No matter the size of your campervan or motorhome there is one thing that you’re going to need and that’s storage. So I've put together this list of sanity-saving tips to help you live big in a small space.

Sensible storage

I know it’s not the most exciting topic to approach, but there are some amazing storage hacks out there that will restore domestic harmony into your rolling homes.

Storage cubes or plastic drawers are a great example of this and help to ensure everything has its own place. They can be stored at the bottom of wardrobes or in corners, they can fit anywhere and it’s a smart way to organise if you’re already low on space. Prices will of course vary but you’ll definitely be able to find an option to meet your requirements and fit your budget. I like these, for example, and as they’re priced at £26 they are extremely pocket friendly. For £36 this set isn’t going to break the bank either but it will be perfect for extra cupboard storage and it’s got wheels so can be moved easily.

Something which I’ve come across a lot are fruit and veg hammocks. These nifty little inventions are essentially just small storage nets that can hold all sorts (not just fruit) and can attach to the inside of a cupboard door – the option I’ve linked can also be used as a bag, so it’s a win-win!

Maximise storage

Again, this isn’t going to be the part of the holiday you’re most thrilled about but, taking the time to plan storage solutions will really help to ensure you make the most of every corner and crevice available.

Hooks, hooks, and more hooks; I can’t stress how these will help to utilise your space enough. Foldable or collapsible kitchen equipment, such as kettles, bowls, graters, and colanders, guarantee you have everything you need and the room to use it. Stackable containers, nesting bowls, and cupboard dividers can also be used to help maximise your space. All of these can be found pretty cheap at your local supermarket or even a pound store.

Roof mounts can be used to store bulky essentials or ‘just in case’ items, such as tools, cleaning supplies, water carriers, and warmer clothes – just make sure it’s waterproof...Mesh pouches are invaluable as they can be hung on doors to store shoes or toiletries, there really will be so much more room for activities! This option has sturdy metal hooks at the top and 24 mesh pockets so you’ll have plenty of space and can see exactly where everything is.

Can I also just say that while your campervan or motorhome is parked on the drive waiting for the next adventure, it’s fridge is something that could potentially come in pretty handy for Christmas or summer party hosting when you can’t fit that last tray of food or bottle of booze anywhere else.

Accessible storage

If everything is organised and accessible it’s not just going to make your life a hell of a lot easier, it’s going to make any trip so much more relaxed. If you love cooking, then why not secure the lids of your herbs and spices to the underside of a cupboard. This not only keeps them out of the way but makes them extremely handy.

Keep daily necessities such as sunglasses, sun cream, insect repellent, keys in an organiser on the back of the driving seats so they’re easy to grab. Bags, tents, helmets, coats, boots, even surfboards are all things that can be stored in under-bed storage or, if your four (or six) wheeled home has a high-top ceiling, consider using this to help free up some floor or wall space. Cargo netting is an excellent way to keep items like this secure yet still accessible.

If you are making any permanent fixings or alterations make sure to plan it through and that these changes will suit you in the future (even when it comes to potentially selling), as well as the short term. Making a permanent change that includes the likes of drilling or screwing could have ramifications later down the line, so just make sure you are fully happy with your personal choice before taking action.

Secure storage

You don’t just want your belongings to be stored conveniently, you also want everything to be secure. If that’s from thieves or just making sure nothing comes crashing out when you go round a tight bend – it’s the peace of mind that will put you at ease. Why not try tying items down using a bungee cord? Or magnetising where available? If you want to keep valuables safe and secure, I’d recommend using padlocks on cupboard doors. But read our guide for more advice on how to keep your motorhome or campervan secure


Don’t miss out on the panoramic views, breathtaking sites, tasty food, and good company because you’re too busy searching for something you know you saw somewhere but can’t think where. If you have to get creative to make more storage space that’s ok, just make sure it works for you. There are so many DIY and low-cost options out there, why not see what you can come up with?

If your next adventure is on the horizon, for some inspiration make sure you take a read of our guides on:

As always, if you do have any suggestions or storage ideas, we haven’t mentioned let us know in the comments below or give us a message on social media. We’d love to hear how you’ve solved your storage dilemmas. 

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