to play with!

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 8.8m
Price: £199,500

2. Hymer B-Class MasterLine I 790

Just missing out on the top spot on this list has got to be the Hymer B-Class Masterline I.

Hymer has been around for over 60 years, ensuring not only the highest quality but the best tech ‘know-how’. Based on a Mercedes Sprinter, the B-Class MasterLine comes fully equipped with plenty of driver assistance systems helping to ensure the highest levels of safety and easy, agile handling.

Built upon a Mecredes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the 790 B-Class Masterline also has a 36cm high multi-purpose double floor, with a through-loading function, creating extra room for storage space as well as maximising the insulation and winterproofing of the motorhome.

Onto the price and if you would like a Masterline of your very own, you will be looking to pay out around £140,110 - again not one of the most affordable, but definitely one of the best on the list in terms of luxury, tech, and spec.

Berth:   4-5
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 7.89m
Price: £140,110

1. Chausson X650

Stealing top spot today and sitting at number one is the Motorhome Awards ‘Best Motorhome for 2024’ - the Chausson X650!

Built upon the trusty Fiat Ducato 35 chassis, the X650 is the big brother of the already successful X550 coming equipped with an identical front, but a completely refreshed rear.

Sporting a denim style upholstery throughout, the X650 comes packed with the Chassuon standard smart lounge with two long sofas that can be converted into a second bed, a dropdown bed, a reasonably sized kitchen with a triplex cooker and grill, and a 149L fridge, fixed bathroom/wet room as well as plenty of storage and garage space.

Something really likeable about the X650 is the adjustable wardrobe and garage space that can be made deeper or shallower, all at the click of a button. You can even go as far as completely expanding the wardrobe space to become a walk-in changing room - it all depends on what suits your personal needs and requirements!

Lastly, when it comes to the price of the X650, it is due to come in at the £73,990 mark once it hits the market later this year.

Berth:   4
Travelling Seats: 4
Length: 6.36m
Price: £73,990

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